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Do you often use cheese in cooking?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you use a lot of cheese in your cooking?

#Cheese in cooking
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Top Answers
I do not use salt often in cooking and especially if I am using cheese.

I tend to add cheese to many of my recipes as it gives them a good taste.

I use fetta, Haloumi, grated cheese, Camembert, blue cheese to name but a few.

I really love a dish that has melted, golden cheese on the top and that is always the part that I eat first leaving a dish with no cheese on top!

I also love cheese in sauces, and fetta in salads as well as a grated carrot with grated cheese and currants, with curry powder....
by Finy
I do the same with the cheesey top of baked dishes!!! How delicious !!! And when I buy the cheese rolls at the supermarket,I always look at the base to see how much of the cheese has dripped and baked to that same stage as on our casserole tops!! Just sooooo good!!! Not good FOR us, but good nonetheless!!!
by Jules
Mmmmmmm. Cheese. I love to add cheese to things and one of my favourite rainy day things is a Cheese Surprise. To an Aussie that would be a cheese sandwich fried in the pan with butter. I have grown very fond of tomato soup with a cheese sandwich to accompany it, in lieu of toast. I have lots of cheeses in the fridge but only HE eats the blue. I am afraid it is beyond me :(
I always add extra chees to pizzas as well. Yum.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, next time with your Tomato Soup, sprinkle grated Mild Cheddar Cheese atop, & 'figure 8' it through the Soup. I always use the 'Devondale' 650g block, for my gratings. It's scrumptious!

It's weird, but one used to be able to buy the above, but it seems these days' every cheese known to womankind is pre-grated EXCEPT mild Cheddar!

Love 'Blue Cheese'!
Oh heck, I love ANY Cheese!
Thoroughly enjoyed my time in a 'Cheese Club', & learnt much!

by donjo
Aaaah!! Good old Cheese Surprise! But I love it made with Raisin Bread!!! I grew up with cheesey melty items like this and STILL get a sort of 'comfort' from them!!
by Jules
Only add it to a dish when finished, like a salad or
on something.
I used cheese but not often. I do like a little bit in some stews and sauces, shredded on salad or in sandwiches.
by Gia
I used cheese but not often. I do like a little bit in some stews and sauces, shredded on salad or in sandwiches.
by Gia
It's very rare that I use cheese in my cooking.
I don't use ALOT. I make cheese and chive muffins sometimes. Pasta dishes usually require parmesan cheese. My zucchini slice has cheese in it. Apart from that, not really a lot. Occasionally I cook chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with swiss cheese. It is delicious and just oozes out when you cut into it. YUM !!!!
Lluxi -it sounds delicious!
by Finy
No, never. Sometimes I use vegan "cheese" (made from coconut or soy) in baking.
I really enjoy my cheese and so add it to a lot of the foods I make. Like Rice, I cannot touch blue cheese...
by Vee
I really enjoy Grated Cheese atop various dishes, then placed under Griller, for a 'golden colour'!
The 3 or 4 different Cheese packs, by Kraft are excellent for his, so I've always a 'spare' in the 'fridge.

The good Ol' stand-by of 'Cheese on Toast' I still love, often also make it up to 'HCT & Onion, & pop under Griller.
Served with a hot cuppa, as a late night Supper, it's REAL comfort food, especially now with weather getting a tad more chilly!

Yes I do with Italian dishes...

Yes frequently,
especially in pasta dishes and potato bake dishes.
Tasty cheese preferred rather than mild as the tasty enhances the dish being prepared.
I LOVE cheese of many types,as it is so versatile and TASTY!! I do find that, as chocolate is for the sweet tooth,so cheese is a COMFORT food for the savoury lovers amongst us!! I use it in many recipes,as it just adds that little something extra to many dishes. I think I use cheese so much because I was brought up by parents who both adored to cook and who would experiment with all sorts of yummy things,many of which had some sort of cheese in them! One thing I still love which I remember from childhood is cheese jaffles maid with Raisin Bread !!! Too wonderful,especially as a snack in the evening!!Very simple too! 'Cheese' and 'Yes' are definitely go-togethers in my vocabulary and also my cooking!
Okaaaaay . . . .raisin bread . . .hmmmm . . . verrrry interrrresting - never have heard of, or tried, that . . but I do have a friend who puts Vegemite on raisin toast and I just know I could not do that. Even Himself, eater of all that resembles food, turned up his nose when I mentioned it to him and he loves Vegemite. *-*
by Rice
Ps . . . in reference to your treat . . are we meaning real raisin bread, as opposed to that icky Spicy Fruit Loaf that often passes for it? I am thinking more broadly now as I do love dried fruits on a cheese board . .so it is just a small leap.
by Rice
Yes!!! REAL raisin bread!!! Even the thick sliced Cafe loaves available these days are not too bad at all!! Dried fruit and cheese after dinner is not that far from a toasty warm treat on a cold evening is it?!
I am not a vegemite fan at any time,so that idea which you mentioned appalls me!!!I do not 'get' the mix of vegemite and cheese either,as it is simply a salt overload!!!
by Jules
I love cheese but am trying not to use it too much.
I'm a cheeseaholic! I add cheese to almost every meal I make, but love it especially in Italian food, melted over hot chips or a simple toasted cheese sandwich. So good!
Yes, I use it in pasta, sandwiches and Mexican cooking. I LOVE cheese !! Also, I make stuffed rotis with ricotta cheese.
by BK
in love wuth cheddar tastier the better old bitey is my favourite not a big meat eater, rather have cheese, bacon and cheese scones ,cheese and onion pie, quiche,,baked potatoes skin on with grilled cheese topping,cheese and vegemite muffins yummy
Anyone who knows me would answer a big YES to this question. Cheese is added to every meal. Love it!
Whilst I enjoy cheese, I don't use it in all my cooking,
Yes very often...
Yes, I do love cheese, but I only seem to use it in pasta meals or an omelette.
by Miro
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