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Do you put up with a partner snoring badly at night?

by Finy (follow)
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Does your partner snore?

Is it bad, and can you sleep, or do you have to go to another room?

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Top Answers
I have no partner however have had a partner who snored but mainly when he drank!

He eventually drank every night and in fact went to bed with a drink in his hand which I COULD NOT STAND as the bed smellt of whiskey!

Thankfully I do not have this problem any more however it was never bad enough for me to go to another room.

I am a good sleeper and I sleep quickly so probably didnt notice a lot anyway.
by Finy
Never had one that snores.

Now me! on the other hand, well my son says he can hear me these days snoring even from the other room!
No , having the benefits of two double beds in separate bedrooms.
Queen beds in separate rooms . . . . still have to close both doors and have an audio book playing to block his snoring out until I get to sleep. The man could snore for Olympics.
by Rice
I have been fortunate enough to never have had this problem even when I was married.And now I share my bed with my beloved dogs who sleep like logs right through the entire night!!! Funnily enough,the really bad snoring I had to contend with came from my dear Shar Pei(the dogs which as Roly Poly pups are features in the Toilet roll ads!) when she was a baby.This breed is notorious for snoring until the rolls of skin are 'grown into',and it was a real deterrent to my own sleep while she was tiny! But I would not change a thing as she is such a special personality as an adult!
My husband snores and our King Charles Cavalier snores which is detrimental to a restful nights sleep to a light sleeper!

I will normally wake my husband to stop him snoring, this may be in the form of pinching him, kicking his shins or shaking him awake; but when it's extremely bad, I either take myself off to our spare room or get him to relocate to the spare room.

Our dog usually sleeps with us or near us however, since he's been on daily heart medication, his breathing and snoring have virtually completely abated. It sort of makes you think about the connection between the heart, lungs and snoring. But that's for another forum !
Don't have a partner now so...I don't have to put up with it
by Fran
He snores sometimes. So does my son and my cat. I don't put up with any of them! Husband gets woken up and told to stop, son and cat get re-arranged gently so they don't wake but do stop.... and it would never be me who moved to another room, that would be the offending non-stopper!
Luckily my husband doesn't snore
by AJ
No, but thank goodness, my husband does not snore.
by Vee
Luckily no I've never had to deal with this.
I found a sharp kick did the trick ...for a couple of minutes! Then another was required , then another and so on, until my husband eventually stirred , toss and turn for a few minutes and would groan that he couldn't sleep and would take himself off to the guest room! he now uses a CPAP machine and everyone is happy and he no longer feels tired during the day. Not sure if it was his snoring that disturbed his REM or being battered by me !!!!
I was a chronic snorer and my wife put up with it. Then I developed the bad and troubling habit of pausing for longer and longer durations. She would wake and realise that I was not breathing and so kick or push me until I started snoring again. This happened, according to my wife about 3 times a night. I went to an ear,nose and throat specialist and he said I had a nasal blockage and for $4,000 and two black eyes he could fix it. I decided on a second opinion and went to a sleep clinic and they said I could come in and spend one night for $1500 and they would diagnose me. I asked if it could be done cheaper and they said yes if I did the sleep monitoring at home. ($500). After wiring me up so that I looked like Frankenstein's monster I drove home and had a rather uncomfortable night and returned the next day. They said I could come back in a week to get the results. Later the same day I got a call saying that they wanted to see me that afternoon urgently. I had severe sleep apnoea and was stopping breathing 50 times and hour with some durations of 90 seconds without a breath. I now have a CPAP pump and sleep silently, no nose job required and my wife gets a good night's sleep. Some researchers believe that there is a link between apnoea and dementia and heart attacks. All I know is that I sleep well and wake refreshed. Wife's happy too.
My wife doesn't snore but if she did, it wouldn't bother me.
Had boyfriend who snored so LOUDLY that in 2 years I could never spend the whole night with him.
I have a husband who snores. I was woken about 4 times a night, & had to gently tap him or shake him to stop. About 2 years ago, I moved him into another bedroom, & I sleep well every night now.
by Miro
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