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Do you prefer a male or a female doctor?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you have a preferance for a male or a female doctor, or does it not bother you which one?

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Top Answers
I am definitely the "odd man out" amongst my friends in this as I far prefer a male doctor.
I think some are more compassionate and I have found that the few women doctors I have had, are rather "hard".

Currently I have the most wonderful male doctor who is so good looking, I have a young girlfriend who wants to come with me each time I go so she can see him!
He is the most compassionate, darling doctors I have ever had and was so gentle with me when my son was dying over a period of 6 weeks - he is thorough and just has a delightful manner - women jujst dont "do it" for me as doctors!
Am I sexist?
by Finy
I don't think you can generalise. That's my opinion. I found a really great female doctor though I don't have a preference. She's thorough, attentive, and sensitive but tough. You can tell she's a strong woman who cares about her patients. Having said that, I think a good doctor is not easy to find.
by Vee
I've never been bothered either way. As long as they are professional and know what they're doing it's fine either way.
by Rice
Up to this point, the only female doctor I have been to was a dermatologist on one occasion. Its not something I chose to do, its just how it happened.
I really don't mind, as long as they are good at what they do, are up to date with current knowledge, are good communicators who can explain treatments and the pros and cons for or against, and have a friendly and caring personality. Medical knowledge, education and training are exactly the same, so it should not be related to gender. I suppose some people's upbringing and tv shows like ' Dr Kildare' and ' Marcus Welby, M.D', depict a paternalistic, MALE, kind, caring family GP. Fast forward to 2017 and life is nowhere near as simple as it was in the 1950s or 60s whenever these shows were made. My parents always had male doctors because that is all that was available in the 50s and 60s (and before then of course). They probably would have enjoyed the father-like , all knowing person advising them what to do. Now that women have come out of the kitchen, we have choice. No one is better or worse. In the end it comes down to personalities between you and your doctor, and how you get along together. I do see a lot of residents at nursing homes who request female doctors, as they don't want men to see them naked ( I presume ). If you have good chemistry with your doctor, gender should not be an issue.
there is that word "should" again!
by Finy
LOL Finy
by Lluxi
I can understand the (female) residents in aged care requesting female doctors……..not that they would necessarily get them but it is good to see that they still have a TRY at getting something that makes them feel comfortable. Poor little ladies MUST find it intimidating what with males showering and bathing them and the ever-present lack of privacy they have to endure in conversation, dressing etc.
by fran.
I can understand the (female) residents in aged care requesting female doctors……..not that they would necessarily get them but it is good to see that they still have a TRY at getting something that makes them feel comfortable. Poor little ladies MUST find it intimidating what with males showering and bathing them and the ever-present lack of privacy they have to endure in conversation, dressing etc.
by fran.
Yes Fran. I used to be in charge of a catholic nursing home at one stage, and most of the residents were nuns. My husband worked there too, and they wouldn't let him near them. I can understand how they felt, but not much that we could do about it.
by Lluxi
I use both, have 4 doctors at my medical center and I don't care...
Unless it's a delicate problem, then it has to be female.
I do like Male doctors for most things, they seem to be more quick to work out the problem problem.

''Is there a doctor in the House''???
I just love ' House'. Hugh Laurie played him so well. He was the perfect anti-doctor. Extremely intelligent, but no bedside manner at all.
by Lluxi
But! he was also on the money most of the time, so I guess no bedside manner with this doctor!...lol
by jonaja
by Vee
I've just had an incident occur and the location on my leg meant I preferred a female doctor. I have a couple I've been seeing for years but had to see another one at the clinic for this.

But then also there's a nice male doctor at another clinic closer to home, recommended by a friend, who's great with everything.

And funnily enough, I prefer a male physio as I feel they are stronger, can get to the source of pain better. Saw him just yesterday to work on a problem near my thigh, that I was reluctant to let the male doctor look at!
I may be old fashioned but I do prefer to talk to female doctors, especially when it comes to women's issues, and I don't feel comfortable having a smear test by a man, even though he's seen it over a thousand times inn his profession.
I have both male and female doctors who are absolutely BRILLIANT!!! My GP is a male and I have been seeing him for over 30 years. Even my son has always felt at ease with him!My Physician (specialist who has been working out and discovering my rare ailment) is a male and I have been seeing HIM for 24 yeas! My latest Rheumatologist is a female, a brilliant young Chinese lady with a gorgeous manner who sees things from a whole other perspective., and she has helped me enormously. When my GP is away, I have to usually see one of the female doctors in the same clinic, and until yesterday, I had always been extremely impressed with them. Maybe the one I saw yesterday was having a strange day, or had 'missed out' the night before!!!! Oooh!! DO please forgve me? That was a dreadful thing to say!!!! All of my doctors have been referred to by their Christian names so this has a delightful way of making me feel that ,being on the same level to discuss matters, I also am being respected as a person! I really have no preference of gender for my doctors.
I still see the male GP that started practising when I was a girl. He is so compassionate and a quick diagnostician. He knows my history and that of my family and delivered my son. I prefer to see him. If he is unavailable I am happy to see other doctors that have been recommended. I saw a very good female doctor that initially looked too young to be a doctor. I must be getting old! I liked her manner and the fact that she openly checked the internet for the most current treatment of my ailment. Before going ahead with treatment, she checked with my usual GP who was in the practice but had no appointment available.
I use a different clinic for my pap smears and they have female clinicians which I prefer.
I am probably initially more comfortable with a female doctor that I don't know, than a male doctor I don't know.
I'm with jonaj. I don't mind unless it's a "delicate" issue.
by Vee
For anything associated with the female reproductive system, I like to see a female doctor. I reckon that I MIGHT have a bigger or better chance of communicating any symptoms I might have to another female.
For anything else I don't much care if it is male/female. However, I have had the same female GP for 40 years +
I have had male and female doctors. Can't say I have a preference. For me it is more based on 1 Are they good at their job. 2 Their personality also counts. 3 Do they listen to me. I am very blessed as I hardly need a doctor. Just for yearly check ups.
It depends on my medical issue. When I was looking for an OB I wanted a female doctor.
by AJ
I prefer males for any visit other than a "feminine" issue and even then sometimes I'd still rather a male. I feel as if I cannot communicate as effectively with a female as I can with a male (generalising) males are more politely upfront whereas most of the female doctors I have had are cold, blunt and rude. That being said I have terrific female doctors and horrid male doctors as well.
I prefer female doctors, I like how blunt some of them are which really leads to action
I'd rather be seen by a female Dr.
by Miro
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