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Do you remember the last movie that made you cry?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you remember the name of the last movie you cried in, or do you rarely cry in movies?

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Top Answers
I cannot remember!

I have not been to the movies for about 4 months now and the last one I saw was funny so I did not cry.

I do cry at the drop of a hat, so to speak, though and even happy movies will make me cry.

I watched a bit of the Notebook on TV and cried even though I have seen it twice before.
by Finy
I cry at the drop of a hat, even thinking about something poignant can bring a tear to my eye...and yes I cry in the movies, can't remember the last one, think it was Maggie Smith and Kevin Kline (love both) in something recent'!
by fran
I cried yesterday after watching a old edition of ''Under Cover Boss''.
People in America work so very very hard....and the under cover boss, was nothing short of Amazing! to help his staff.
It really touched my hear big time.
Yes, I used to cry in that one also! The bosses were so good and the people appreciated it SO much
by Finy
If I could do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be helping people....but with money.
So if someone needs a new sink, it's done.
Or If they need a holiday, I give them one.That feeling of giving is so powerful...that I think it is stronger than most in life.It gives the heart a lot of
''feel good' and that is how we all I think want to have....Just wish I was born with a LOT of Money, boy! :)
by jonaja
I cry whenever I watch a film, no matter if it's happy or sad, and no matter how many times I've watched that particular film! The one I cry the most at is City of Angels, which really touches my heart strings. Oh and the bit in Jungle Book where everyone thinks Baloo is dead.
I'm a big softy when it comes to films!
Gravity. The part where Sandra Bullock's character was talking about her daughter got to me.
I never cry in movies, but that was the one movie that made me cry too.
by jonaja
It was called The Magdalene House and I cried from beginning to end.
Ive not even heard of that one Megg -recent?
by Finy
Yeah definitely from the last few years. It was an Irish movie, very good, lots and lots of tears.
by meggf
I was at the cinemas three days ago. I cried watching film trailers for The Water Diviner and another film about a POW. I think it's safe to say I was a tad emotional that day.
by Vee
I cry very easily when watching tv,watching movies and even reading many books or newspaper articles!! The News on TV always can have me in tears of both happiness or sadness!! I do recall crying uncontrollably in 'Marley and Me', which is a movie based on the true book by John Grogan(I think this is his name)
which he wrote about a hilarious Labrador pup and the impact he had on the entire family. I cried through the book even more than the movie!!! But I knew what to expect by the time I saw the movie.... Anything involving animals will reduce me to tears very rapidly!
Oh! Jules, me too! I can't watch Vet/Animal shows' on TV!

Saw 'War Horse' as film, & stage production, both which were brilliant, but bawled my eyes' out at each! I've been a horse-rider since I was little, so any 'horse' involvement, I increase 'Kleenex' profits substantially!
by donjo
Thank you so much for knowing where I am at and where I come from when it comes to animals! My own dogs are my very best friends,and I so I can only begin to know the bond the bond between people and their horses.It must be even more intense. I could not even watch 'War Horse' knowing what it would do to me,on both the animal and the human levels. The trailers on TV this week have been gut wrenching enough for me when the close-up of that magnificent horse's eye was so purely emotional that I could almost hear what was going through this animal's mind. I get goosebumps to even think of it!
by Jules
Oh! Jules, there were 3 'Joey's' in 'War Horse' film, & the main one was trained by an Aussie, who is a descendant of the Bullen family, who used to run a Circus, back in the day.
There're very strict guidelines as to how many hours any animal can 'perform' in a film, hence the need for three horses. Thank goodness for that!
Other 'horse' films I cried at were 'Phar Lap' & both 'Man From Snowy River' films!
by donjo
You and I seem to share some animal-loving genes!!! I had heard that about 'Joey',and I remember the Bullen circus well as I grew up in the 60's and 70's when circuses would tour regularly. Bullen's last show was in 1969,though of course the family still had the Lion Safari and did/do so much with training animals for film and TV. Did you see the show 'Dynasties' on ABC some years back? The Bullen family were one of the families featured. I was utterly fascinated when I learned that 22 puppies and dogs were used to play the part of Marley,in 'Marley and Me'!!! They did need to cover 14 years in the real life of Marley,but this is still a LOT of animals to play one character!! Can you imagine the FUN and the hilarious situations the cast and crew must have had to contend with for the puppy scenes?!!!!! Much as I cried during the latter part of the movie,I have to admit it is one of my favourite films,due mainly to the fact that it was based on a true story.Apparently the actors tears were very real at the end too,with little in any acting needed.
by Jules
Yes, Jules I did see 'Dynasties'. My maternal Grandparents' were 'Showies', & knew both the Bullen family, & the other Circus family, Ashton's. Needless to say, didn't ever pay to get into those Circuse's when I was a kid, as Nanna always came with me, & chatted to the Matriarchs', in both cases, as they didn't get to see each other very much. It was unusual for either Circus & my Grandparents' to be in the same town, at the same time!

