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Do you prefer Christmas in Summer or Winter?

by Happy Mom (follow)
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After spending a good part of my life in Canada and USA where Christmas is associated with winter, snow and lots of family get-togethers around a turkey feast, I moved to Australia. Christmas in Summer was very strange for many years. All the traditions surrounding it are quite different too.

Do you have a preference for celebrating Christmas in winter or summer or do you think Christmas is great no matter what the season is?

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Top Answers
As a Canadian who currently lives in the Rocky Mountains, I have to say that, while I dream of one day being able to winter in a more moderate climate, spending Christmas in the snow-capped Rockies is beautiful. However, if spending Christmas by the pool in Mexico with a margarita in hand meant I could spend the rest of the winter there too, I'd start packing my suitcase this very minute :)
Like ShawnaR, I'm all about the snow capped mountains at Christmas, but that doesn't mean I want snow all the time. I'm sick of winter and I would take warmer climate any day of the week, even if Christmas landed on day that week.
I live in the UK, and could not imagine having Christmas in the summer. No sitting snuggled up by the fire - unthinkable. I am, however, quite happy to go a Christmas without snow or ice. There's no fun in having disrupted travel and slippery streets.
I'm in Australia and I've never had a Christmas with snow. I'd love to experience one like we see on Christmas movies, as it's far too hot here for a traditional dinner, but do like our tradition of a barbeque with seafood and a swim in the afternoon.
I'm Australian so a Summer Chirstmas is just what I'm used to. The couple of times I experienced a European Christmas it seemed very strange to me and I was homesick for the familiar warm Summer evenings, swimming on boxing day, seafood and mangoes etc. It's really weird how we still have all the songs about white Christmas and snow decorations here. It would be nice if we could focus on celebrating what we have instead of envying and idolising what the don't have. Tim Minchin's White Wine in the Sun is a good Aussie Christmas song.
I love Christmas no matter what the season is. Winter Christmas seems very "normal", whereas Christmas in the summer is more like a big party. I actually like the Christmas spirit where everyone is in a joyous and generous mood and the Christmas songs and decorations everywhere you go just cheer you up!
I was in the UK a "few" years ago and witnessed my first snow fall, it was like watching foam dropping from the sky, very light and beautiful. Christmas was very family orientated as everyone was inside enjoying each other's company and helping out with Christmas dinner. I love Aussie summers but everyone should experience this at least once in their life - put it on your "to do" list.
A tough question. It depends on which end of the world you live, and what you've been accustomed to. There are some writers who prefer winter, and some who prefer summer. Even here in Australia, we have had wet and cold weather on Christmas Day in the past. It doesn't matter. Provided you're with your family celebrating, taking stock and having a blast.
We now live in Australia from San Francisco. I have been spending my summer Xmas here for 5 years now. I still never get used to it. There's something missing, hmmm. I do miss the cold wind on my face as I go home and passing my neighborhood fully decorated with Xmas lights. At home sitting by the fireplace and drinking hot cocoa while setting up the Xmas tree with carol music. I also spent Xmas in Austria for many years and it's magical when it snows on Xmas eve. But Australia is different, it's got its own tradition an way of celebrating it which I'm still learning to adapt to. Cheers
I thoroughly enjoyed my one and only white Christmas when I emigrated to Canada. My emigration lasted 6 months as I came down with double pneumonia and pleurisy. Therefore I am willing to forego any future white Christmases.
To me even though I live in Australia, I only think of Christmas as winter and snow. If I was an American and lived in California I would even want to travel to have a 'white Christmas'. The closest we can come to a real Christmas feeling here is when it turns cold or rains. Despite the usual heat though, me and my family are traditional and to me the best part about Christmas is the roast turkey. No way do I go for the the seafood thing - no way!! One day I hope to be able to spend Christmas in NYC just one year!
Just to add, having said that about Christmas and us in Australia and southern hemisphere missing out on the traditional, cold white Christmas. I can't imagine not having a New Years Eve in hot conditions. I am amazed at how all those in the Northern Hemisphere feel like going out and partying on new years with blizzards blowing. That must suck. So I guess it is trade off for both our hemispheres. :)
Having grown up in Europe, I was used to white Christmas and even though I have lived here most of my life, I still don't feel like Christmas is complete without the snow.
Growing up in a tropical country and then moving to Australia I had never experienced a white Christmas until couple of years back when we were in UK in December. Since I have had so many summer Christmas celebrations I honestly don't mind a few more winter ones. But winter or summer Christmas has always been a family affair with Jesus the main focus:)

Summer Christmas is best! Nice and warm and no worries about snow.
That's a difficult one for me to answer. I was brought up in Scotland and I can remember White Christmases when we were children - they were so magical. We used to go out sledging when it snowed on Christmas Day and had a whale of a time.
However, I now live in Brisbane, Australia, and there is a lot to be said for a "hot" Christmas. We usually have friends and family over and have a cold buffet meal so everyone can eat when they feel like it.
So, it's difficult. I loved Christmas as a child in the cold weather, and watching the stars in the clear crisp nights, looking for Santa. However, I also love Christmas in Australia with the brilliant weather.
Definitely summer as I do not like cold and have spent a Xmas in Europe and was awful!
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