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Do you really believe you will meet your dead loved ones after you die?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you really think you will re re-united with your dead loved ones after you die?

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Top Answers
I used to always think I would, however made a pact with my mother that she would contact me when she died.

She did not.

I no longer believe I will see any of my loved ones once I am dead -dead is dead!
by Finy
Maybe she tried. What about those who have been contacted by their dead?
by Vee
They are evil spirits that do that stuff, and pretend .
It's well documented, the dead can not
contact the living.People on t.v. that claim to be able to help those who have lost someone, are con-men.
by jonaja
If they are saved then yes.
My Mum told me that she died during a heart attack when she was approx 50
Claimed that she went to heaven and met some people from her past.
God told her that it was not her time and that she would be the last person from her entire group of friends to pass.
Given her poor health this seemed unlikely.
Mum lived until she was 84 and was the last person from all her group to pass.
This has always left me thinking about it.
Her favorite line was only the good die young so I ( her ) will live forever.
I do not really believe that I shall meet up with my loved ones when I die.This does not mean that no one else won't! And It does not mean that I am either right or wrong about it. It is a lovely comfort to many who are ill or have loved ones who are suffering, and if this helps them cope,then who on earth(or off it!!!) are we to gainsay what they believe? Until I actually die I will never truly know what will be,or whether indeed anything WILL be!! I do think though,that we are on this world for such a fleeting moment in the big and real scheme of time,that it seems a shame to thinlk that this short life might be IT!!
Based on scientific evidence - no, I don't think so.

My beliefs are:
If they knew Christ, then yes.
If they didn't but were a young child then yes.
I hope to, yes.
by Vee
I have no idea, I'll have to wait and see. I would dearly love to see my mother and my son again so I hope so.
MEGG -when my daughter first died I was convinced that if I also died, I would see her but as time wore on, I changed my thinking on that one
by Finy
It's a nice idea, but no.
I don't know - I don't think anyone knows
by AJ
I hope so.
My down to earth side says 'no', however I do have a spiritual side to me (essential I believe) and....that part of me wonders and is undecided and....HOPES of course.....
by fran
I do not really know either. I do have a few scenarios in my head what I might do just in case I meet up with them after death. A few people see the ghosts of loved ones and I have experienced "ghostly" events. I "talk" to my family and friends that have passed on but don't get a response…..but then Im not dead yet...
I think it's a way we can hold on to the people we loved...and maybe say all the things we should have..and didn't. I don't know if we do see them...but they never die to us here on earth
Well, as I've met a few while I'm still alive (including one 'in the flesh') I KNOW I'll meet them after I've died, too.
When people ask me if I 'believe' I usually counter by asking them if they 'believe' in the Sydney Harbour Bridge - cos most of them haven't seen it for themselves and have to take it on faith that others have.
No one who is alive could know what happens after death unless they previously died and returned it would be good to believe that we do meet again with our loved ones but I very much doubt it Barbara

Yes I do and I feel I have my parents acting as my guardians whilst I am here on earth. Something else I think about when looking at the stars at night I think there must be more to life after we pass on. Someone made this universe and that person looks after us. David
To each their own I believe.My mum passed over a few years ago and we often discussed life after death. She told me that she would send me a sign when she was safely there and not long after her passing I would see feathers everywhere I looked which I took as a sign that she had made it and was happy. Whenever I see a feather on the ground or wherever I pick it up and know that my mum's nearby and looking out for me. I even have feathers tattooed on my inner forearms in honour of her and think of her often when I look at them. There are so many accounts of people passing over and coming back, so I personally believe that there is life after death, but I wouldn't push that on other people if they didn't. It's a personal choice. Mandy E
Nah... I barely saw my relatives when they were alive.
But seriously - at the risk of sounding blunt, the sad fact is that I was not blessed with good parents, so I don't think I'd be too joyful at seeing them again.
I share Jonaj's belief
by kimp
Also believe poem about 'Golden (?) bridge' where ALL my animals' I've ever had will be waiting for me.
If this is true, really look forward to seeing them, as they were much loved. Oh heck, I'm tearing-up now!
P.S. It's 'Rainbow Bridge'; there's a poem 'The Rainbow Bridge', about meeting-up with beloved pets when you die.
I shouldn't read it, as I just bawl my eyes' out doing so!
My gorgeous Corgi & my beautiful old cat, I think of daily. I miss them terribly.
by donjo
donjo, I am beginning to think that if we ever met, we might cause a flood. What a pair of sooks we are :-)
by Rice
Oh! Rice, I don't believe we're 'sooks'. Just a couple of humans' who loved their pets unconditionally, the same way as they loved us........tears are rolling down my face as I type......but I can't help it, especially when I think of my beloved 'Hollee' girl......my WP Corgi.......
by donjo
I think if you find comfort in this thought, there is no harm in believing it.

I had a near death experience. I did see all my family who have passed. There was this overwhelming sense of love whilst I was there and I didn't want to go back. I even saw someone who I didn't know was dead. My mum told me she had died and I said "I know". She said how could I possibly know. I told her that I saw her whilst I was there. When I awoke, I was much better and recovered quickly. It was a miracle.
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