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Do you need to wash your hair more than once a week?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you wash your hair more often than once a week, and why?

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Top Answers
Yes, I wash my hair about 3 times a week as it goes wavy and does not sit right if I don't.
Also condition it -as I have grown older, I have far less hair and when I was young I used to wash it every second day but I don't need to do this any more.
by Finy
Particularly in Winter I only wash my hair once a week....it does not get as greasy and I have always had dry if anything, hair. Prob cause it is blonded (do myself) and also I don't want the greys to show too soon and washing too much does this!!( Very honest reply I reckon)
by Fran
I have to wash my hair every day. I have two cowlicks at the front of my hair and if I don't wash my hair then the front of my hair just sticks up in a way that I just can't pull off. Sometimes I can get away with just dampening my hair at the front but in honesty, I'd rather just wash it when I'm in the shower every morning. It's become part of my daily routine so not a issue.
I used to wash my hair every 2 to 3 days until my thirties. Now I only need to do so once a week as it just does not seem to get(or feel) dirty any where near as often!! In summer here in the tropics I will wash it more often than just once a week,and usually I do give it a cool soak under the shower every day in those humid months just when I freshen my whole self up!!I find too many blasts with the shampoo will make it feel limp ansd lifeless,while just a freshen up with the daily shower helps it retain its softness!
Unfortunaltely, yes. Two to three times a week.
by Vee
Every second day I must wash it.

Cost me a fortune in the right shampoo for my hair, and conditioner.
Oh well....better than being 'smelly' :) lol
I wash it a couple of times a week, though I don't use shampoo.
I'm curious to know what you wash your hair with if you dont use shampoo please?
by brigi
Oh how I wish I could only wash my hair once a week! I have to wash mine every day!
I wash my hair every second day. I used to have to do it everyday but I changed because I heard its bad for your hair to wash it every day
by AJ
Yes, 2-3 times a week. Even more in the summer when I sweat.
Yes, I have to wash my hair every alternate day otherwise the greasy look gets the better of me and I refuse to rock that look and go out.
I practice no pooing so only need to wash my hair once every couple of months.
Depends on your definition of need. I need to wash it daily for my hair to feel as fresh as I like it to feel. I could leave it longer but I dont like to, I am addicted to the just washed feel.
me too. I wash it every day. I don't have to, I mean I might get away with every 2nd. day but I certainly don't like the way my hair looks on that second day and I don't like the way I feel on the second day.
I have very fine hair and it doesn't take long for it to get greasy -like a big wind at the footy game and my hair feels filthy at the end of the match.
by fran.
I wash mine every day and have done since about the age of 14. I was told it was bad for my hair but I'm 48 now and am nit bald yet !
I wash my hair once every 3 months
I use an organic rosemary shampoo
That has intrigued me, every three months is unusual? What brand of shampoo is that?
by brigi
I wash about once a week. I'm in my forties and I find it doesn't get oily as quick as it used to. It's long and it takes ages to style, so I'm happy to make it last a week. I love the just washed feeling, however, I find my hair more manageable and nicer the day after washing.
jojom -mine is the same -used to be oily but as I got older, it is not anymore...strange. i guess we lose oils also!
by Finy
Every 4th day. I don't use anything other than an argan oil leave-in serum and that makes them manageable. I prefer not toying around too much with my hair. Over-washing causes over-drying. Luckily I don't get the dirt build up on scalp.
as a child once a week is those days usually with toilet soap, we did not have conditioners that we are now told we must use.. nowadays if I use conditioner I must wash every day, thinking of going back to toilet soap to wash the hair.
does anyone remember Halo shampoo alovely smelling one but could dry the hair nice to use sometimes..
a good soap was prescription soap *made by Beal's) not on the market now, it was made in Melbourne came in a silver wrapper it was also excellent for skin blemishes Wish I could still buy it..

A couple of times a week these days is adequate and No conditioner. My short fine hair sits better when not so "fresh". Conditioner makes it too soft. As a younger person I did wash it daily and looking back that was tedious and took too long! But then we were told that was what we needed to do to look good HA!
Have horrifically oily, sweaty hair, so it's an everyday task for me! It's kept short & still stinks very quickly, especially in our 100% humidity. I can feel the rivers pouring down back of my hair, just walking through grocery aisles! Yuck!
I’m in my late 60’s & I used to wash my hair twice a week, the day before I was going out somewhere. It always looks better than on the day I washed it. I now only need to wash it once a week. Our 2 daughters have always washed their hair EVERY day. 1 of them has very long hair, & 2 little daughters, & still manages to wash her hair every day. My husband also washes his hair every day, as it doesn’t sit right, if he doesn’t wash it every day. he is now 70 & still hardly has any grey hair. People think it’s dyed black, but the black is his natural hair colour.
Yes, every day in the shower as my hair is naturally oily.
I use very little shampoo so not over washing my hair with chemicals.
I usually wash my hair more than once a week when the weather is hot!my hair is curly and thick, and where I work I tend to perspire so I don't like my hair smelling of sweat, I like my hair to smell fresh and feel clean.
I wet it down when I shower, but generally only wash it weekly or after I put products in it for going out. Otherwise it gets dry and doesn't lay right. The day that I wash my hair is always a bad hair day. Funny.
No, I only wash my hair once a week, unless I'm going out somewhere special, then I wash it the day before, (I'm going out) otherwise it doesn't sit very well!
by Miro
Yes. twice a week.
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