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Do you or have you ever bitten your nails?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia commons

Have you ever bitten your fingernails?

Do you still bite your nails now?

#Nail biting
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Top Answers
Yes, unfortunately I have this awful habit -my nails are very thin and break and then I seem to bite them, but worse still, I bite around the nail on the skin on my thumbs. Sometimes I do not even realise I am doing this, so is a difficult habit to stop.

I also sometimes put band aids on my thumbs to stop me!
by Finy
Finy, I'm thinking of getting think cotton gloves to prevent me from bititng. I really hope it works.
by Vee
No way. That looks like it hurts a lot!
I used to be a shocking nail biter when I was little and until I was about 14. Nothing we tried would make me stop.Then I saw some really stunningly beautiful nail polish(it was in the early 70's when truly magical colours were coming out!!!) I wanted some ,so much,but whatt was the point if I did not have nice nails to use it on? I gave up instantly, there and then,and have never bitten a nail since!!!! The thing we need to keep in mind,is that back then there were none of the false nail studios anywhere ,like there are these days. The only false nails were extremely fake looking,and not something anyone who had an ounce of self respect wouild want to be seen using!!! I had only the one option left to me,and that was to stop biting them!
I used to. My mom bought this awful tasting nail product and applied it, and it left a bitter taste in my mouth long after I had bitten the nail. It stopped my habit for good. I sometime bite my nail now, just if it is already broken and I can't find the nail clipper. It's not a habit.
No, I never bite my nails. I let them grow as long as possible until they break off naturally.
No I don't and I think it's a bit gross.
it sure is but a habit nonetheless! dont know how to break it.
by Finy
No I have never done that
I have never understood the need to bite finger nails....
Jonah -you are lucky -I dont either but it is a habit that has not left me for all these years -odd -I gave up smoking but this one is more difficult.
AND m'dear, where is the picture on your answer?
Have come to expect quality, funny photos from you and miss them if not forthcoming -oooh, what a good business letter !
by Finy
I grew up biting my nails and the skin around my nails. I dropped the habit in my early twenties.
Yuck! Yes! Help!
by Vee
no help available!!!!!
by Finy
That's what I suspected.
by Vee
No never bitten my nails at all.....what does that say about me, must be more relaxed than I thought I was perhaps....
by Fran
LOL -you must be -does that mean I am not?
by Finy
Maybe you developed the habit at a time in your life when you 'were' stressed and as all habits, it is hard to break...
by Fran
Have never bitten my nails, try hard to get them to grow!
I did when I was a child I can't remember when I stopped - probably around 12. I don't even remember why I stopped
by AJ
I used to, when I was a kid, but my parents' strict education was successful, at this in this point.
Never and I am committed to stopping anyone close to me biting their nails!
Finy, I'm a biter, have been all my life and I'm now 48. I hate that I do it, but like you I don't even know I'm doing it most of the time. When I'm pregnant ( have 5 children) they grow lovely and long and I don't bite them. Last year had the fakes put on, loved having long nails but after 6 months the maintenance drove me mad. A few weeks ago I decided enough was enough and I got my little stumps and filed off any rough bits, painted them with nail hardener and slopped on the hand cream, made a deal with myself to only nibble my thumbs. Surprisingly, it's working! Instead of being repulsed by your bitten off nails, start giving them love and attention, you could even set yourself a reward if you grow them - maybe a new ring? Good luck. Daisy
Oh lucky me i have good nails
Yes. It's my only 'vice' & one must have at least one vice in life!
Yes I have bitten my nails for most of my long life, I’m sorry to admit, & I know it’s an awful habit. I occasionally I still do bite them, because I don't have a nail file with me. They’ve never ever been as bad those poor nails in the photo though.
Never. It has never crossed my mind.
by Rice
Yes, I still am a nail bitter, much to my disgust, I wish there was a cure for this habbit, I've tried so many things, even hypnotherapy, obviously it dodn't help me, I've bitten my nails since I was a little girl, my parents tried to break me out the habbit, but with no success!
biting my nails that is something that I have never done. could be why I have strong nails now, and I have never filed them only used scissors. and yes I get compliments on my nice nails, rarely use nail polish. they can be buffed up for a natural shine.
Never. It is a disgusting habit. I have never seen the need to do so. It looks terrible. My nails are nice and healthy and i am able to wear beautiful colours of nailpolish on them.
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