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Do you prefer bought hot chips or your own home-made ones?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you prefer the taste of shop bought hot chips, or your own home made hot chips?

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Top Answers
I like both however I think I like bought ones better -it seems that "rubbish" food tastes so good and I guess this is because they use as much salt as they want.

I do not add salt to many of my dishes and I know I make some of the same ones my mother used to make and hers tasted nicer as in those days they put heaps of salt on everything.

One of my favourite take aways is fish and chips however as it is one of the unhealthiest foods -think Coca Cola is no. 1?, I tend to have it as a special treat every few months only.

So, bought chips are nicer than my healthy, bake in the oven, no fat, chips
by Finy
So pleased that you do not have Coke very often.I have not drunk this since I was 17 and learning my trade as a signwriter. We used it to clean Black Board menus!!! I am able to very honestly say that I have NEVER had it since!!!
And don't you remember cleaning copper coins with it when you were a kid?! If it does this to metal,what on earth is it doing to your digestive system!?!!

Sorry to be such a Kill-Joy! I can always enjoy my home cooked chips though!!!
by Jules
Weird how things end up in front of you . . . . I just read this . . . http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3414263/Mum-addicted-Coke-drinks-SIX-LITRES.html
by Rice
Finy, I am with you all the way! And Coke really is a must when eating rubbish anyway. I have to admit that I have limited how much I drink now, and it makes me cringe to think about how much I used to drink. But yes, lots of salt on my store-bought chips, thanks. :-)
by Vee
In lieu of shop bought chips I slice potato thinly into discs and fry them in coconut oil. Yum. I find shop ones very hit and miss and you never know how recently they have changed their oil.
by Rice
but we know they are unhealthy Rice! but I meant taste wise...
by Finy
Well, there is a chip shop over at Virginia . . .I don't know the name but it is on the main drag . . .and their chips taste divine. (¬‿¬)
by Rice
Wow. They have a website. http://www.trawlerfresh.com.au/
by Rice
Re the Lychees..... I have planted the pips from my sweetest eaten ones,and they have come up already!!!! Too Easy!! Yes indeed,they certainly are easy to grow up here!!!
by Jules
Same here....another one just the very same?
by jonaja
Hmmm. I smell a co-op . . . .
by Rice
I far prefer my own home made chips!! When I was little I was always much fonder of my mum's chips than shop ones too!She always cut them nice and chunky and fried them in Peanut Oil!! YUM!!! I cut mine the same way and the young boy next door tells everyone that I make THE very best chips in the world!!
I don't know that they are THAT good,but I must admit to always enjoying them!!!
Coca Cola . . . . Ick. (>人<)
by Rice
So pleased that yet again we seem to be on the same page about something!! Obviously you are referring to my reply to Finy when mentioning the Coke?!!!

By the way on a totally different tangent.... I read about freezing Lychees the other day. I gave it a go and..... Oh YUMMEEEEE!!!!! I actually did it to,as the article said,'extend the season' which is so darned short,but they were SO good,that I did not succeed in keeping them.I had to go and buy some more yesterday,and shall attempt to have a second go at it!!! I did them with the skin on and simply put them in a zip-lock bag to keep them fresher!
by Jules
Yes. Thought I would let you know I can't bear Coke :-) Also, I have eaten myself into lychee heaven . . Aldi had them for a very cheap price and man mountain brought me two punnets . . I ate most of them! He showed me how and I can already split them in half and not burst them. LOL. You have created a monster. Hahahahahahaha.
by Rice
Wait. What? They have a short season . . . . ??? I have to WAIT??? OMG!!! I am already planning which varieties to buy and plant . . .$40 for one that will fruit within three years. Bargain.
by Rice
Ah yes,my friend, not quite as short as the delicious cherry,but still very short indeed!!! Hence my attempt at freezing some to help me enjoy them for a few months longer!!! But they were hjust too yummy and I ate them!! I di buy another kg of them so I WILL force myself to freeze this lot!! I was very lucky when I went to Coles about 10 days ago.They reduced theirs to $4 kg for me when I said they looked awful.They were waiting on new stock,and though they looked a bit dark,they were PERFECT inside.So I got just over 2 kg of all the best ones I could find!!! I gave some to my neighbour who had taken me shopping,as I would have felt very mean if I'd not done so!! But then they were all gone before I read about freezing them. So I then got some in Woolies for about $7kg,and they were the ones I froze(and ATE!!) I keep bumping into people who grow them in their back yards,and so I definitely shall be putting 2 trees in this year!! I might even put in a mulberry tree as well!!! THIS is the perfect climate for these luscious little morsels! The 35 years I have been here since coming north from Victoria have really spoilt me!! By the way,I am thrilled you can now get into the little teasers now all by yourself!!!
by Jules
Note to self . . . . . . might have to move further north . . . .
by Rice
Now,THAT'd be fun!!!!
by Jules
Posted this for Finy too . . . .
Weird how things end up in front of you . . . . I just read this . . . http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3414263/Mum-addicted-Coke-drinks-SIX-LITRES.html
by Rice
I prefer homemade chips
by AJ
I never make chips at home, so I suppose I prefer to buy them, though I don't do that very often.
My Own, I like very much.

