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Do you object to people rinsing their hands in the kitchen sink?

by Finy (follow)
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Does it bother you if people rinse their hands in the kitchen sink.

Or do you yourself rinse your hands in the kitchen sink?

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Top Answers
This is another of my "pet hates" -I can't stand it when visitors touch my dogs, or whatever, and then rinse their hands in the kitchen sink.

Yet, so many people seem to do it.

Am I odd to feel this way seeing as I kiss my dogs and if alone do not always wash my hands after touch them and then eating?!

I think kitchen sinks apparently have so many germs in them anyway that I feel this is just adding to them and I would not like dog hair in my sink.
by Finy
Depending on what I have been doing,I often use the kltchen sink to 'rinse' my hands!! If I am actually 'washing' my hands I will use my bathroom sink where I have my very good hand wash,as well as my little nail brush.
No this doesn't bother me. If in another person's house though I would use the bathroom sink to wash my hands - but I don't have a reason for choosing the bathroom sink over the kitchen sink. In my house I would use any sink to wash my hands
by AJ
Yes it does bother me. Next door to my kitchen is the laundry trough+handwash+towels. In my kitchen sink I wash veges, salad stuff etc. People need to wash their hands in the ensuite or bathroom or backyard tap or basin in the WC or garage - wherever you have dirtied your hands - wash them in the same vicinity NOT IN MY KITCHEN SINK which is where I am going to be preparing the food that you will probably eat.
It is a no brainer - you don't see me take the vegetables into the bathroom to wash them.......do you ?
As the kitchen sink is a place where I wash eating utensils, crockery etc, I do object to people washing their hands there. I'd much prefer this function performed at the bathroom sink.
For those interested, I also don't wash our cat's bowl in the kitchen sink......or my hair.....or my clothes!

I hate it with a passion, as my kitchen sink is
exceptionally clean, as I make sure of that!
I even like to bleach my drainpipe, so it is like new.

I don't want anyone washing their hands there.
My sink is a no go zone.

Wash your hands in the bathroom, thank you!
we think alike again! we apear to be somewhat OCD
by Finy
My place is two storey with a toilet on both levels. I'm not going to run upstairs to the bathroom every time I use the downstairs loo, that I use more often than the upstairs one.
by amanda
I bleach the plughole. I like it white too :-)
by Rice
I don't do that and nobody who visits us does it either .. I am glad !!

Tip - Remove hand wash liquid from kitchen sink when somebody comes in, LOL !
by BK
Yes but then the cook doesn't have anything to wash their hands with. I don't wash the dishes in the kitchen sink, maybe just rinse before the dishwasher. Some people don't use the soap in the TOILET SUITE. I know these things. I also think I'm a bit odd too about the kitchen sink.
by fran.
I do! It makes me crazyyyyy!
No. Thats what sink are for as well as washing up.
Don't like it
by fran
Don't like it
by fran
I'm with Jules - not too fussed so long as people haven't been doing anything too unsanitary.
by Vee
I live alone and the kitchen sink is the best place to wash hands after going to the downstairs toilet, which I use the most often anyway.
NO, too small an issue to worry about! I think we could be worrying about more important issues really.... be thankful someone is washing their hands for starters....what is the difference between washing dishes or hands or whatever in the sink?Finy, you have conflicting responses in your question...
Seriously, YES. It bothers me a great deal. Whilst a hand basin is the obvious choice, I'd be OK if the laundry trough was used.
does not bother me, better to rinse the hands there and not at all. and if like me use the hot water that is even better.
Major pet hate.
Please use the bathroom.

by Zen
I don't really care.Just them getting in my way.We wash dishes with our hands and detergent so what's the difference.As long as their hands are not full of mud or engine oil.. worst things in the world.

Wow I did not expect such strong responses to this question. I do this all the time, I like the convenience factor. Although I do tend to wash my hands an awful lot.. I can't stand the thought of them being even a little bit dirty. I'd have more of a problem with people using the same towel to dry dishes as drying hands. I like to keep that separate at least.
I do it all the time and don't care if others do it either. I'm a very clean individual and none of my family get sick. A few germs here and there is what keeps our immune system at its optimum function.
Yes, that's what wash basin in bathroom is for.
As it's MY sink, of course I wash my hands in it!
Don't want any cross contamination when preparing different foods etc etc etc!
No - I'm with Brigi on this one. What difference does it make. You use the kitchen sink for multiple purposes. Like Wandercooks I tend to wash my hands a lot, mostly in the kitchen sink, and after each use I clean the sink anyway. My only problem would be someone using the bathroom and then coming to the kitchen to wash their hands but that is a no-brainer really, why would they?
Yes, I LOATHE it. It is gross and such poor manners. They
think they are cleaning their hands but then they dry with the
kitchen towel I use to dry my hands after I rinse when washing
vegetables or handling raw food. That towel is not the
cleanest and I change it often, and I always go to the bathroom
sink to wash properly after using that towel when I finish cooking;
Yet they use it to dry their hands and then want to touch the
baby?! Or sometimes they've touched a dog and use the kitchen
sink? So disgusting!
LOL. As you can see by my answer . . . I'm right there with you! ^_^
by Rice
Oh, this question is perfect AND it was on my email right when The Great Offender was standing there!! I HATE, LOATHE AND DETEST this habit. I have two bathrooms AND the laundry is right next to the kitchen so I go ballistic over this, especially if there are clean dishes still on the drainer. Himself has hands like pool skimmers and he shakes his hands before he dries them. Grrrrr. Plus, he will often walk PAST the bathroom to the kitchen sink after he has been to the loo. Three steps more would get him to the laundry tub. Double GRRRRRRR. His family are the same so I will pointedly tell them that the towel on the right in the bathroom is for guests! I keep my sink shiny and clean and that area is where my food gets washed, cut up, arranged etc., so I really get my knickers in a knot over this. Thank you so much for posing this one, Finy, I feel better now.
by Rice
Oh c'mon.How would washing your hands in the kitchen sink bother anyone.Better than dirty/unwashed hands. Mike
See above. I would say it is safe to assume you are not a chef, then.
by Rice
When I'm prepping food in the kitchen I wash my hands with antibacterial hand wash and dry on the handtowel I have hanging on my oven door. As it could be a number of times the hands are washed for every differnt food I'm working with, I'm certainly not going to run up the hall to wash my hands every time I need to. Besides hot water kills germs when it's time to wash up in the sink.
I was my hands in the kitchen all the time, when I’m about to prepare food, for cooking & eating. My husband hardly ever does it, & as we never have visitors, I don’t have to worry about them doing it. And I’ve ALWAYS used a tea & a
hand towel in my kitchen. In other peoples kitchens, I cringe when I don’t see a hand towel in their kitchens!
I have three. ٩(⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)۶
by Rice
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