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Do you often get a cold or flu, or are you one of the lucky ones who rarely gets this?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you get colds or flu regularly?

Or are you one of those lucky people who don't often get either of these?

#Aches and pains
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Top Answers
I rarely get a cold, touch wood.
I had two last year for the first time in about 4 or 5 years.

I cannot relate to the flu -touch wood again!
by Finy
I don't wish to 'jinx' myself, Finy. So I'll leave it up to you to read between the lines. :P
by Vee
LOL, Vee, that was what I thought when I typed the answer in!!
by Finy
Haha, I've done it too many times, Finy. I've leared my lesson. :P
by Vee
I haven't had the flu for a few years now.
I also have not had a flu shot as well.
I'm very careful, and lucky :)
I think that was a question I have also askedJonaj.
I started having the flu shots last year for the first time -they say the "elderly" should have it and I thought even though I dont get flu, perhaps it is time to stop trusting luck! costs nothing.
by Finy
uumm? I'm not sure about that Finy.
by jonaja
I had a flu shot a few years ago, at the suggestion of my doctor because I am a chronic asthmatic. The year I had the shot, I had the worst flu ever! Maybe it was a co incidence but I'll never get another shot!
by jonaja
I'm generally pretty healthy and rarely get sick. I just try to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle.
Early in the season, the kids came home with a terrible flu, which we all caught badly, and now we seem to be immune to every bug that comes along. Hooray.
by Lucy
Isnt it awful how the kids bring all these bugs home and the adults end up with them!
by Finy
I am extremely happy this year as have not had a cold at all and this is unusual for me as generally get one and it goes to my chest and hangs on for a month or so..awful. I think I have been super vigilant this year, trying not to catch public transport much, have a ritual of washing my hands as soon as I get home from anywhere...will prob get a cold now ha ha!
by Fran
I have not had the flu for many years now,at least 15 or so! I do have a vaccination each April ads my immune system is very poor. I hardly ever get colds either, though this year a shocking bug has hit the Tropics where I live,and I have actually had a blocked up style of head bug for the past 2 weeks! At least I did not get the flu which my poor neighbours across the road have had for the last 6 weeks! The husband has joked that it would have been super pleasant if his wife had lost her voice just as he did,but luck was not with him! Bless them both!!
I got flu once and it was horrific - I hope I never get it again!! I rarely get colds. It's actually been awhile since I have been sick - long may it last!!
by AJ
I get at least one or two colds each year. I've never had a proper flu though thank goodness (and I've never had a flu vaccine!). My kids have just started daycare and have constant runny noses, but luckily they aren't passing these all on to me!
Not often no, usually I get one cold during the winter season. This year it turned into a chest infection which was unfortunate.
Thankfully I don't get sick very often at all. My main health issue is migraines and they are the pits.
Since I got my tonsils out I seem to catch every bug going around.

8 out of 10 times I get the flu every time it comes around. Because I've been so busy, always on the go, not getting enough rest my immune system was compromised recently.
No. We don't tend to get colds or flu. If I start to feel a slightly scratchy throat, or people around me e.g. at work, are coughing & sneezing, I start to take garlic capsules and olive leaf extract to build up my immune system. We find it knocks any lurgy on the head before it gets bad.
Considered one of the lucky ones and would put it down to a healthy lifestyle

I have been very lucky and trust this will continue.
Never had a flue shot and don't intend to after seeing a friend get one as a request from her employer and go down hard with the flue soon after.
I avoid public places like movies and trains. Wash hands often ect during the flue season.

I seem to be lucky and avoid most of the winter ills, but when I catch one it is a doozy. There has been a really bad strain around this year as several of my family and friends have been knocked off their feet, laid up in bed for weeks and a long slow recovery period! YUK, poor babies….
PS. I do not avoid public places….
i never have the flu shots,
listen to what your parents told you.
cover your head, keep your feet warm. window open at night for fresh night air ,
do not sit near a fan or air conditioner,

of course in this modern age when we go out into overheated
shops , shopping centres, clubs, etc this does not help in escaping catching a cold . then back outside i the cold.

our poor bodies do not know what to do is it cold weather or is it hot.

When I smoked, I used to suffer every Winter from colds, flu and then bronchitis which hung around for ever.
It is simply wonderful to be free from that terrible drug
by fran
Touching wood, can't remember last time I had either. Tend to stay pretty healthy, thank goodness.
Starting getting Flu jab a few years' ago. Better sure, than sorry.
Colour me lucky. Don't carry tissues or hankies - have never needed to.
by Rice
No, we hardly ever get a cold, but I have had an on/off cough for about 3 years now, which I'm seeing a specialist about, in 2 weeks time, so I hope they can fix it up. Sometimes my coughing is so bad, I have tears running down my cheeks! My husband reckons I'll die coughing. (Thanks!)
by Miro
I get colds all the time. Certain people do seem to very lucky, and others not so much, even within the same family.
Thankfully I've never had the flu. I hear it makes you feel as sick as you've ever felt in your life.
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