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Do you read catalogues put in your letterbox?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you read catalogues and things that come in your mail box?

Do you have a "No Junk Mail" sign on the letterbox?

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Top Answers
I also do not have a No JUnk Mail sign however notice on my daily walk, that a lot of people do have it.
I just read the supermarkets catalogues and the rest generally go straight in the bin as many of you have said, there are so many.
by Finy
Absolutely. I'm a pensioner and must read it to find out where to save money as well as I can.
I read about half of them.

The one's that don't look too interesting, go right to the rubbish bin.
No I don't have a 'no junk mail' sign.
I have had fee samples in my mail box, one that I now can't live without!

So I wait with anticipation :)
Yes, I read the ones I am interested in. The ones I'm not interested in go straight to the recycling bin.
Only the catalogue from companies that we have actually bought from before. Catalogue from companies we have never shopped at or heard of just get thrown into the recycling. There is no point in having a 'No Junk Mail' sign because postmen are obligated to post it no matter what.
Not really, unless a very colourful catalogue from a known brand comes up every now and then :-)
I read all of them bar the hardware store ones. I use the grocery store catalogues to help write my shopping list.
by Vee
I don't have a "No Junk Mail" sign, but I rarely read the catalogues. There are too many of them. I sometimes take a look at a catalogue if it comes from a brand I like. Otherwise, they go straight to the garbage bin.
I hope they at least go to the recycle bin.
by lbowd
Do not have the sign , I love the Junk mail.
It sure is something I do in 'Me" time.
Plan shopping trips accordingly or they simply great for new ideas.
by Zen
I love my junk mail. I quickly get rid of the catalogues/pamphlets that I know are of no interest & have a flick through all the others. I like to see what is on special around the different shops/restaurants & what events are going on in my local area.
Yes, find them enjoyable & relaxing to read. Give information that I choose to take note of or not.
I love my junk mail, particularly Aldi, Coles, Woolworths catalogues plus Tasman Meats and other local big fresh food places near me. On Tuesdays I drag them out of the letterbox, make a coffee and enjoy going through them. On the days that I get them from Kmart, BigW and Target, I need 2 coffees to see me through. And, I know that some people depend on payment for delivery of these catalogues to supplement their income. I like knowing that. Yeah, makes me feel good.
I also prefer reading the junk mail to reading the bills.
by fran.
I love reading the junk mail even though I rarely buy anything other than the food specials. It keeps you up-to-date on lots of items.
I have a no junk mail label on my letterbox, but still I get junk mail. It promptly goes from letterbox to recycle bin.
I have No Junk Mail please signs stuck to both ends of the circular mail box slot. I used to have just one sign, on the street side. The leaflet deliverer would just post the leaflets in the other end of the slot.
I 'm one of those delivery people, but don't do catalogues, etc, just smaller sized leaflets, menus and the like and I've found if people have a 'no junk mail' sign on one end of the letterbox, it's often because the walker they know usually comes from a particular direction, forgetting that others like myself may come from the other direction.
I have to check both sides before putting mine in sometimes.
by amanda
Yes I love them. I grew up with out roadside delivery so I never go them. Don't know how people don't like them. They are informative for shopping and bargins.
my comment
what a waste of paper, I also throw them out,
we probably pay for this type of advertising in the goods they are selling. would be interesting to know how much it costs to produce them.
They are not needed, the special's are always on show in the shops.

to sum up:
I am sure our goods would be a lot cheaper, if all this advertising was done away with, this also includes the TV ,

The amount of sales generated by print, & tv advertising cannot be underestimated!

This is a Tax Deductible 'item' for Companies', so they're NOT going to stop........

by donjo
I'm hearing you both and I agree.
by Rice
Yes but you have to GO to the shops to see the specials…..and that is a bigger temptation to buy unnecessary items. I regularly stock up on tinned fish and when they are on special I'll buy two "slabs" of them because I use one daily. Same goes for a particular brand of toilet tissue, facial tissues etc. etc. Certainly, if I know which store has the specials I am after, it is quicker for me to go straight to the store, pack up and come home.
And, there is that nice feeling everyone gets knowing that receiving the brochures in the mailbox are providing a little money to the people that deliver them, those people that will get out and work to supplement a pension or whatever.
by fran.
Oh yes!! If there are groceries on special I will add them to the shopping list. Also, at this time of the year, some catalogues give me ideas for Christmas gifts so it pays to have a quick look.
I have a no junk sign at present I do, however, prefer the "Addressed Mail Only" sign as it is gentler. I google things if I need to find good prices. I am quite sure the catalogues cause us to buy more.
by Rice
I do read my junk mail, especially the supermarket ones, I like to see what is on special and where,also if there is an occasion like Mothers Day I like to see them.
I do have a 'No Junk Mail' sticker on our mail box,
so we're never are left any leaflets. We only shop at Aldi's & we only buy what we need, not what's on special.
by Miro
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