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Do you read your partner's text?

by elise (follow)
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Some people think that they have the right to go through their partner's phone because they should have nothing to hide while other think it is a violation of trust. What do you think?

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Top Answers
I use my wife's Facebook account since I don't have mine. We also know password of each other social media account, email and Skype. hmmmn it isn't that we don't trust each other. We just don't have anything to hide from each other.
No, I never read his texts unless he chooses to show them to me. I respect his privacy as he does mine.
No, that would be a violation of trust, and you would need to be suspicious of your partner to do that, which I'm not.
Definitely a violation of trust to do it. Should you have the right to do it though, even if you should not exercise the right? Possibly.
I think if you are seriously considering it, then you should ask yourself whether your relationship has already reached a point where what is or isn't to be found in texts is irrelevant.
My wife and I read each others' text, but there is no malice or mistrust involved, we just don't hide things form each other.
I do not have a partner.
If I did....No way! would I read their text.
I do but not because I do not trust him. He is free to read mine as well.
by Gia
NO. My husband & I donít have those sort of mobile phones, we have older phones, & we have lots of other stuff to read, e.g. newspapers, books etc, then waste time doing that!
I do not open mail delivered by the postman which is addressed to my partner and I consider the emails and texts just as sacred.
In the past absolutely. It's a pretty good indication of where your relationship is at if you feel the need to "snoop" and it's its not a good thing. Now, no way. Everything is always out in the open, total trust and honestly our lives just aren't that interesting that there would be any reason to ever need to. We have each others passwords but can honestly say that we don't even use them apart from banking etc.
I don't think you should read communications addressed to another person unless that person chooses to share. It's not just that you are invading that person's privacy but the privacy of their friends who may not be your close friends. Your partner may receive a text from one of their close friends which is personal and not something they want shared with you. Now you know that information and it can put your partner in an awkward situation. Also you may read a text and not know what has happened before. It could even be a joke and you take it seriously because you don't know the writers' sense of humour. Reading communication not intended for you is not just about whether you trust your partner.
I do read whatever on his phone, he does read whatever on my phone. I would never answer a text or call on his phone and nor would he on my phone.
I have nothing to hide on my phone (just like a landline phone) and he better not have anything to hide on his personal phone.
I think any spouse/partner that has something to hide on their phone is a shifty person. If he were to question me about my casual approach to personal phones, I would immediately feel that he had something to hide. No argument.
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