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Do you prefer renting a home or buying one?

by joya. (follow)
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Buying a property has long been the great Aussie dream. For years, Australians have yearned for and aspired to buy their own proeprties. However, in recent times there has been more emphasis on renting properties rather than buying outright.

Would you prefer renting a home or buying one?

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Top Answers
I live with my parents, so have never come up against this question yet. I know I would much rather buy. You can feel far more secure knowing you own a property, and can feel like you can put your proper stamp on it. Renting usually means a smaller property or flat as well, and you might be sharing the building with someone else. I'd want my own space.

In the long run it is cheaper to buy than rent, but many cannot afford to make the initial payment, so have no choice but to rent.
For many people it's not a question of preference unfortunately. Lots of people would like to buy but can't afford to. Renting does have some advantages, like not being tied down if you're inclined to travel or think you might want to change jobs and would need to move closer to work. However, I can say from experience that having to move every couple of years because the rent has gone up, or the house isn't being maintained properly, or is being sold, or any number of other things not in your control is a massive pain in the backside. There seems to be little point in trying to establish a garden when you're only going to have to leave soon and you can't paint a room or bang in a nail without asking permission first. I'm looking forward to living in a home of my own soon.
Buying. Having your own home is fantastic, and should you decide to sell - you achieve the capital growth upside in most cases. So fortunate as my monthly mortgage payments only require a days work a month. It is doable.
Depends on the type of person. I like to rent because I don't like to be in one place for a long period of time. Renting gives me the opportunity to live around the country and experience different cultures.
Everything depends on the individual’s circumstances. Renting gives the flexibility of moving around, not requiring a huge down payment as deposit and can be quite stress-free. Whereas buying a property involves committing to a mortgage for several years, saving up a chunky deposit and being responsible for upkeep of the property and additional expenses such as council rates. Having said everything, oneday hopefully the property will become yours after you pay off the mortgage and you will have the security and peace of mind of having your own place. My motto is: Why pay for someone else’s property by renting when you can pay for your own. Owning a property is an elusive dream and you would have to start somewhere to translate this dream into reality.
For me personally, I must have my own home.My home is very small.

I am not a fan of rented, I have done it....and before I rent I always say, if a room or something needs fixing ''can I do it''.

They have always said yes....I'm happy to buy my own paint, and make it look better.(Always using a very light cream paint).The house is not mine, so you have to keep it simple.

I love the feeling of knowing I can't be told to leave in a month or so...which is what happened once.

I moved into a very run down place, 18 months later it looked amazing.!
The owner saw what I had done, was grateful....and I was asked to move, so he could then sell it!!!

I was gutted........He was very happy though......So I learned from that.

I do feel for those who can not buy, and it is just now something of a big dream to own your own place.

My experience is save save and buy TINY.

Then, if you can extend..or move on later you have that option.Too many
want the nice house, with bedrooms ect...we just bought one bedroom, and my son sleeps in our lounge room.

No its not the best, but it is ours and has now gone up $70,000 in 7 years.

The idea now, is to just get your foot in the door, no matter how it looks.
It's not hard to paint, and clean.

renting is paying someone else's mortgage. It's always best to buy if you can. Buy a 2nd hand car and save up a deposit. Too many young people have the "I want" syndrome and therefore never save up. It's also a good way to invest and use the equity from your home to buy another. Rule of thumb is to buy the worst house in the best street - and renovate. It gives one a sense of achievement too.
Much prefer owning due to the feeling of safety and no stress wondering whether the lease will be renewed etc.
always buy your own home, renting is throwing money away, the rent money you would pay will help pay off a home, upon selling you get something back possibly a good profit, renting you get nothing back.
For the deposit to buy a home start saving early, it can be achieved .

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