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Do you own a pair of Doc Martens and do you like them?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: fjb.kaskus.co.id

Do you own a pair of Doc Martens shoes/boots?

Do you like them?

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Top Answers
I love Doc Martens and have several pairs -my main one is similar to the photo, but in dark green, and I also have black.

They just do not wear out -the sole is the same as when I bought them some 23 years ago.

Although expensive, they are worth the extra money as I think i have replaced the shoelaces once in 23 years and nothing else. Have never had a brand of shoes that lasted this well.

Not sure if they are still made in England nowadays however!
by Finy
Oh! Finy, I'd a pair of 'Kooreelah' Cuban-heeled riding-boots that lasted 28 years!
They'd put up with all sorts of 'wear', especially getting wet! The side elastic wore out, so couldn't wear them, but the rest of the boot was ok! Lol!
by donjo
I like Doc Martens, but they are not something I would choose to wear.
No. I haven't got a pair of these. They are not my style. They look quite butch. Not my taste in female shoes.
Amen to that! :)

by jonaja
I think I would like a pair, but worry that they will take too long to break in. I have a lot of trouble with shoes hurting my feet.
I have another soft pair of leather boots that I have worn for about ten years. I take them to the boot repairer almost every year and have them resoled or given whatever attention they need. The boot repairer does a great job and doesn't charge much.
I don't like them. They look like clown shoes to me.
by jonaja
I haven't but my daughter has had a couple of pairs. I must get some as I really love them. I would have the ones in the photo for sure as well as green. (or basically any garish colour)
by Rice
I have never owned a pair of these,but I do like the look of them,especially the limited edition ones in REALLY bright colours which were available a few years back! My son's girlfriend and her crowd of friends all had them in different bright colours and they always looked such fun! I have major issues with my bones and joints so I cannot wear these at all,more's the pity.I LOVE flat shoes and I think it is marvellous that there is something really sensible yet stylish for women of ALL ages to wear and still feel up to date!
I love it, Jules! Fun. It's the essence of life! And I think shoes should be a reflection of that. :-D
by Vee
Yes indeed!! How can anyone have fun if their shoes cause their feet to hurt?!
I have eclectic taste in most things.So as well as appreciating the comfort and longevity aspects which these shoes are usually bought and worn for, I also love 'pretty' shoes which are extremely feminine! Alas,most of these as well, are not suitable for me,so I stick with my divinely comfy Orthaheels in fabulous FUN colours!!
by Jules
I love glam, and Doc's fall quite far from that.
My ideal shoe is opulent to the max :)
Amen to that !!!
by Lluxi
Me too, I have never bovered with that type of boot/shoe. I like something with a bit more bling and also a tiny bit daintier.
by fran.
No I don't own a pair of doc martens, I never have, I never saw why they were so popular to begin with.
No. Never have, never would.

IMHO, they're really just plain ugly. Yuk to the nth degree, especially on females.

Can't understand why you'd want to wear a pair, unless trying to be a 'bovver boy', or feel as if 'belonging' to some 'para-military' group.
So their purpose is what, exactly?

Feet aren't meant to be trussed-up for hours' on end, in that sort of footwear. More healthy to have air circulating.

They seem to be a 'status symbol', for some reason, & a very expensive one at that.

There's much more appropriate footwear for daily use than them.

It's the 'para-military' reason for me, donjo. I am fighting two wars and I need my combat boots. ;-D
by Vee
Oh! Vee, good luck on all fronts!
by donjo
Lol I like that way of putting it, Vee. I like the look of them myself.
Of course you do! You've already advised you wear them! ROFL!
by donjo
I don't own any Doc Martens, but my son has worn them since he was a teenager. In fact, herecently bought two new pairs at a cost of $500. He says they are a great investment as they last for years.
I'd also like to say he is neither a "bovver" boy nor a member of any paramilitary group. He is in fact a very responsible ICU nurse who finds Doc Martens extremely comfortable for walking the wards.
by norma
Handy if he drops a sharp surgical instrument!
by donjo
I never had a pair, but our 2 daughters did while they were in their teens. but they don't wear them now., in their late 30's & early 40's.
by Miro
I've never owned a pair but they do seem to be very popular... Whatever suits the person though, I guess?
I did many years ago and loved them, but don't have a pair now.
I have a very old pair that I wore every day in winter for about twelve years, but they are pretty much past it now. I loved them because they were practical and durable and appropriate to many situations and I liked the look of them. I have some new ones but haven't succeeded in breaking them in yet, as the design seems to have changed a bit since I bought my first pair.
I bought a pair of Doc Marten shoes (long time ago when they were in fashion), they were exceptional quality.
The boots look great, if I could wear boots I would have bought a pair (I have a high instep and struggle to wear boots comfortably).
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