I was indeed very fortunate, & after the show, got to go & see the beautiful 'Dancing Horses' up close! How good was that! They were people of a great calibre in those days. Cheers!
by donjo
I shall reply to BOTH your comments at once!!! Firstly,I do sort of envy the joyful childhood which you were able to enjoy with your Nanna when the circus families were in her circle of friends!! My grandparents were in UK when I was little so I never truly knew them! Those dancing horses must have seemed magical to a young girl! How utterly glorious for you! I loved going to the circus,and even went as an adult when the circuses would visit Townsville Nth.Qld. where I now live!I have been here since 1980 and had my son here in '85.Funnily enough,he has now gone down close to where I grew up in Mornington,in Victoria. I would also love seeing the animals at the circuses when the shows were not in progress.They were so beautiful and well cared for,the ones I saw,and I thought they were stunning.
Getting back to the movies...Babe is a gorgeous movie and its sequel also is well done.If you like Charlotte's Web,you cannot help but enjoy the first Babe movie. It has some wonderfully talented actors from all over the world in it,and really was a huge asset for Australia and the industry here. The whole concept of a baby pig becoming the equivalent of a sheep dog is just ridiculously adorable!! Hope you get to see it soon! Thanks again for the lovely 'chat'!!
by Jules
I rarely cry at movies. I usually only do if it's an animal that has passed away.
I do cry at movies but I can't remember the last one that made me cry.
by AJ
I generally don't cry when watching any movie. However the last time one brought me close to tears was probably two years ago.
And the movie that bought you close to tears...2 years ago, Was........???
by Miro
I watched The Notebook last weekend and although I had seen it before, I can relate more to it now with working in a Dementia specific cottage with 15 residents. I see the devoted husbands and wives visit daily and The Notebook was a great account of what life deals out sometimes. I cried the first time and I cried this time.... it's a real storyline from what I believe...
Tracks. I am a softie and when she had to put her dog down, it brought back memories
'War Horse'!

The situation, being WWI makes me sad, but add an animal in, especially a horse, & I just bawl my eyes out! Very embarrassing in Cinema, but good at home with the DVD!
I have just responded to your comment sent to my own answer,so I do know what you mean with this movie. Animals always seem to affect me so much more strongly than people in movies. Heck! I even cried through 'Babe' and 'Charlotte's Web'!!!! Mind you, Charlotte's Web was a favourite book of mine as a child and my copy is almost worn out from reading it so often..I cried when I first read it,and still get a lump if I read it again as an adult. It is filled with so many wonderful life lessons for both kids and grown-ups when looked at again through Adult eyes! Again,the animals and critters are the ones to get to me every time!
by Jules
Thank you, Jules. I've not seen 'Babe', but 'Charlotte's Web' had me in tears, too!
by donjo
The final scenes of the movie Ghost get my crying every time!
I cried when I saw ' Titanic ' and 'The Notebook ', also ' Red Dog'.
I cried watching dumbo with the children and that was embarrassing. I also turn on the waterworks to the color purple when her children meet her with her much loved sister. Bambi was sad too.
I honestly don't - there are so many that have made me well up!

UP, The Notebook, cute ones make me cry!
The "frank above the beans" scene in Something About Mary. Laughed so hard I cried and almost peed my pants!
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