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Do you prefer salmon or white fish?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia.Commons

Do you prefer pink salmon, or white fish?

#White fish
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Top Answers
I buy red salmon more often than I buy white fish as I buy online and can trust them to give me the salmon but not the white fish!
Also i have read that the salmon is the most healthy of fish, and while I do not make it often, I make it if I can think of something different to do with it.

I love friend fish however am not good at making this as my batter always sticks.

I like both fish, but use salmon more than white fish!
by Finy
I like both but at different occasions. I usually have white fish at home prepared in a variety of ways. The last time I had salmon was at a hotel. It was quite bland.
I don't eat salmon at all. I am not fond of fish, so white fish, preferably whiting, is it for me. I never cook fish either as I am cr@p at it and I cannot stand the smell in the house.
by Rice
Oh! for crying out loud!!!!!!!! lol lol lol
by jonaja
That isTHEmost hilarious thing in the world!!!! My neighbour won't cook fish either, so I always do it for her son in the school holidays, as he LOVES my fish and chips more than shop-bought ones!!!! And he tells everyone that it is the best in the world! What a darling boy!!
by Jules
OOps I was talking about about the pic made me laugh :)
by jonaja
LOL. That's okay, jonaj, I knew what you meant :-))))))
by Rice
I don't enjoy cooked salmon, I prefer raw or smoked, which probably sounds really strange. Any sort of fish that is pinkish is off limits for me.
I really enjoy white fish, I feel like white fish is a bit more versatile. I used to buy Basa as it was very cheap and I was a student, but now I buy blue grenadier or something of better quality.
I hate salmon, it makes me gag. I love tinned tuna and smoked mackerel; they are my favourites. I like some white fish like bass, sea bass, and pollock, but I don't like plaice or haddock. I'm not one way or the other with cod as it does not really taste of much.

I eat tinned tuna too . . . my sister picks the bones out of tinned salmon and eats them . . . . . . ¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯
by Rice
She wats the bones? Isn't that dangerous? I didn't think the tinned fish still contained the bones.
Yep, for some reason salmon is canned with bones and she loves to crunch them up. Yuck. They are not rock hard . . . so she tells me. More yuck with a bit of ick and poop mixed in. I couldn't chew on them :(
by Rice
I Definitely wouldn't chew on a fish bone.
My favorite fish is salmon. I love it. I like most white fish too but is definitely my favorite.
by AJ
I now have to eat pink salmon 4-6 times a week for dinner, I use the very thin pkt Tasmanian fresh.
It helps my condition a lot!
You HAVE to? I thought smoked is not good to eat too much?
by Finy
Oh, you healthy people that do what your doctor tells you. . . *eye roll* . . . LOL LOL LOL x x
by Rice
Jonaj, I eat smoked salmon for breakfast every morning on the cruises, with cream cheese, capers & freshly ground black pepper on 1 side of a something that I can't remember the name of now! 1 side of a round bread thing with a hole in the middle, (no, not a doughnut!) Now I just have on it's own, without the bread.
At home I cook salmon cutlets or fillets once a week, & we have tin tuna once a week.
by Miro
I do like salmon very much, but I very rarely buy it and cook it, so I would have to say that I eat far more white fish.
I like both.
Me too. Both.
I prefer the red salmon and have it often. With white fish I prefer it to be covered with Panko crumbs and lightly fried in light olive oil. I also eat a lot of smoked salmon with a few capers and garlic aïoli.
I like both, though with salmon, when not baked, I adore it SMOKED!!! I also absolutely LOVE fresh hot smoked mackerel,straight from the smoker!! To die for!!! I am very fond of fresh spanish mackerel cooked in all sorts of ways.as it has a delicious flavour as well as a gorgeous flaky texture! Usually, I just simply pan fry it with butter, lemon or lime juice, and fresh herbs fron my garden! In fact I cook all my white reef fish this way as it does not intrude upon, but enhances, their delightful natural attributes! Living in the tropics means that I have access to truly wonderful fresh fish at reasonable prices. and often my friends will share their catches with me, making it even more cost effective!! The salmon , being a colder water fish comes from Tasmania,and has finally started to come down to a more affordable price. I don't buy it very often though.
White fish because I believe there is so much more you can do with it - this means a much wider variety of flavours than you get with salmon
I love fish. Salmon would be my favorite. The only one I do not like is tuna. Fresh or tinned I enjoy them all.
Njsan, you just wrote you didn't like tuna, then you wrote you like them all!
by Miro
I just love fish. Salmon is nice but I like white fish in batter (or not) as long as it isn't overcooked. My favourite is flat fish : flounder, John Dory, plaice, lemon sole and I have never tried Turbot…. I would love to try that fish.
I prefer white fish to salmon, it's not that I dislike salmon, but find it a stronger taste than the white fish.
I try to cook salmon once a week. We really enjoy it. I cook it so the skin is nice and crispy. Oh yeah!
by Vee
I prefer salmon if i have to buy it from a shop. I have never caught one.

I absolutely love fresh fish that has just been caught. My favourite is the mighty barramundi in the Northern Territory. Yum.
Sorry, I've written my answer after Jonaj's question!
by Miro
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