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Do you mix blues and greens in the clothes you wear?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

Do you mix blues and greens in the clothes that you wear?

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Top Answers
Yes, I mix any colours -I do not really care if they "match" however I like to match shoes and sometimes handbag to the clothes I am wearing, and also match scarves when I wear them.
by Finy
Sorry Finy I totally read the question the wrong way....yes I do at times wear blue and green.....but not a great deal. :)
by jonaja
I remember hearing blue and green should never be seen together. It's not a rule I live by. I wear what I think looks nice to me.
by AJ
Interesting question. When colours were first named, blue and green were 1 colour. Some tartans are blue and green. I don't hesitate to mix blue and green in my clothes.
I mix blue and green in the clothes I wear. When I was young there was a 'rule' that blue and green shouldn't be worn together. Fashion ideas have changed.
I mix my colours.
I love hot pink and emerald green.
Don't wear prints, so colour is fun to mix and match.
Also love hot pink and orange...different purples together,hate yellow...so that is just never on the list.
I always have black
shoes and bag, so they go with everything I wear.
Some great ideas here. I have a fluffy orange jumper and plan to wear it on a short cruise I'm going on for evening wear. I wasn't sure what to team it with and you have given me some great ideas. Thank you.
by jules
Great!....yes it is hard to work out, but just type into Google the colours you think amy not mix.
e.g....''Navy and pink dress'' or Emerald Green and Orange dress'' most of the time...you will see a model on a catwalk and it gives ideas. only limited by our imagination....Make sure you do you search under ''images'' and even if you don't wear a dress, it gives you a great idea of how colours look and work.If you don't find the colours, best to leave alone this year....lol :)
by jonaja
p.s. sorry 2 spelling mistakes. :(
by jonaja
I have always mixed blues and greens with my clothes! I had dark hair when I was younger and I found that the various blues and greens which were available always suited me well.They still do so now,even with my hair having become a light translucent tone! I love colour in my clothes as they make me feel cheerful.
Yes of course, I think they go together well.
Sometimes, if I feel like it. My pocket belt (what I use instead of a purse or handbag) is khaki and I wear that with almost everything, including blue clothes.
I like blue and green together but they need to be certain blues and greens if you know what I mean...some look garish together (in my opinion)
by Fran
I like blue and green together but they need to be certain blues and greens if you know what I mean...some look garish together (in my opinion)
by Fran
Yes, have many outfits both 'plain' of each colour, & patterned.
I do like to ensure my outfits not only look good on me, but are 'colour co-ordinated'!

These colours really suit me, & my fair colouring, & I luv 'em, & feel 'good' wearing them. Also ensure my bag & jewellery match!

I mix blue and green colours, but with certain shades of the above colours
Sorry, but the saying "blue and green should never be seen" was not invented for nothing! Hideous. But then I'd do a Lady Godiva before I would ever wear ANY green - fullstop, so maybe I'm bias. Green is the colour of sickness...
so what do you think of the natural colour of plants and trees?
by brigi
No problem with nature, but will not tolerate it in decoration (house paint, cushions, sheets etc.) and clothes. And would never drive a green car. Seems strange I know, but it seems to run in the family (Mum's side), as her Nanna, Mum and sister wouldn't wear it either. I cannot explain it, but I would cry as a child if someone tried to dress me in anything green. I find it 'offensive', for want of a better word - especially shades like khaki, olive or lime. How anyone would want to wear such vile colours is beyond me, they are so unflattering (like the colour they've used for the word 'Angels' in Answer Angels!).
by poppy
I think you maybe bias?...I'm just saying.
by jonaja
when I was a little girl, the saying went "blue and green should never be seen"...as I grew up I realised that God put blue and green together, green leaves and stems and blue flowers and it was okay! These days.....I DO wear green and blue together!
Yes, In Summertime I do
were what makes you feel good and suits you, those old rules don't apply anymore... mix it all up ladies and show some style and innovation!
I have a photo of myself, wearing a navy & bright green patterned dress with flowers & leaves, in a vineyard, in the south of France, in 1968. (I donít have that 1 anymore, but I may still have somewhere, (no idea why) a long maternity dress, with navy & dark green strips, from 1976! I guess because I never throw enough cloths away, as in, to the op shops!!!
I learnt the rhyme, "Blue and green should never be seen unless there's a colour in between." I think the rhyme means blue top, green slacks or skirt etc. (or vice versa) and you are supposed to break the colours with a white belt or something. Anyway, it always seemed silly to me and I don't worry about the rule at all. As somebody has stated here, tartan is often blue and green.
by Rice
The old saying about blue and green shoukd never be seen reminds me of what my mother used to say "try telling that to a peacock". There are lovely combinations of these colours, and yes, I've worn them together
I love blues and greens, they are so pretty to wear in the summer, especially the turquoise and fresh greens they are my favs.
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