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Do you prefer black or blue pens?

by Vee (follow)
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pens and pencils
Image by JessicaGale, morguefile.com

Do you prefer to use blue pens, black pens, or entirely different coloured pens?

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Top Answers
Black, blue, sometimes green or purple.
Mmmmmm. Pens. I love pens. I love stationery. I think, of the two, I prefer blue by a smidgeon. However, I have easily a hundred pens in all colours. Did I mention I love pens? That photo is doing my head in . . .I need the scissors, the Stanley knife and the other foreign object removed :(
by Rice
Haha, Rice, you would hate the state of my pen holder. I am missing the Stanley knife, but I've got the letter opener, a lighter thing for the stove, wome whiteout and another lighter. I imagine you've got a lovely looking writing station.
by Vee
I can't abide my desk being cluttered and I do like all my pens to be isolated . . . but . . . the Doctor Who things are slowly taking over. I need shelves. My brother promised. Himself did too. Still no shelves. Harrumph!
by Rice
Oh! Rice, I've been a 'Stationery-a-holic' since I was a kid, & remain so! I've got SO many different types of Biro's!
Now that 'colouring-in' has become popular again, I can't go past a book, or a set of pencils!
All my rellies' used to buy me Stationery products for Xmas, & B*Day! The more I had, the happier I was, for hours' at a time! Mum never used to have to worry where I was.....out on the side verandah, colouring-in. I went through tomes!

Ah, the simple pleasures' of life!
by donjo
To write with I love Black.
I do use the odd blue for small things...I have a desk with just about every colour as I also use them in my Art work.
Black, but I'm not too fussed, I'll go for whichever is available.
I seem to use more black pens, but that's because that is what is in the top drawer. It really doesn't bother me if my pens are black or blue.
I love black. Black inc on white paper looks professional to me.
Black, for everything, EXCEPT writing to people, or on 'cards', then use blue.

Will use coloured biro to match envelope, if whim takes me!
Smiggle, Typo, Officeworks, newsagencies . . . . ah, the little things :-))
by Rice
Hah! Rice, I can spend 30 minutes, just looking at the Stationery, in Woolies!
I'm really in need of my OWN Stationery Store, that way I could spend ALL day, just going up, & down the aisles!
There IS no hope for me, at all! Cheers!
by donjo
Woolies, donjo? LOL!
by Vee
Oh! Vee, yes, as a TRUE Stationery 'aficionados', one must take the time to work out which is the best value biro, & whether it's medium or broad point! There's just SO much to take into consideration, that the next thing I know, 30 delightful minutes' have passed! I'm very easily pleased in my jovial pursuits! Lol! Cheers!
by donjo
I prefer to use black pens. But I also have green and purple pens.
by Vee
Defiantly black pens, but like to write greeting cards with a blue pen, if it matches the picture on the front!
by Miro
Black for legal documents but purple as often as possible.
Hey! You took my reply!!
by poppy
Black pens that are gel rather than straight ink with medium width writing rather than thin.

Most of my biros are blue but recently I have purchased a couple of black ones. Occasionally I use a purple felt tip pen for lists, reminders etc.
Purple seems to be a preferred choice. I wonder what it is about purple.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, it's the colour worn by Roman Emperors', & is the colour for Thai Royalty, too. Thai Intnl Airlines have mauvey-purpley logo. Look at aircraft tail!
by donjo
It's also the favourite colour of extraverts.
by helga
I like black
by Finy
I prefer black
by Finy
does not matter as long as it writes
I prefer blue pens for what ever reason, I just always have! at christmas I love gold pens with some glitter for more festivity.
I like to use silver pens for Christmas, but I imagine that gold ones look great too.
by Vee
I am not a fan of blue ink.
I do relate to the other people here who love stationary. It was my first love. As a child I had a bulging pencil case and wrote with a fountain pen, by choice. I worked in a stationers as a teen. Bliss!

Now I have discovered art supplies.....oh my goodness!!! The colours, the delicious and delightful colours! So many mediums! I can not have too much!
I still prefer to write with black ink.
Not stationary, but Stationery!
by annfi
Not stationary, but Stationery!
by annfi
Ha! I didn't realise there was a difference between the two.
by Vee
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