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Do you own a pair of fingerless gloves?

by Vee (follow)
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Fingerless gloves
Image by gleangenie, morgueFile.com

Do you own a pair of fingerless gloves and do you wear them much during the colder months?

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Top Answers
Also called 'mittens'?
My sister wears them driving to stop 'age spots' appearing on top surface of her hands.
If I'm correct, mittens are not gloves in that they have only two compartments - one for thumb and another for all four fingers. ;)
by Vee
Thanks for that, Vee! If my hands are cold when I away from house, I use my Leather & Cotton Knit Gloves I used to wear whilst competing in Horse Events at Royal Show. They're toasty warm, & v e r y comfy! Cheers!

by donjo
I am not a fan to be quite honest.

Just can not get my head around gloves with no fingers ?*#!
Yes. I really like them. They keep my hands warm but I can still type.
I agree they are practical lol, so I could see myself wearing these inside the house. But, I can't see myself wearing these out.
by Vee
There are such pretty ones out there. Mine are are really lovely blend of colours that remind me of sunrise.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention, lol. There are some lovely ones out there.
by Vee
I'm with jonaj. I used to have a pair in high school - when I thought looking unkept was cool, lol. But I can't fathom the idea anymore!
by Vee
I would love a pair of the Chanel gloves...like in my pic!
by jonaja
They are pretty, but they look uncomfortable. They must be leather, so they probably wouldn't be, right?
by Vee
Sure do!
Great if you suffer from cold hands in winter but still need to do delicate things like touch screen phones, typing, painting your fingernails ;)

And I find if my palms are warm, my fingers are too...or am I just odd? haha

I'm different. My palms can be warm, but my fingers cold. So fingerless gloves would not work for me in that respect, lol!
by Vee
No I don't have any fingerless gloves but then where I live it is so rarely cold enough to need gloves. I imagine they would make things easier to handle but if it's cold enough to wear glo es at all surely it's cold enough to have fingers in them.
Yes - I literally live in them when it's cold. They are the difference between my being cold or nice & warm, and I can still do everything as my fingers are free to move. Though I don't just wear 'normal/plain' gloves - I only wear the Thinsulate ones. I cannot recommend them enough. They have the special lining that makes them really toasty. Can be expensive at some stores, but if you have a Dimmeys store near you they are only $3.99! Thinsulate also make beanies and other things - really try to find some if you suffer from the cold.
I bought some on Ebay for my granddaughters who want themr to make it easier to use a mobile in the Winter.
LOL! Of course.
by Vee
Love the ones in your photo... I do wear them also because very handy if want to keep hand warm and still do work or chores etc... most go and hunt for some like in the photo! LOL
Good luck in your hunt, brigi. :)
by Vee
They’re really handy in winter while trying to get change out of ones purse. I don’t have any more. I don’t need them in our Sydney, NSW, winter anymore because they aren’t as cold as they used to be, but I will need them in Melbourne, Vic, when I’m visiting family down there, every winter.

Yes. I bought a woollen pair in NZ last year. They are great for the arthritic old fingers.
by Rice
Yes I do - I knitted some llama ones while I was breeding my llamas some year ago and still have them...very handy!
by Finy
Very punny, Finy.
by Vee
by Finy
I dislike the look of them and wouldn't wear them only because my great grandfather used to wear grey woolen ones and they were never clean and with his unshaven stubble he also looked dirty to me so as a kid, it used to make me feel sick.
Yes, they are great, I can actually do stuff whilst wearing gloves and partially keeping my hands warm. The only downside is that it is usually my fingers that feel the cold, rather than my hand.
I am a square dancer, dance halls are always cold, and wearing gloves made it difficult to do the hand movements, fingerless gloves have made it possible, so I no longer put people off by presenting them with an ice block to hold, since the gloves stop my hands from being so cold.
An ice block to hold, LOL. I know what you mean. During winter, my hands are always so cold and people always say something.
by Vee
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