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Do you make your kids wear clothes when they are outside?

by lizzi (follow)
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dress up
Children dressed outdoors. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Toddlers are notorious for not wanting to wear clothes. Do you ensure that your children always wear clothing when outside? Why / why not?

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Top Answers
Yes! I don't want him to get sunburned.
by Vee
That's part of the deal with my son - he understands that if he wants to run around outside naked, he has to have sunblock on. Though I actually like him having some time to run around with no clothes and no block, so that he can get a good dose of sunshine all over. It seems a healthy thing to me!
I agree that some rudie nudie time in the sun is a good idea, so perhaps in the late afternoon is ok without sunblock.
by Vee
My sons never go outside naked. Once they are showered they automatically ask for their clothes.
They don't enjoy being naked.
Yes indeed. At their age I think it's a good idea. (One is 34 and one is 29)
Tee hee hee
by annfi
It depends whether they're in the front or the back yard, how cold it is, and how long they're out there for.
My sons never go outside naked. Once they are showered they automatically ask for their clothes.
They don't enjoy being naked.
How old are they? That sounds so unusual lol especially for boys! I just wrote a blog article about toddlers and one of the points was that living with toddlers is like living in a mini nudist colony lol
by lizzi
If he's running around in the back garden, then no. If it's cold or wet outside, I try reasoning with him about wearing something but if he's adamant about being naked, then I won't stop him. I see it as his body to make decisions about.

Out the front of the house (we're right on the road) or when out and about generally, then yes, he has to be wearing a basic amount of clothing. It's still not always as much as I would put on him, but he seems comfortable and happy so who am I to impose my ideas of what is required on him? I do this as I am not happy at the thought of strangers seeing him naked. There are some terrible people in this world who do terrible things to small children and I see clothes in public as a (probably inadequate) form of protection. There are also nudity laws which don't really apply to a four year old but will start to apply as he gets older!
Yes and no. I have two little boys and if we've got the paddling pool out, and we've got a bit of shade, then the arvo generally descends into nudie time. I'd want them to have clothes on in public ideally, unless perhaps we're getting changed at the beach and a quick change is in order. There's a number of people in the world who get their kicks out of seeing little kids in their nudity and I want to try and protect my kids from this danger. At home, I have no issue, but both my kids have fair skin so sunblock is a must.
I think it is absolutely vital that little kids know that they should have shorts on - even if they are only knickers. Two years ago, at Carols by Candlelight there was a tiny toddler, little girl, sitting with her parents and roaming very close to them. She had nothing on, not even a nappy, and it became very uncomfortable to all people sitting (closely) waiting for the programme to commence. I think that it is somewhat dangerous to allow children (not just little girls) to be unclothed to some degree in public places. In fact, on reading newspapers and speaking to friends and their family members, I think it is asking for trouble. Not everyone out there has a pure mind and considers the child as sacred.
by fran.
Very much agree....I can see how that would be an uncomfortable situation for everyone around. In public our kids always have clothes on....it's only at home they'll do some nudie runs.
My daughter (3) loves running around nudie rudie. We live in Cairns so it's not a great idea during the day when it's really hot and sunny. I let her run around naked once the shade comes over though or early in the morning - we don't live on a main road and we know our neighbours well so I'm okay with that. But we do have a rule that if we are leaving the house EVERYONE has to at least have shorts and a top of some sort on...well the little dude gets away with just a nappy and a shirt...But everyone else has to have shorts on!
It's good for most people, not just small children, to get some sun on skin time. There are many people who have disease caused by the lack of vitamin D and sunshine is a great source of vitamin D. Of course, too much sunshine is bad for you, with skin cancer issues, so, moderation is the key, for kids and grown ups too.
At home as kids we had free rein, but not on the road or in unsafe public areas. The beach and some parks and or partys were ok too, but like everything there was a time and a place. That was my parents choice, and then ours.

Now, well my youngest is 15, they have had free rein, but only behind a decent fence at home, or while they were up to about 3-4 in safe beach or park like areas with supervision and common sense. That is our choice and now my kids choice.

We all have the choice and we embrace the children for being as educated as they are about their bodies and for being confident to be bare or not, and the two best things. They understand they have a choice and on their own they make those choices. 2nd, they do not have body issues and hangups that many kids do/did or will have as they get older. Health and diet issues yes, but embarrassed by their or our 'bits', not an issue.

Shade, sunblock and or hats and lots of drinking water etc are all just common sense parenting whether nude or not.

Two key terms are all that is needed. 'Time & place', and 'common sense'.
Mine was never naked. Always had at the very least a cozzy bottom on.
by Rice
Mine are adults and I can't recall them going out without clothing but at home it wasn't an issue. Their children were brought up the same so just sensible sunblock application when outdoors but clothed when in public.
In 2017 I am even more certain that little children need to be protected (via having clothing on) even if it is only minimal. Don't quite know how you teach them about "what is OK at home isn't quite OK outside of home" but I sure do believe that they need to be taught. It is a horrible thought that they need to know about the dangers outside of home and I am very glad that my child is way beyond the age where I have to worry any more. I feel sorry for parents of tiny kids these days.
My son is 34 now, but was a nudist as a child. He understood that he had to wear clothes when we went out. He actually seemed to love choosing his own clothes and had a unique style. As soon as we would come in the door he would get naked. Depending on the weather he was allowed to play in the backyard undressed. I tried not to make a big deal of it and dressed him in pyjamas after his bath. I would tuck him in but he would appear soon after naked again. Each morning I dressed him, but the clothes were removed as soon as he got the opportunity . I think he is probably still a nudist as he lives on a secluded property in the rainforest.
Yes they certainly do, as thier 43 & 40 years old now. Even our grand-daughters have always worn cloths outside the house. I remember our eldest grand-daughter would run out of the bathroom when I'd dried her off after her bath, & run down stairs to get away from having her PJ's put on her, but that didn't very long.
by Miro
Yes,I used to make my son wear clothes outside,even tho sometimes he would walk outside without pants, I was worried about sun burn, and he always had to wear a hat, ofcourse now he is 16 it's a different story.
At home, I don't really mind, except for protection from the sun and prickly things. I do sometimes let my son go out without shoes on to certain places where he'd take them off anyway.
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