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Do you make up first after an argument or do you wait for the other person?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you make up after an argument with anyone, or do you wait for the other person to make the first move?

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Top Answers
well, it has been a long time since I have had an argument as not possible to do when living alone!

Though it is possible with friends.
With friends I tend to come back first, however with a partner I used to SULK depending on the situation and more often than not I would wait for him to make the first move.
Sometimes however< i would forget I was not talking!
by Finy
Gosh well that would depend enormously on what the argument was about and who started it!
I don't carry a grudge ever but I do not apologise unless I genuinely believe I have something to apologise for. So I would just carry on as normal I guess without making up because that would be up to the other person. If it was my fault then I would apologise and offer reparation almost immediately.
It depends on the gravity of the argument!!! Even if I do believe I am correct I will make the move to calm the situation if it is possible.If I know I am wrong,I definitely will back down and say so.
I really do not like arguing at all. I do however enjoy a good healthy DEBATE!!
It depends...if I feel it was my fault mainly, I will be first to offer the olive branch BUT if deep down I know it was not myself, I would wait for them to make up with me.
by Fran
In our house it's no so much a case of making up as just a passing of time.
It depends - if I'm wrong or if I started it I will apologise
by AJ
It very much will depend on what has happened.

Who is at fault.

I will make up, but I will not tolerate bad behaviour....I find sometimes there are people who 'feel', they can have a go at me because I am a peace kind of person.

It is always important to make up in (most) cases.

If I did get upset at someone, it really needed to have a very good reason.

Confrontation of any kind is one thing I try to avoid.
It's not that I am a weak person, far from it....but it is a side of human nature that I really find ugly.

I say AVOID arguments as much as one can.
Not a positive part of ones life, and I must say....really not needed.

There are many other ways to defuse a situation, and good communication is the better option.

If for some crazy reason I had started a argument, I know how it makes me feel....and will very quickly RUN! to the other person and say sorry, if I was in the wrong & I would know that after re-thinking 'why' it happened.

As you get older, you do take much more care...in just 'how' you express your dislike for things.

My family know if I am very upset, they get a A4 letter, with me expressing myself.

Same with anyone really.For me it is a better option.
I tend to be the first to apologise for what ever I did wrong in an argument, I will not however apologise for something I have not done - but I definitely try to clear the bad air.
i wait for him to do it
Never make the first move - never had and not likely to in the future.
My husband had a 1 way shouting match with our eldest daughter about her partner ignoring me, while in the same room. I said nothing to my husband while this was going on.That was Nov 5
last year. Our daughter still haven’t spoken to us, bur will still let us see our little grand-daughters.
They live in Melbourne, we live in Sydney. We’ll be seeing them this Friday in fact.
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