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Do you regularly buy new pillows?

by Finy (follow)
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I have read that pillows "should" be changed every two years.

Do you regularly buy new pillows and throw out the old ones you sleep on?

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Top Answers
I saw this on TV and cannot remember why you should only use a pillow for a few years, but NO, I do not use them only for a few years.

I go on and on using them and hey, I do not have any nasty diseases!!!

I think I still have the pillow from when I lived at home which is some 50 years ago! It is a very flat one (LOL flat from my head?) and soft -and the one I currently sleep on.

by Finy
O M G !
by jonaja
I replace my pillows every year. They are washed in very hot water and bleach every month. Most people drool in their sleep, they may not realize it but there are all kind of nasties on your pillow, it just nice to place your head on a nice clean pillow at night.

I wash my pillows as I hate getting used to new ones. I also put them out in the sun a lot on the top of a clothes airer and turn them during the day. Having said that, I bought new pillows just before Christmas purely because I wanted to give my pillows to the dogs. My new ones are really comfy and the dogs love having human pillows. LOL.
by Rice
I have done that before Rice, and come home to one of my dogs had ripped it apart -the girl dog!!
by Finy
Oh, that is hysterical Finy . . just two days ago my girl pulled a hole in one and started unstuffing it . . ! What naughty girls we have. I may live to regret letting her have a pillow. :-)))
by Rice
i can only get those square ones with heavier material for lounges, and eventually she chews through tht also -guess my boy, the blind one -cannot see what he is chewing!!!
by Finy
Rice, what kind of pillows do you buy? I once tried to wash a pillow, and I had to throw it out. It was totally ruined.
by Vee
Hi Vee, I have always bought Tontine pillows and I have to say they have never let me down.
by Rice
I CRINGE...when one know's or see's family member's with (well old nasty pillow's) Thinking they will last a while longer.

I never keep a Pillow more than 6-7 months, they all are thrown out, and new ones come home with me from the shop.

If only people knew how ghastly, pillows are any time longer.

Same for our Mattresses, we never keep longer than 2 yrs now....Don't care how much it all cost's they have to go too.
but are you sick from bed bugs?
by Finy
I don't get bed bugs Finy :) I want to avoid them, seriously.
by jonaja
Oh my gosh. Seriously. Hahaha.
by Vee
If the pillows are cheap ones,I will replace them,but I have some exquisitely high quality ones which were given as a gift to me,and these actually wash very nicely and end up just like new,so I HAVE kept this pair and will most likely have them for a long time to come. They are just the most gorgeous things to lay my head on!!
I don't use pillows on my bed, so the answer would be never.
You sleep without a pillow, Bryony?
by Vee
Yes, I use one of my old toy tigers instead. He is long, filled with soft beans, and is just the right shape and thickness to support my neck. I find him much more comfortable than a pillow.
I change my pillows every few years. They get uncomfortable after a while if you leave them too long, and cease to perform their function of supporting the head and neck. I have heard that after a while the pillow gets moist with sweat and dribble and contains the bodies of insects that nest there. This is supposed to be the same in mattresses. I suppose some poor person was paid to open up pillows and mattresses and discovered this. Ha! Ha

I've a very flat, soft down pillow that would be many decades old. It's the EXACT thickness with which my head is happy!
It gets 'aired' M-F., & gets 'sunned' on weekend!

Bought a large new one as a tv-watching one, just recently.

Hate those thick, high ones you get in Hotel rooms! I can't sleep on them, & just lie on mattress, otherwise I don't get to sleep at all!
I have that to look forward to for the next ten days :(( Maybe I will take my own pillow along.
by Rice
Yes, Rice, good idea! I now know why I see folk at Rly Stns with their own pillows strapped to their ports! Useless for flying though! Lol!
by donjo
Yes at least once a year...
No. I use good quality cotton pillow protectors which are washed regularly and as I buy good quality pillows they occasionally get washed but I do air them as well.
no, I like the ones I've got. You can always change the look of a pillow by putting new covers on them, so I like to stick to the ones I've got until I need to change them cause they aren't fluffy anymore
No, no, no. I hate throwing things away. Unless they look like they have been infested by some sort of debilitating disease, I just put them out in the sun. I like to use pillow protectors. Enough of this throw away society.
by Vee
No I can't make myself change ours, because I had them hand made by a nice Asian, man a long time ago in Sydney NSW, using all duck feathers, & he would have passed away by now, I do feel guilty though, not changing them,
by Miro
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