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Do you, or did you, believe in getting your children immunised?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you believe in getting your child or children immunised?

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Top Answers
I certainly do.

I believe it is irresponsible not to get children immunised as some of these illnesses can have horrific consequences.

I think mostly these are worse than an odd reaction to the immunisation, and particularly in this day and age, where they seem to have come a long way.
by Finy
Absolutely not a chance in hell.
Incredibly dangerous.
Most of the disease vaccinated against is mild and treatable in healthy people. Not only are vaccines not safe but they don't work.
People have become far too reliant on pills to stay 'healthy' but all this medication is making us more sick and destroying our immune systems. How long before evolution stops us from developing immune systems at all?
People no longer take responsibility for their own health because they know they can just go to their dr and take a pill for their problems. I think in generations to come the only people left surviving will be the ones who came from families who didn't vaccinate or use medication unnecessarily.
YOU need to be 'escorted' through a hospital ward, where babies' are suffering from Pertussis.
Vaccination saves lives, & it's been proven beyond dispute.
Why not have half, & half jabs, 7-10 days' apart. We did. No probs at all.
Just cost two dr's. appts. & two lots of vaccines. Cheap by comparison to child dying unvaccinated.
But, of course, many people are misers, & wouldn't do this. But they can afford materialistic luxuries! Wrong priorities'.

Glad laws have changed to NOT allow unvaccinated children to childcare places. That's how serious Govt views are. Good! Something had to be done, & best is, hit 'em in the hip pocket. Fools, just plain fools some people are.
by donjo
the only death that i am aware of in sydney in the last ten years or so was a child that had been immunised so she was likely to de regardless so that is not the best advertisement for immunising kids is it.
by filli
I too am very happy Laws have been changed, you put others at risk big time....That is just plain crazy! Sorry :(
by jonaja
End of Story.

(yes I have looked into the 'pro's and con's.)
Ahhhhh. THIS question!!!

I never answer this question. No matter how you answer someone thinks you're a murderer, so I make the choice that I believe is right, and I keep it a state secret.
Heh, true, unfortunately. It's one of those topics that can so quickly degenerate into name calling and nastiness.
Agreed! My lips are sealed!
by Vee
Yes, I believe I have a social responsibility to get my kids immunised, not just for them but for kids who have compromised immune systems who can't get the vaccine and depend on the rest of us to protect them with herd immunity. I don't look down on people who don't vaccinate, because I'm sure they believe they're doing the right thing for their kids, even if I think they're wrong.

If anybody's on the fence about it, you might like to check out Kaz Cooke's book about it, reveiwed on A Comfy Chair
I have a very poor immune system,and always have had this issue which can be the cause of so many deradful problems. My parents immunised me and I certainly immunised my son,as I wanted to give him the best start possible, if he happened to have inherited my auto-immune problems!
I suppose that in this politically correct society in which we now (in many ways unfortunately!!!) live, it is the parents' choice,but I also believe that the parents should learn as much about,and do whatever research on the subject,as they can .
I certainly did have this done, I mean to me it is not rocket science....doing otherwise in my opinion is 'stupidity' and asking for trouble....
by fran
Yes most definitely. These vaccinations prevent the most horrible diseases so why wouldn't you protect your child against it.

I remember talking to a lady in a vets I was working at and talking to her about this issue. She was totally against the idea of getting her children vaccinated, however she was all for getting her dog vaccinated which I found funny.

Immunised. Absolutely. The polio stories of my parents youth were convincing.

Of course the answer is yes - i would hope most people would agree this is a no-brainer!
I was immunised as a child and I would definitely immunise my children.
by AJ
Absolutely yes - for all the reasons the rest of you have already outlined above (essentially, statistically, people are way better off if the vast majority of the community immunise)
by kimp
My sister caught measles in he days before immunisation against it was available. It gave her severe mental and physical handicaps. No school for her, or boyfriends, or husband, or children. She cannot speak clearly or read or write or add one plus one. She cannot do up a button let alone work a zipper. It ruined her whole life whereas children today can be totally protected.

Any parent who does not get their child immunised where it is available should be charged with child neglect and chucked in the pokey until they (the parent) starts behaving like an adult!
Thank you for this very important answer :)
by jonaja
For my first toe ... Yes with no questions asked.
My third one I was a lot older and asked a lot more questions after a colleagues daughter died after her first MMR jab. as a consequence have had all the essential ones but we held off on his Hib jab until he was 4 years old. He had an egg allergy at the time which meant all jabs had to be given under supervision at the local hospital. BUT he still contracted whooping caught when he was 9 years old !!!
Yes -- of course. I don't want them to suffer and possibly die because of preventable disease.
Most definitely!
Our GP recommended MMR in two separate lots, ten days' apart. Yes, twice vaccine cost & doctor visits, BUT by doing this, negated any possible reaction. All vaccines were had by children from then on, as required.
To not vaccinate your child/ren is totally irresponsible to them & to the rest if the community.
What would not have the peoples' of previous centuries' given to be able to stop Smallpox, TB, Polio, Measles. There're more vaccines being invented as we speak to prevent horrible diseases'. The work of Aussie doctors' & scientists' is marvellous in R & D, in these areas. Thank God for them. Shame some of the massively wealthy of this country don't donate more to this marvellous cause. Selfish persons' that they are. It's all about the 'me' with them, spending their wealth on 'pie in the sky' projects.
I did get all of my children(4) immunised.
When you have lived through times when children died from whooping cough, scarlet fever, diphtheria, and polio, you do not take your children's life for granted.
We do not see so much of these diseases today because most of us have been immunised and have what is known as "herd immunity" which protects us all!
If you don't think immunisation is necessary, just visit your local heritage cemetery and see how high the death rate for children was before immunisation.
My Children are all grown up now and they have all had their shots so to speak...
In todays society I believe we are more acceptable to sickness due to all the cleaning products and chemicals breaking down our ammine system...
yes i did and i feel guilty I got polio shots as a child thats it. I've had measles three time (confirmed) to no detriment. never mumps will have to confirm with mum about chicken pox though.
I do believe in immunisation. it is quite important for kids.
I do beleive to have my child immunized, my brother nearly died when he was a baby due to whooping cough, and at that time there was no immunization, through some miracle he pulled through, but my parents had to have him baptized in the hospital, obviously with a priest.
YES. We gave both our kids the injections they needed as children, & our daughter with her kids has always done the same.
by Miro
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