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Do you shake hands when you meet someone new?

by Finy (follow)
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In Europe everyone shakes hands when meeting someone.

Do you shake hands when you meet someone new regardless of whether it is a male or a female?

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Top Answers
It all depends on the person -I tend to do it with males but not all the time with females.

I was brought up by European parents so was actually taught to do this however growing up in Australia it used to be only the men who shook hands with each other.

Nowadays it seems to have changed, and if it is business I usually also shake hands with a woman, however each time is different and I sometimes do not know if I should as some people are just not used to this custom.
by Finy
Yes I do - it was the way I was brought up in Scotland. It was considered good manners to acknowledge someone in this way. My late husband also tended to shake hands whenever meeting up with friends as a way of saying hello - the Scottish way I guess.When I shake hands with anyone I have just met I like to be given a firm handshake in return - limp ones freak me out!
Shake hands on meeting friends' here too!
by donjo
I find that happens occasionally but, if good friends, usually a hug.
by norma
Same here. Quite often people will pick that I am a Brit because women don't often shake hands in Oz.
by Rice
I agree Rice Paper - we Brits tend to be a bit more formal than Aussies - our upbringing I guess!
by norma
It depends on the social situation. If someone offers their hand I'd probably shake it. Otherwise not, though.
I shake hands sometimes. Other times I'd give a salute If I don't feel comfortable shaking hands with that individual.

Curious, why salute?
I only did that when in the Army.
by donjo
It's not so needed in Australia, we are mainly lay back.
Most people will raise one hand and just say ''Hi''.
I only shake hands at events that are slightly formal...and up.

Do not like weak handshakes, that makes me cringe.

I also don't like dominating Hand/s too, and when given a handshake that was 'dominating', I say something to the effect of
''That's quite a handshake you have there'', and raise an eyebrow.
Don't like being taken for a fool....and some people like to try it on.

I shake hands with mainly only men, and I'm female.
With women I will say hello nice to meet you.

Unless:It is someone who is a VIP,I have no problems then,because it is warranted.

Shaking hands is not as simple as people think, and in my pic you see one of the 'worst' ways to shake hands.Bill Gates having his left hand in his pocket....is very rude!

Also you can have people with confidence, place their spare hand....on top...of yours, as they shake hands with you.
I have had to learn a lot about handshakes, as I deal with a fair few people.
Can tell a lot about people too........

Then you have some who will shake hands, and with the spare hand, place it also at the same time.....at the side of the others persons arm.

The list is long, all part of 'power play', who would like to be seen as more important or dominant.

At work - definitely. It's considered respectful. Outside of work - never. I'm not that formal :)
Only at work, outside work I just wave hi !
by BK
Not socially unless they give their hand.
As I am in business, new clients often go to shake my hand, in actual fact I don't like it, am more casua by choicel
by fran
Um well, as a European of sorts I would have to say we don't always shake hands when meeting someone. Some ghastly people like to hug or even kiss - the Belgians are not happy unless they've landed at least three wet sloppy kisses on your cheeks every time they see you - so I often use a handshake as a defence mechanism - if you put your hand out firmly, it's a hard reflex to fight for the other person not to shake your hand. Once you've shaken hands, it's then difficult to launch into hugging and kissing.....
So although I would often prefer not to shake hands, it's better than some of the alternatives. I like the Asian gesture of Namaste much better.
I often will shake hands when first meeting someone as I can tell a lot by a person's handshake!!! It should be firm,but friendly, rather than intimidating.and it should be dry not clammy!!! I am often the first to offer a hand to be shaken as I think many people these days are a bit mixed up as to what is the right thing to do. If you do not feel comfortable to offer a hand,that is just fine,however if you are offered a hand,it is the polite, and also in this day and age ,the NICE thing to do to accept that hand with the same good grace with which it has been offered to you! I shake hands with men and also with women when in a business situation whilst in a more casual setting I tend to try to get the gist of the other person's feelings before I offer my hand.I am always very pleased when someone offers their hand to me,as it feels like a welcome of sorts! I love old fashioned courtesy and manners,and I always remember the first time I saw my son offer his hand to be shaken when meeting someone.I felt so proud at how easily he did such a seemingly simple thing.It proved that he had evolved into the young man I had tried so hard to raise him to be! He is anything BUT old fashioned,so it was delightful to know that shaking hands is still very much the done thing .
It depends on the circumstances. In business I always shake hands
by AJ
In business, one must shake hands.
Otherwise, I HATE it!!
WHY should I have to touch someone I do not know (often do not want to know). Further, I have damaged Flexor Tendons in both thumbs and often suffer OUI which makes being squashed in a powerful groip extremely painful.
It is so RUDE of others to expect one to shake hands when the other party has a drink in one hand and food in the other hand. Am I expected to put the drink on the floor, or stuff the food in my mouth, change hands in order to 'shake' whilst unable to utter a word due to stuffed mouth of food?
Usually. Depends on the other person. I think you can a bit about a person from their handshake!
Depends on a few things.
Whilst working, always did. It was usually men I was meeting.
My pet hate? Limp, clammy handshakes. Yuk!
I give, & like a firm handshake in return.
Unless female offers her hand to me, I normally just say 'how do you do'.
Generally yes, it is the manners and respect thing to do, especially with eye contact at the same time, and smile and repeating that persons name. But, not every time is this possible, or warranted as there are so many variables, and just because I want to, does not mean' they want to.

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