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Do you prefer Camembert or Brie cheese?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you prefer Camembert or Brie cheese, and can you tell the difference in taste?

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Top Answers
I think I prefer camembert though dont quite know the difference!

Perhaps camembert is a bit sweeter and runnier -very yummy even in cooking.

However due to cholesterol problems, I don't eat it as often as I would like as it has one of the highest fat content of cheeses.

I buy generally camembert but often if for cooking and brie is on special I will buy brie.
The French ones are so delightful but ridiculously expensive - also the Margaret River W. Australian camembert is delightful.
by Finy
Brie. I would always take it over Camembert for some reason. I never liked Camembert from the very first try. I can eat it if it is on offer but for myself I always have Brie. Also brands are important because cheap B or C are gross. South Cape Double Brie . . .Mmmmmmm.
by Rice
Found -> Smell and taste: Brie has a light, buttery scent and flavor with a salty finish. Camembert can be on the funkier side and smell earthy and barnyard-y like mushrooms or hay, with an intensely savory, umami flavor. Taken from:- http://www.popsugar.com/food/Brie-vs-Camembert-32347810

by Rice
Camembert hand down, with Brie it is a little bitter to me.
I have to sheer clear of all of them, as they no good as ya get a tad older.

So once a year is my deal, at Christmas.
I could eat it every day, but 364 have to wait!
I like them both, and if they were both placed in front of me, I couldn't tell you which is which. I don't have it very often, for no real reason, but they are absolutely delicious !! I have it more during Christmas and New Year when there are more parties and social engagements.
Definitely Brie. Although I do like Camembert, I find the smell a bit too strong and off putting.
You may not like the taste/smell of Blue vain cheese then, Bryony Harrison!
by Miro
Oh I do like blue cheese. Stilton is lovely.
I don't eat either of them often so I don't think I know the difference.
by AJ
I probably eat both but at an event like a party where platters are laid out, and if no label/container to show what it is, I probably wouldn't know the difference either.

I don't mind either of them, either one is nice with a glass of wine and a delightful cracker, although I can't eat too much of it.
Brie. A treat once in awhile.
I prefer Brie. I have never tasted them side by side to compare, and I would be interested to try and see if I can differentiate.
I prefer camembert to brie and as long as it's triple cream, I'm in heaven.🍪
I love both these cheeses, but I also wouldn't win a blindfold test! I also love Blue vain, which a lot of people detest, mainly because of the smell, but it's good in some pasta dishes! I just eat a slice on it's own, every now & then while I'm cooking the dinner!
by Miro
I love both of these cheese treasures!!! I like some of the Australian brands which are now available, such as South Cape, but having allergies I eat these treats extremely rarely now! I am able to tolerate matured(harder texture) cheeses, but not the fresh ones which are so much like eating Cream.I never eat cream anymore, and eggs are a huge no-no, so please, everyone, enjoy all these delicious things for me!!!
I was always so ill from childhood,and it was finally discovered when I was 23, that many of the foods I was eating were the reason why!! I have found now after many long years of changed diet, and introducing TINY TEENSIE amounts of the 'bad' foods, I can occasionally enjoy a taste without getting too sick. Oh!!! How I make the most of this!! So when Brie is the one on offer, I love it;and when Camembert is the one, I love IT just as much!
I love both, I love all cheese that I have come across. I couldn't tell the difference between brie and camembert.
To be entirely honest, I can't really tell the difference. So long as they are 'melty' I will eat them!
by Vee
Brie by miles. Much nicer flavour.
If I really had to choose, I would pick Brie.

The flavour is a bit easier on the palate, so I could easily polish of a round! But in saying that, I enjoy both, and would probably be greedy and by a round of both.

I can definitely tell the difference, but my dad used to be a cheese maker so I don't think I would get away with not knowing. It will sound strange, but I can tell by the way they cut.

I prefer to buy local and pretty much love all cheese!
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