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Do you regularly clean your brick paving, or pathways?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you regularly clean your brick paving and/or pathways?


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Top Answers
I asked this question as I have two dogs and my back paving is rather dirty.
A friend used a high pressure hose to clean it once and then I got a quote a few years later and it was over $300 so I didnt get it done.

It badly needs cleaning, however I do not know how to clean it!

My front area which is also pave and leading to a large garage is also dirty and that would also have been almost $300.

Hosing it doesnt seem to get it clean and I do not know how else to clean it as it is a fairly large area.

So in answer to the question, NO i do not clean it apart from an occasional sweep, which does not last long.
by Finy
I bought a little pressure washer for $99 on special at supercheap . . . works a treat and it came with the little detergent bottle as well in case things are extra dirty.
by Rice
Finy pressure hosing is great....but it is very time consuming and you have to be willing to 'go-slow', to get the really good clean.

Put doggies somewhere safe. Get a little plastic watering can, fill three qrts with those thick bleach and the rest water...Mix with a old stick slowly, wear old shoes and clothes and MUST wear gloves.
Pour small amount over the dirty area in one Corner, use old sweeping brush and just gently work into the area.Must rinse old brush with hose straight away,to save brush end. Let it all dry 2 hrs, then hose off.....Comes up brand new.
Even if you just do a little each day......it will look very clean in a week, and stays that way for a long time.
I have used a lot of things, and this is the better of the whole bunch for me..
See how you go, but well worth the try....Little by little we get there :)
by jonaja
I have a Karcher steam cleaner but guess that is not a pressure cleaner. Jonaj, that is too difficult and I do not like using bleach - Rice can do it when she comes to visit me......hehehehe
by Finy
Easy! We can hire one for the morning and blitz the dirt away!!!
by Rice
Finy- there is a product available at the hardware shop- Wet and Forget. You spray it on and leave it alone. When it rains all the muck is washed off.
A man I know sprayed his initials on his driveway and forgot about it because it was a fair while before it rained, after rain he wondered what was going on, until he remembered.haha. It used to be advertised on a gardening show I listen too and I think it is supposed to be pretty safe.
by annfi
thanks annfi - will try that! sounds easy
by Finy
We used to have a large concreted outdoor area, about 12m x 7m. It was used all the time so we'd use a pressure cleaner on it at least seasonally and more so in the warmer weather.
Not regularly ... but it doesn't seem to get that dirty.. we do have a pressure cleaner that we use perhaps annually.
Yes, for me it's not an option.
As a child growing up half way in England we were taught how important to keep the front entrance, and (if you were lucky enough to have more) it has to be kept very very clean.

My mother was one of thousands who would get on her hands and knees and clean that slate front door step!
So my steps, and pathway and driveway have always been so clean.
Just old habits from Mum :) really a cultural thing.
I use thick bleach, with a little water to bring it all back to it normal colour.

Also because field mice and other nasty's can smell as they run around, it keeps them far from your house because they can still smell it in the drive way.
I normally may do it every few months, and it really looks very nice.
Cost me maybe $15 well worth the effort.
No. Since the drought, we have learned not to be wasteful with water. We do have a high pressure cleaner that would do the job quite nicely, but our driveway doesn't get that dirty.
I do. Usually I use a small pressure washer. If there are weeds growing in the cracks, they get a dose of boiling water. . . . being very careful not to scald any local creatures. The other day I did the roof of the entertainment area with vinegar in the detergent bottle and after I had done that I did the windows so that everything looked nice. The pressure washer is a lazy way to do the windows, I know, but the vinegar made them really sparkle.
by Rice
I don't have this issue as I live in a unit
by AJ
I love a rustic look in the garden . I loved the book A Secret Garden as a child and love the look of controlled wilderness. I let my paved areas develop an aged appearance as long as they aren't slippery. I keep them free of leaves and debris by sweeping or blowing them off with the leaf blower. I pressure clean them every few years.It is a big time consuming job.
A friend recommended a hose on product that dries on and washes off with the dirt in the rain, I bought some but haven't felt the need to use it yet.
thanks annfi - sounds easy!
by Finy
You're welcome Finy. Glad to help.
by annfi
I don't really have much issue with this.The weeds are the real problem and so I just pull a few out each time I am out there with them!!! I had to clean the patio area some years ago with a pressure cleaner and it came up a real treat!! It was not that difficult to do and well worth the effort. I also have heard about 'Wet and Forget', but as you need rain for this to really do its work, I cannot see the point of using this where we have had no rain for SO very long!! Thankfully with the dry weather, the paving stays quite clean!
No, not as often as I should, as I have chooks, they tend to make a mess.
No, as I don't have brick paving. Our drive is made from tiny pebbles, very nice, laid back, sort of driveway with over hanging trees. I leave that for my husband to sweep, if he wants too. It never needs hosing down though.
by Miro
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