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Do you save old greeting cards or letters, or do you throw them away?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you keep your old greeting cards and letters, or do you throw them away?

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Top Answers
I save them for a very long time, and then eventually I throw them out -all except those sent to me when my daughter died -those I cannot throw out -there were some beautifully written ones.

I kept "love letters" for many years but I moved once and decided it was over -why keep them!
by Finy
I find it hard to them out but most of them I do....have kept some of important milestones and family ones in the last few years...getting more nostalgic the older I get (in some ways however in other ways....I just can't remember LOL
by Fran
No out they go!

I am trying now not to keep too much, unless it is from my sons.Then it is kept forever and ever.I love them too much to get rid of anything from them. :)
All Birthday cards are kept and put in my kids memory boxes. I have kept quite a few of mine as well mainly milestone Birthdays like my 30th. I have kept all the love letters from my husband and drawings or special cards made by my children.
I used to keep everything but have just run out of room.... so now most go in the recycling once they have been taken off display. Some cards are really pretty, so I keep those as ornaments, some are very meaningful so I keep those in a special box.
After this move I am intending to have a big sort out of the letters and cards I kept from years back, see which ones I want to keep forever and which ones I shall sling! I love a good clearout :)
Oh and I always keep all our Christmas cards to use in craft activities and making games. They are a fabulous free resource!
You sound far more organised than I am Verity, well done!
I keep the cards that the kids have given me over the years but nearly everything else goes out. There's just not enough room to keep everything!
I used to keep every card - I throw most away now but I do keep cards that are for big occasions. I don't why I do because I never look at them or read them
by AJ
If they are particularly special or from somebody special then I keep them. Otherwise, I chuck 'em.
by Vee
If they are particularly special or from somebody special then I keep them. Otherwise, I chuck 'em.
by Vee
I generally just keep ones from close friends or family, and beautiful ones that have been made by the person who sent them. They've been made and sent with love, so I don't like to dispose of them. If I do choose to get rid of old letters and cards, I prefer to burn them rather than have them mould away in my garbage with the vegie scraps, though!
Keep them. I have a whole little cupboard where I have put cards I've recieved over the years. Special ones. One day I am very much looking forward into that little cupboard and remembering all those wishes and special moments tht now span many many years. I have lost one letter that my husband wrote to me whilst abroad working where he recounts the first time he met our daughter. I'm very sad to have lost that letter.
I had some beautiful cards from a scrapbooker that I recycled and re-gave to family.I pulled out the middle paper and glued in a new message or just put a sticker over her name and wrote my message in.
First of all I don't get a lot of post cards. The ones I get aren't really personal. They are mostly from my insurance company wishing me happy birthday. So its not really hard to get rid of them at all. However, if we were talking about deleting texts that is a whole different ball game. I still have text that are years old.
No sorry, not texts. We were discussing greeting cards & letters, Dwatk.
by Miro
I keep those where people haven't written on the 'front' cover side of it and reuse that for another time. otherwise it's a bit hard to save.
A bit of both, I like to save the nice ones and I've framed some of my favourites. I also use cards to cut up into business cards and tags too
I frame cards, a cheap frame, - cards with lovely artwork.... i like to re look at them, and replace them when I want a new look.
by sandw
I keep them as I love to relive the wwonderful memories of the special loved ones who sent them to me! I also use the very special pictures on some of them for decoupage,and making into new card treasures for my loved ones.
Only the ones that matter. However since some years, don't get much cards. Its all about electronic messaging now
i really like to keep everything which it remind me a good day because they help to memorize the good event in my live and don't forget even though i give alsiemer (forgetting disease) and i protect them again all treat even if it is a very small pieces of paper ,ticket or so on
I keep enough cards to display each christmas so it looks like I have lots and lots of people sending them to me!! Lol! It's a running joke every year with my kids!


With me it's not really 'keeping' them, as much as hoarding them perhaps. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to do anything with all of the cards I've put away in one of our cupboards, but I still put some of them in there. Some just get thrown out, and there's no reason why I do either thing ...

One day, perhaps I'll work out what I might do with them. Or just recycle them all...

It really depends on what they are and who sent them. If they're from someone I'm very close to or hand-made I'll almost always keep them. I try to avoid hoarding, though, so with many others I simply have to be ruthless.
Letter' shredded. Cards' recycled.
Yes, I still have a couple of letters for a primary school friend that I still see. In '68 I went o/s for 5 months with my parents, & I have all my now husbands letters in an exercise book. I put all the pc's I sent him into a photo album, which we still have. I kept some Xmas cards from friends, & others I'm going to use in collages on cards. Pc's/letters from my parents when they were o/s I've kept, but I wouldn't be able to find them if I was asked too, but they'll turn up...1 day!
by Miro
I keep some letters, either for sentimental value or if I feel it's to important to throw away, and as far as cards go, I keep certain ones for sentimental value, e.g, wEDDING CARDS, CHRISTENING CARDS
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