But, we have not had any for a very very very long time.

Not a good food to eat.
Yummy ..... but......Not Healthy!
Ohhhh!!! You can't get better than homemade!! At least I know what's going in them too. Homemade just has a better taste.
I'm divided here. I do my iwn when I can't be bothered going out to buy them and cook in peanut oil (which mum used to do). I do have a couple of shops that I will only buy from because I don't like the way a lot of fish and chip shops cook them. I like them to be a little crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside. Can't eat these ones that are all firm and no amount of salt on them makes any difference. Now if I have the odd Maccas meal I akways ask for my chios to be salt free because they just keep adding salt toneach batch tipoed into the tray on top of others and although I like salt, you just can't eat them. Also, by asking for no salt you get a freshly cooked batch that isn't greasy or cold as they don't bin them when they've been sitting around for longer than they should and I'm sick of taking them back to the counter asking for fresh, hot, ones.
Home made
I prefer home made chips made by my wife, they are never greasy and taste delicious.
I love hot chips from a shop. I only have them as a very occasional treat so I enjoy each and every one of them and don't let myself feel any guilt. Someone else cooking them is part of the treat for me.
Everyone knows that nothing beats the texture and taste of shop bought chips (when they do it right!) and nothing is worse than soggy, heated up chips! I love a serve of decent shop bought chips but when on a diet, I will opt for my own home made (and definitely less fattening) hot chips. When the chips are down....I'm down with it!
I love them soggy do not understand all this crispy nonsense. When I was young - dont know your age - but fish and chip chop chips they were all soggy and absolutely delicious!! Crispy makes me sick literally physically sometimes. And also nothing wrong with a good coke to wash them down.
by lbowd
I don't eat chips very often. Not very often at all.
I like to buy shop cooked chips because I won't dirty the kitchen making them.
And, the only way I like to eat chips and the only place I like to eat chips is :
Out of the paper they are wrapped in, in the winter time, in the car, by the beach when it is really, really cold and preferably really windy.
I don't know why I have this association with chips and weather. It might be a security thing. But, yes, I just love to be safe and secure, with a wrap of chips, with the elements around me.
Oh! fran, our minds are thinking together, yet again! *Da da da da music insert here*
See my comment below! Lol!
by donjo
Some time ago, I decided 'Hash Browns' for home eating. Simplicity itself!

When I do a grilled meal, usually, a meat or snag of some description, with Tomato, Poached soft Eggs, just easily add one.

Now, & again, especially on rainy days, I'll buy
Chips, from one of my many local f&c shops!
I enjoy them with lotsa normal iodised salt, & a very cold can of Diet Coca-Cola!
Makes mr very happy, as it's a treatie! Lol!
by fran.
Both as long as they taste good - and especially the right texture. I know the majority seem to like crispy chips but I don't. I love them as they were when I was young from fish and chip shops - oily and soft and squishy - yummy! I can never get them anywhere like that anymore :(
Neither. I try to stay away from fried foods.
I prefer my home made fries baked in the oven.
Boring, I know, but, healthy. As for coke, I don't drink it.
Have just bought an 'Anolon' product which gives 'crispy homemade chips', from the oven!
Am looking forward to trying it out, as don't mind making my own chips, at all!
Shop bought chips about 3 times a year, & as long as they stay hot! The last time I had some with a seafood lunch at a club. I had to have the chips reheated & the restaurant staff took so long to reheat them that when i got them back, the rest of my seafood was cold! (I won't be buying that meal again!!! The takeaway food shop near our place, have very yummy hot chips, which stayed hot for about 45 mins after we got them home, (on foot!_(We've only bought them from there once)
(We don't have an oven that works, to be making home made chips in!)
by Miro
Never buy chips as pretty unhealthy. Also never drink coke - can't understand how people enjoy the acid sugary taste. I think it's revolting. When my husband was alive I would make my own chips done in the oven with a light sprinkling of salt, spices and olive oil spray. Never make them now though.
homemade nowadays the best was years ago bought from the fish shop wrapped in white paper then newspaper
I like both, especially when the chips are so crunchy, yum.

Bought chips from our near by, to walk too, takeaway. Used to also buy the grilled fish but not anymore. Our oven doesn't work, so we can't cook them from the frozen packets.
by Miro
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