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Do you remember when you last had to get a house call by a doctor?

by Finy (follow)
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When did you last have to get a house call by a doctor?

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Top Answers
No I do not however I saw an ad on TV a few nights ago for a locum service and there are now several here in Perth where you just get bulk billed for after hours.

They say it is to free up hospitals for non urgent cases after hours, and what a good idea!

I have not used this service and hope not to have to!
by Finy
I myself have never had an after hours call but the day the Clem 7 Tunnel opened in Brisbane we had to get one out in the middle of the night for my other half who got dire food poisoning . . . never seen anything like it in my life . . . I thought he was going to die. He was off work for four days and lost several kilos in weight. Lucky me . . . I did not eat at the Clem 7 opening.
by Rice
i thought u said u did not live in Oz?
by Finy
I live in Queensland. Since 1965. Born in the UK. Funny how there is quite a group on A A from Qld.
by Rice
i've never had a house call by a doctor. Unless you consider speaking to family who are doctors a house call ;). Any other time I've needed to see a doctor I've gone to my local family GP.
I cannot remember the last time I had to get my GP to come to my home,although he has always done home visits ever since I first started to see him 32 years ago. He is a delightful man with high priorities where his patients are concerned. When I had a nasty accident,he was more than happy to take a call from my friend who was here at home when it happened,and give a good 10 minutes of advice,despite most likely having a patient in his surgery at the time! We have had the wonderful bulk-billed after hours service here for a long time now,and they send any details to the regular GP.
I think it would be well over 40 years ago, I was very ill and he came straight away.
Just had an operation, and home from hospital.
I know they still do make those calls out even now.
We last had a doctor make a house call a few months ago. Our son had a very high temperature. We were told he had an ear infection. Antibiotics were prescribed. It was the first time we gave him antibiotics. We took him to our regular doctor the next day only to be told he didn't have an ear infection and antibiotics were not necessary. Won't be so quick to trust them next time.
by Vee
Some time last year. There's a service that does house calls and bulk bills for children. We used it when my youngest had conjunctivitis because it was convenient and there was less risk of giving it to other kids that way.
All I know is that it was a long time ago, not recently. Throughout my childhood. It was a wonderful idea. Sometimes you are just too sick to get out of bed. I know this happened recently to my mother. She was too sick to drive a car and physically couldn't get to the doctor. I don't know how many people use the Doctor On Call service. I never home. I am lucky I have someone who can drive me to the doctor if it is that serious. I am a big believer in going to the GP if you can, and not clogging emergency rooms with simple cases that can be seen to by your GP. Doctors who come to the home definitely have their place, and are a great idea. I remember mum racing around the house tidying the house because the doctor was coming !!
6 years ago in spain to the hotel both of us had a a stomach thing and a flight in the morning. we made the flight and even the 3 hour lay over in madrid. all ended well enough. We think it was the icecream (big brand store).
I can't recall how long its been but would have been well over 40 years ago to one of my children. My middle daughter uses the after hours doctor home visits attached to her health fund as the boys seem to come down with illnesses in the early hours of the morning.
Not since I was a teenager, & that was eons' ago!

There's an After Hours' Bulk Billing Doctor available for house calls these days.
yes, around 2013
In about 1978, had migraine that was about 8 hours old and I just couldn't handle the pain any longer. I received an injection from that doctor and the pain was gone in about 3 minutes. Still had the sick feeling but no pain. Never did know what it was that he injected and I didn't care either. Just so very, very grateful.
many years ago, the local Gp's do not make house calls you are supposed to ring (just forgotten the name of the service) for a doctor I have been told that this service is awful dr takes hours to arrive. so looks like this service is understaffed. better to ring for an ambulance.
Yes I do, I was in grade 5 back in the 60's. I had Red Measles, and German Measles at the same time. I missed more than 4 weeks of school, and the doctor had to come to our house every day for over a week.
Yes. 3 or 4 times over the last 6 months. The doctors who came to my home were from the "after hours home doctor" services.

As a single mum who doesn't drive or have access to a vehicle I have found services like "national home doctor"and "home visiting doctor" invaluable; a lifesaver quite literally. I can't recommend these sevices enough for both service and convenience. I even have mine and my son's details ready to go in one of the services smart phone apps.

I have tried;
National home doctor - 13SICK (137425)
Medical care at home - 8341 1888
Home visiting doctor - 9429 5677

I found them all of a comparable standard. They also bulk billed.

Yes - a couple of years ago. After a breast op I had some problems and my GP called in to ensure there was no infection.
I've no idea. Not in the last 48 years, anyway! I guess my mum may have called out a Dr at some stage, for her 4 sick children, that may been been when the 4 females in the family all had chicken pox at the same time, then my father & brother caught it from us, of cause! Oh yes, sorry, long after that, in May 1979, a Dr would have had to come to the house, when my father died of cancer.
by Miro
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