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Do you often buy items you do not really need?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you often buy things you do not really need, but just enjoy buying, or just WANT?

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Top Answers
Yes, I am very guilty of this practise!
I buy for the sake of buying and as someone once said to me -you get your wants and your needs mixed up!

I buy things nowadays because I WANT them and often not because I NEED them.
I spend money easily and am happy that I can do this.
by Finy
As I am now unable to work and on a very limited budget,I tend to buy what I NEED and just have a small amount set aside for the treasures I WANT!!! I have collected various things since childhood and still really enjoy the antique and old children's books as well as my stunning Art Glass.Thank heavens for the internet which has not only allowed me to continue to afford my fewer,yet just as loved treasures than I used to buy,but also has introduced me to many fabulously interesting folk all over the world who share my interests and have become e-friends, much like the pen friends of old!! I only buy what I WANT now, after I have bought what I NEED and all paid all my bills!!!
I love collecting too. Love glass and love old children's books, but these are not our main collectable. We are keen on old china.
by annfi
I need to repeat to myself multiple times......
'Do not go into op shop'.....
A very bad weakness of mine! Usually come out with something, that I think at the time, I can use!

We have the same mantra. Unfortunately, it seems I am becoming deaf to my own mantra!! LOL. I do find, however, that things I search for at the op shops get well used. (like my Avanti milk frother for $2 . . . brand new in box . . . $16 to $21 dollars new.)
by Rice
Yes, totally agree, Rice Paper! I go on a 'mission' sometimes!
All of a sudden, eg, I'll need multiple clay coolers for my wine!
Or mini-tote bags, which are becoming popular now, as sometimes I just need to dash to the shops, as we do, & only need wallet & mobile, not the usual 10kgs I cart around in my BIG tote bags!
You get the gist! Lol!
by donjo
. . . and we can carry more . . . . I get the gist. Whahahahahaha. My new mission is to find a pottery crock for my butter. Hi ho!
by Rice
Hello! Rice Paper......maybe weekend-markets pottery stall/s, school Fetes, Knicks-knack shops, or do you have a Pottery Kiln nearby?
Try TAFE Colleges, where pottery is one of the subjects.........
Happy Hunting! Cheers!
by donjo
Update . . . got a FABULOUS little crock for my butter!! $3.95 at Endo's. Beautifully made Tasmanian pottery - best fitting lid ever. *beams*
by Rice
Oh! Rice, isn't it just THE most satisfying feeling when one finds EXACTLY what one's been looking for?

I've in my 'mind's eye' an item I want, & I know exactly what form it's to take, & I'll search until I find it!
It may take one shopping trip, or several. It may take a day, or months', but I'll get it eventually!
Cheers to you!
by donjo
Most things I buy are because I want them
by AJ
No I have to watch my finances (which is unfortunate at my time of life) soooo I don't buy many things I don't need
by Fran
I'm not really one for buying knick knacks or gadgets but sometimes I buy clothes and wonder later why I bothered.
yes, odd isnt it!
by Finy
Yes, unfortunately. Especially in those $2 shops! Trying to rein that habit in this year!
Oh! Sandy, don't, 'coz you'll miss out on Bargains! Lol!
by donjo
Well....... define need as opposed to want!

I would like to say no but I often find I have mysteriously acquired beautiful skeins of yarn that I s'pose if you were being harsh you could argue I don't need......... other than that I'm pretty good I think :)
Very rare for me to do this.
Maybe something nice for the home, that looks cool.
I bought a bird cage that's only for show a while back....Just thought it looked nice.
It does, Jonaj! It's amazing the diversity of 'objet d'art' that appeals to a female eye! We seem to be able to 'sense' what item would be 'just right' for a 'spot' or for a usefulness! AND that gives a really good satisfaction to oneself that everything has aligned! It something 99% of the male of the species' can't do at all!
by donjo
lol :)
by jonaja
Of course I do. Although physiology dictates those items are unnecessary, buying and keeping them is important for our emotional well-being. There's more to life than our biological needs anyway.
Not very often as i do not have extra money to spare.
by Gia
No. I don't like to waste money - besides, we are trying to save for a house.
by Vee
Yes not so much items that i want but i do enjoy buying cheap in advance to save money. I will buy things like 2 kettles so when one packs up i have a replacement at a cheaper price than if i had to buy 1 asap.
Ditto! Because if an small electrical appliance is going to fall off its' mortal coil,(pun intended!), it will do so at THE most inconvenient time, coupled with low funds! Lol!
by donjo
More often than I'm willing to admit to this forum - sorry guys ;)
Oh! Valadhiel, do tell, we're all very curious! Lol!
by donjo
I like to buy cheap little knick-knacks and jewellery off of eBay for myself and as little surprises for friends here and there although I rarely spend more than a few dollars on a purchase and they tend to come from China.
Don't we all at times? I know I often buy "must have" items, and please don't let me loose at an antiques market or op shop!
Yes Sometimes, perhaps it's a comfort thing, not sure, most are indeed useful and not rubbish, but then it is only my opinion, my wife would differ on that opinion.
Guilty :((
by Rice
Oh! Rice Paper, we need seriously to go shopping together! What a hoot! Lol!
by donjo
. . . . running out to buy a burro so we have room to pack it all on!!!!!!!!!! Oh, the fun we could have. I'm sure our little burro would be as quiet as a mouse as we dragged it from op shop to op shop. ಠ‿ಠ
by Rice
Oh! Rice, I think we'll have to make do with a dear little Donkey! Don't know if there're burro here! Lol!
by donjo
I have ALWAYS wanted a donkey!! When I get back to acreage . . . . . . . *sigh* I couldn't go near a beach as a kid without a donkey ride.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, ditto, PLUS any pony rides!
I'm still a 'horse crazy little girl', at heart!
But I can turn that into reality, as I still ride! Yay!
by donjo
I love looking round op-shops, esp' while visiting Melbourne, but I don't usually buy anything. My daughter might buy vintage cloths for her self, or small toys, in case she has a baby 1 day, & my husband likes looking for books for our grand-daughters, & good looking small picture frames.
There's nothing I need or want! (Except another cruise!)
by Miro
Yes. My husband and I have been collectors of old china over the years. Sadly some of our most beautiful pieces are in storage where we can't see them.
As an artist I often buy art supplies I don't need but want to experiment with.
Fortunately I can tighten the belt when necessary without any anxiety.
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