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Do you read crime novels?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you read crime novels?

Do you have a favourite crime author?

#Crime novels
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Top Answers
Yes, it is mainly the type of book I read at the moment.

Probably my favourite is James Patterson.

Followed by Lee Childs and Sandra Brown -all great authors and I have to read every opportunity I can to finish these mysteries once I have started.
by Finy

I work with crims, so no need too.

I would only ever read true stories about them, to gain an understanding of some.
I read a lot of Crime Fiction when I was doing my HSC. While I haven't read any since, I really like Sara Paretsky's work. I think she and her characters are great.
by Vee
I have not heard of her and work with hundreds of books -will look out for her!
by Finy
Cool. I'm sure you'll like. ;-)
by Vee
Oh! Finy, Sara Paretsky has been around for years! Well written, & enjoyable! Cheers!
by donjo
I do like intelligent and even some quirky Crime novels! Val McDermid's psychological thrillers would have me hooked from beginning to end, and then I read every Harlan Corben book I could find until I started to see similarities in his story lines! I have enjoyed so many of John Grisham's books,as well as Patricia Cornwell,Kathy Reichs,and when I was younger I read every one of John Sandford's wonderful books.I still have these on my shelf!! I have also read some of Lee Childs among many many other authors. One writer who I just never enjoyed was Agatha Christie,as I found her tales far too predictable. I am an avid reader rather than a TV or Movie watcher!!
Oh! Jules, please remember that AC was writing in/for the 1920's onwards. People at that time weren't as 'sophisticated' as you, therefore the stories' to THEM, weren't predictable! They also didn't have access to technology, as we've today! Their 'entertainment' was only books, & radio! Cheers!
by donjo
I was reading these in the 70's way before most of today's technology,and I just still could always work out the endings!!! I guess it is just her style of writing. The thing is,that I really enjoy the way her books have been recreated into real 'period' pieces for movies and tv! I could look at those sets and costumes all day long!! It is just her writing I am not fond of!!
by Jules
Yes! Love them!! Christie, Chesterton, Cornwell, Conan Doyle . . . (eek, do I only read authors beginning with C?) I read one Dorothy Sayers and vowed never to read another.I haven't read Anne Perry as I would feel weird reading crime stories by a murderer. I like the Blue Murder books by Emma Jameson. I have read Ngiao Marsh and enjoy her writing. I just love to read.
by Rice
Oh! Rice Paper, Sayers' books are excellent; please do try more! Also, catch-up the 'Lord Peter Wimsey' TV series' of her books! The stars, Edward Petherbridge, & Harriet Walters are both RSC alumni.
by donjo
P.S. Put aside your 'thoughts' re: Anne Perry! Her books make for excellent reading. I've read them all, & found them most enjoyable, & brain-stimulating! Cheers!
by donjo
I didn't know Anne Perry was a crim. Just finished reading some of hers and really enjoyed them.
by lynne
Yeah, Lynne, think stocking, brick, mother, & another girl perp. Not nice at all! Kiwi true crime.......
by donjo
I promise to try Perry and revisit Sayers as I certainly value your opinion :-)
by Rice
I don't really read much crime fiction
by AJ
Yes, it the best type of entertainment out there! Last winter,I read all 17 Lee Child - Jack Reacher series in the order they were published. My husband followed one book behind me all the way! Our home was very quiet indeed!!!
Oh! garde, what a marvellous experience, for you both! Well done! Cheers!
by donjo
Yes. That is probably the main genre that I read!!! I love James Patterson and his detective Alex Cross. I like to read true crime books as well, to get more information about well known crimes, and I am interested in the psychology, and what is going on in the persons mind. Also, having studied forensic psychology, it interests me.
L U R V E Crime Novels!
Has been my favourite book genre for decades!

Peter Robinson, Barry Maitland, P. Cornwall, K. Reichs, P.D. James, M. Walters, & all the rest!

Now reading much True Crime.
Get hold of Justine Ford's books; Aussie journalist, writing about Missing Persons, & Cold Case Murders.

Love watching Scandi noir in TV series', 'Wallander', 'The Bridge', 'The Killing', better than reading the books!

Of course, ANY BBC crime drama is worth watching....think Morse, Luther, Banks, Lynley, Foyle et al.

There're enough crime writers' to keep me reading the rest of my days! I do prefer Aussie & Brit writers', to Americans', though!
I have only read one and I can't remember the name.
by Gia
I have only read one and I can't remember the name.
by Gia
I have been reading a lot of Cosy Mysteries. Very light reading... not too much ghastly detail, won't keep you awake at night checking that you locked the doors. Out Library has a special shelf. Some favourites are Mary Daheim, Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Leann Sweeney, Janet Bolin, Kerry Greenwood, Laura Childs, Rhys Bowen.
psssst . . . just whispering that i am reading Kathi Daley at the minute . . .never thought i would read cosies. ssssshhhhh. don't tell.
by Rice
oooh Don't know her.
by lynne
Kathi's not too bad . . there are worse :-) If you want to see the movie about Anne Perry, it is Heavenly Creatures with Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey. They were both excellent in it. I had seen it three times before I realised Melanie was Rose from Two and a Half Men (!)
by Rice
You might like to read . . .
by Rice
Oh Heavenly Creatures! Oh well she's done her time and maybe that's where she got her story ideas!
by lynne
One wonders who visits her in her dreams :((
by Rice
Sometimes. I enjoy James Patterson's books and Jodi Picoult has some novels that involve crimes.
My favourite crime author is James Lee Burke - that man is so lyrical with his writing it is magical.
I also love John Sandford - he writes amazing stories.
Have read lots of James Patterson books too but, over the last couple of years, I have found his books too predictable and formulaic - I think he may be co-authoring with too many people.
Lee Child I just can't get into as his Jack Reacher character is so unbelievable and, when Tom Cruise played him, that was it for me!
Val McDermid and Kathy Reichs are also excellent.
I usually read 2/3 library books a week and there are so many authors I have read over the years I could go on forever, but I certainly do have my favourites.
No, I don't read crime novels, I read autobiographies of people's lives, but not the rich and famous,that doesn't interest me, it's more about, the lives people had while growing up, and in different countries and background, there was a great book I was reading called The hospital by the river, and I think that is a must read for women.
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