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Do you remember jokes well or do you forget them quickly?

by Finy (follow)
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When someone tells a joke, do you tend to remember it, or do you forget it when you try to tell someone else?

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Top Answers
I rarely remember a joke!
It is only on the odd occasion that I will remember a joke the next day, and I have probably now given up even trying.

I normally have a good memory for things but for some reason, jokes are difficult for me! odd.
by Finy
I just forget them.....in the scheme of things it is not a priority but DO enjoy a good laugh at a joke..
by Fran
I tend to forget jokes, but there are a few favourites that I try to throw into conversations to make it interesting. Like Finy, my memory for jokes is not that sharp.
I am terrible and often give away the punch line - whoops.
by Lucy
haha Lucy -yes I am sometimes like that -remember the punch line but not the whole joke! dont you feel stupid then!
by Finy
Oh yes!
by Lucy
I tend to remember punch lines but not the joke - even if I do remember I am not the type that can deliver a joke well!
by AJ
I remember the punchline, the rest is up to my husband
I used to be able to remember them very well. Since about the tenth grade though, they just go in one ear and out the other.
by Vee
that coz u r getting old.
by Finy
I remember them.

I tell them.

People don't laugh.

Can't imagine why?
LOL -is this your dog.....you photoshopped your dog.....
by Finy
sadly Finy he's not my doggie :(
by jonaja
I remember them for a short time but after a while it's goooommeee!
I have a great sense of memory for jokes.... remember every one.... in fact, there's a good one I heard just yesterday but, unfortunately, I just can't remember it.
A few old couples used to get together to talk about life and to have a good time. One day one of the men, Harry, started talking about this fantastic restaurant he went to the other night with his wife. “Really?”, one of the men said, what’s it called? After thinking for a few seconds the Harry said, “what are those good smelling flowers called again?” “Do you mean a rose? the first man questioned. “Yes that’s it,” he exclaimed. Looking over at his wife he said, “Rose what’s that restaurant we went to the other night?”

There are three signs of old age: The first is memory loss...I can't remember the other four


Am definitely NOT a 'joke' person. Hate them. Don't tell them, & am bored witless if someone tries to tell me one. Not interested!

Am therefore not a lover of comedy shows, be they TV or theatre. As for 'stand up' comics, yuk to the nth degree!
Sometimes I am very good at recalling jokes,and then other times I just have a total amnesia attack!! I think it depends on the actual joke and also on the person who has told it.
Sometimes,during these 'blocks' the result can end up being even funnier than the original joke!!!
never remember them so do not try to tell them to anyone else
I usually forget them. However, if it's really short and simple and I found it very amusing I may remember it.
I forget them very quickly, & even if I do remember them & tell someone, they never turn out as well as from the person who told them to me, so I don't bother with them anymore!
by Miro
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