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Do you often see abandoned supermarket trolleys near your home?

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Abandoned Trolley

Do you often see abandoned supermarket trolleys in the area near your home?

Do you ever notify a store to help them locate lost trolleys?

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Top Answers

Don't bother phoning your local Council; they'll just give you phone numbers for 'trolley collectors'. Tried this once, for both main Supermarkets. One collected, the other didn't.

There's a big apartment complex nearby, mostly inhabited by students from overseas, who've very wealthy parents, they wheel their groceries from Coles nearby, & just dump trolleys in park opposite me.
At one time, there was a 'nest' of EIGHT trolleys!
If they're there more than a week, I phone Coles.

Supermarkets are responsible for THEIR trolleys, & their collectors should be checking surrounding streets for them.
Only Woolworths|Safeway, BigW, Target, DanMurphy's, Masters, IGA, ThomasDux are part of the TrolleyTracker website and app -- other businesses, like Coles, Aldi, Bunnings, Kmart are not included, unfortunately. The only way to deal with their trolleys is to report them directly, which can be a bigger pain than leaving the abandoned trolleys in your street. It is always the same repeat offenders, typically people renting in small units, within 1-3km of the shops.
The coins used to be a deterrent, but some companies like Coles don't lock their trolleys, for customer convenience -- fewer and fewer people carry coins today, and it is a tiny percentage of thoughtless individuals who are guilty of stealing trolleys. On the positive side, Coles has begun rolling out a magnetic retention system, which should make trolley theft near impossible.

No. I used to, but where I live now isn't very near a supermarket.
Yes, and it annoys me so much as it is stealing -these USED to cost the shops $50 about 10 years ago so nowadays must cost about $100 each and people take them up to 2 kms away and just dump them. We have about 3 when I do my 2 kms walk each morning.
Don't know why people think they can take them home and dump them.....don't they understand
by Finy
I see abandoned trolleys in the streets around my home. We are fairly close to the main shopping area. Sometimes I contact stores to let them know where their trolleys are. I have used 'trolley tracker' to notify the whereabouts of Woolworths trolleys. It makes an area look untidy when there are abandoned trolleys.It costs the supermarkets money and I am sure that cost must be passed on to customers.
Yes as I'm a 10 minute walk from the main shopping complex and there are a lot of people without cars in the area so they wheel the trolleys to the street.
Though a few times I've seen a trolley with the gold coin still in it and have taken it back to the carpark/shop to get the free $1/2!
I do!

It makes me a tad cranky....as people seem to think it is their right to do this.

In fact there should be signs up in the car parks...saying 'No removal of trolleys'.

Then the Council should make it a Law, that you can not take a trolley out of car parks.
The Council can alert people on t.v. with adds.

I live in a really new area, and it is a very nice place, until you see trolley here...trolley there.

Some can stay in the street for days.
Supermarkets keep 'their trollies'' in their own
premisses....People do the rest.

Once you make it illegal, people will soon wake up to others seeing what they are doing.
Add campaign's are a positive to re-educate .
There seem to be fewer since supermarkets introduced the 'put the money in the slot' idea.
Not so many these days as the trolleys now automatically get LOCKED at a certain point and cannot be removed outside of the car park of the supermarket, pity the supermarkets had to go to these lengths to stop the few bad people that are irresponsible!
All the time. I do my best to notify the shop from which they've come. The last time I did though, they didn't seem to care.
by Vee
Yes. Makes me furious. One day we saw a mother pushing one home and pulling her kids in the other. We couldn't stop but the looks we gave her were withering. (and probably wasted)
by Rice
No as we don't live anywhere near shops. I must admit that I don't see trolleys around nearly as much as I used to when driving through shopping areas. Must be the coin in the slot idea. My mother used to ring the stores and tell them and they were very grateful.
No, not near my home, but i have seen them abandoned on the side of footpaths etc. Recently i saw a women taking 'her' trolly into the lift, & down to the railway station. I went & told the guy in Coles, nearby, so I hope he went down & retrieved it, before the women took it onto 'her' train!
by Miro
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