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Do you remember to take the cloth shopping bags into the supermarket when you shop?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you remember to take the cloth shopping bags out of your car when you do the supermarket shopping?

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Top Answers
I very rarely remember this so end up with so many plastic bags!

I really get annoyed at myself as I have all these bags in the boot -and therein lies the problem -and don't remember to take them out mostly.

I used to have them on the floor in the front or the back, however it was always so untidy looking that I decided to put them in the boot and since then I rarely use them.
by Finy
Always! It has become habit for me and is rare for me to forget. My kids even remember we need them! I even have nylon roll-up ones in my bag as back-up in case I do forget.
Not always. Besides, I need supermarket degradable plastic bags to put the rubbish in.
Yes, I do, I live in S.Aus, plastic bags were banned many years ago. If you need a plastic carry bag at the s/market, you must pay.
We have also had l0c. return on any bottles,cans etc. We've had this for at least 20 years or more.
I'm always horrified when i go to the eastern states at the amount of throwaway rubbish.
Although I have many of these bags in my car I almost never remember to take them in when I shop. I know I should.

When the bags first became avaialble years ago I was diligent in using them but encountered rude discontent at the supermarket when I presented with bags that were not sold by them. The checkout personnel were not interested in any bags that did not fit well into their systems. Annoyed that their focus was more on profiting from the green bags than protecting the environment and embarrassed and discomforted at the checkout, I stopped bothering. I have never really got back into it.

When you think about it our grand parents (or great grandparents, depending on your age) were better at this than us. My Nan would go shopping with her basket over her arm with an expandable string bag as a reserve. Nan and Pa grew their own vegetables and fruit and kept chickens for eggs and meat so their shopping was no doubt less than ours.

I am VERY good with this,and even better with the COOLER bags which I use all the time when shopping! These are so brilliant with me living in a very hot region,and I cannot remember how I coped without these.
I very rarely remember to take them though have a few!!
by Fran
I very rarely remember to take them though have a few!!
by Fran
I keep some in my boot of the car, but a lot of the time totally forget them!!

How crazy is that?
90% of the time I do. I need to improve though.
Yes - always. I never get plastic bags
by AJ
I also like the plastic bags for my rubbish just the right size, I have cloth shopping bags in the boot of the car for when I shop at Aldi, thats easy as its just a matter of opening the boot of the car and placing the shopping into the bags ,
also have a cooler bag for the cold items.
by flaga
Well firstly I don't have a car.
But when I do a weekly big shop, yes I do usually remember the bags..... we have about 20 environmental bags at home. Two are fold up pocket bags, they're the best!
Always,and always take 3 or 4 green bags with me i also get annoyed with my sisters when we go shopping and they dont bring there own shopping bags.
No, because I prefer the plastic bags as I recycle them in many different ways eg take to op shops, they're always in need of CLEAN bags, go in various rubbish bins throughout house for ease of rubbish collection, put in items to stop them getting dusty, wrap 'icky-sticky' & greasy unwanted food items in, be they human or animal. 'Poop-scoop' for 'doggie-walkies', wrap dirty clothes in from camping, wrap wet clothes in from swimming etc etc etc!
Most of the op shops I use don't accept plastic bags any longer - prefer paper bags.
by norma
Yes. Always!
Usually. I keep 3 or 4 ecosilk bags in my handbags. They are strong and squish up really small. Some health food shops sell them or look online at www.ecosilk.com.au
Sometimes, if in a hurry I often forget but I reuse the plastic ones for the inside rubbish bins, taking stuff to Op-shops, when I have or go to a Garage Sale, never just throw them away, they are always put to good use. I also carry some in the car as we have a young dog that goes everywhere with us, so they are very handy.
A few weeks ago we were in Mount Gambier for a holiday and I soon learned to take them with me as when we arrived I popped into Woollies and had to pay for a green bag, I was annoyed as I had about 50 of them in a bag in the car!

I have some folded in the boot of my car now so I always have them.
I always try and carry them me, using the least possible plastic bags to save the environment and saving animals getting caught up with them
Hardley ever
cannot go to the shop without my green bags, also keep green bags in my car for my family, cos they forget to bring shopping bags with them.
of course I do. Here in South Australia, plastic bags for supermarkets are not allowed.
Any way it is a much more practical thing to do for the environment. It easy to remember, just pack the bags back in the car after you have put the groceries away.
no, I like the plastic bags for my kitchen bin for the rubbish,
I have a small wooden box of eco-silk bags. 1 of my daughters gave me 8 for Christmas 1 year in all plain colours. I take the ones that will match the pattered dress I'm wearing, so these go with me, every time we go shopping. Luckily I now have a few of the same colour. I can't remember where all the others came from! I love using them, & they're much nicer than plastic bags! A lot of people I see in the queues in front of me, are still using the plastic bags. if my husband wasn't with me, I'd asked them why don't they use a proper shopping bag! My husband would tell me to, "Mind my own business"!!!
by Miro
I am really horrified by the amount of plastic in our oceans and on our planet. If you contemplate that every piece of plastic ever made is still on our planet. It does not biodegrade. It might be in smaller parts but they are still here and still cause harm.

I have made a rule with myself that if I forget to get my bags out of the boot , my groceries go into my trolley without bags .I pack them into bags at the car. It is not too hard, but is hard enough to remind me not to do it next time.
i like the supermarket plastic bags for the rubbish just the right size to fit in my kitchen container, so no I do not use the cloth bags to supermart shop
Yes I do.
NO. Great for shops as they now charge for what was free
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