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Do you practise Meat-Free Monday?

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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I am not vegan or vegetarian by any means, but I like the idea of less meat. Do you practise the popular 'Meat-Free Monday' movement?

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Top Answers
Meat-Free Monday is an idea coined by the McCartney family (Stella and Paul), they released a cook book about 'going' meat-free and enjoy a meat-free lifestyle. They talk about the ramifications of eating meat, the waste, the effect on the environment, and it has extensive back up research. Whilst going completely meat-free is their goal, and how they live their lives, they understand not everyone feels the same, so they advocate at least meat-free Monday when you can try, at least, to give up meat for one day of the week.

Jamie Oliver practises this, as well as a host of other celebrities and chefs who have made this dietary choice.

I personally eat meat as often as I like, and vegetarian foods as I like, but do I follow Meat-Free Monday? Unfortunately no, but I am giving it a go for this next month, to see how I feel, and hey, saving the animals, our crops, and largely, the world, is surely a better way to live.
We actually practice all meat monday.
Oh wonderful! When did you begin this diet change? Was it a change?
I've never heard of the 'Meat-Free Monday' movement. I'm too busy to plan what we eat in advance anyway, so it would be difficult to stick to a particular day of the week without meat. I do try to have at least one day a week without meat, but it could be on any day of the week!
Haha, fair enough!
I've never heard of this, but it sounds bloody awesome to try out! :D
Yep, it's quite fun changing your diet, at least once a week.
Never heard of it!

I think I will, after all we do eat way tooooo much meat!

Great idea. :)
I recommend looking into it - my creativity has gone through the roof!
Will do! :)
by jonaja
No. I have never followed that idea, however it looks interesting!
Give it a go.
I have not heard of this, so do not practise it.
I am "almost" a vegetarian however -could not give my bacon up!
by Finy
Almost?! Tut tut!
To answer everyone's question: HOW HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF MEAT-FREE MONDAY? C'mon guys!
I haven't heard of this idea either. I usually don't eat meat on Fridays though.
by Vee
Yes. :-)
by Vee
Me too!
I've heard of Meat-Free Monday, but don't follow it specifically. I do try to have one meat free meal a week though, usually a hearty soup of some kind.
I do, although that's easy because I'm a vegetarian.
Yes,love the idea..just wish I could rustle up meat free meals so that family enjoyed them.il keep trying.
Keep trying! They WILL learn to love, trust me!
I've never heard of it, but I'm a vegetarian so I think I'm doing it already!
Never heard of it?! See my answer at the top. You probably are already doing it!
Back when I used to consume all non-vegetarian foods, I did do a 3 day period of no-meat, non-dairy and only fruits diet to enable to body naturally detox itself. I think it's a good idea to do this or any other sort of relaxation so that the body (stomach, kidneys, liver) can flush toxic materials and get rested from having to handle excess fats, cholesterol and other substances that are present in meat products.
it could only help, in my opinion!
You're right, it can and DOES give your body a rest, plus helps farmers, the economy, and betters your health.
I love meat-free monday. Very good notion to check ourselves how we can enjoy a good meal without meat. Though my family are meat lovers we strictly follow Meat-Free Monday! I urge everybody to give it a try!
Well done you, it's great isn't it?!
We have one day a week that is meat free. But I think it's more important to know were your food comes from and that your beef is not from huge feed lots or your pigs kept on concrete all their lives or the chickens and eggs you are buying are not from caged and tortured animals. Source locally and get to know your farmers at farmers markets. We keep Chickens and quails so we are in control of what they eat and how they are treated from birth to death, they are all organic and free range. It's very important you understand were your food comes from.
Good on you Butterfly Lady. I wish more people would take the same responsibility for animal welfare as you.
by annfi
Never heard of it, but thank you for introducing me to it. I'll definitely be giving it a go. I recently had my wisdom teeth removed and had a week off meat as I just couldn't face chewing anything, and I enjoyed creating different types of dishes. I cook a lot of vegetable based foods, but it will be fun having this as a regular thing.
No worries, it's definitely something to try!
I practice meat free Monday though to Sunday. Becoming vegetarian was the best thing I have done for my stomach.
No, I'd never heard of Meat-free Mondays either! I've always had a meat free Saturday or Sunday, but I'll now change that to Meat-Free Monday!
by Miro
I only eat seafood or poultry. I decided to do this over 30 years ago when it was pointed out to me that even though I don't kill animals myself I am responsible for their deaths. I realised I should only eat animals I can kill and animals that have not had horrible lives to end up on my plate.
No I don't practice meat free Mondays. I probably eat vegetarian meals at least 70% of the time.
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