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Do you love or hate your mobile phone?

by Vee (follow)
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mobile phone
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I wish I could live without my mobile phone, but, unfortunately, I need it. I hate that I depend on it, but I love that it connects me with those who are dear to me.

Do you love your phone, or, like me, do you wish you could do without it?

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Top Answers
I know I can live without it because I did for a long time. I've only just got one again recently. I don't like it, but it could be useful in an emergency, and if you don't have one everybody gets all cranky with you about it.
You mean my 5th limb? Love it. I can make calls on it, take photos, surf the net and use a range of apps. I don't know how I ever got
on without one!
Hahaha, fifth limb!
by Vee
I don't love or hate mine. Although I rarely use it, it's handy to be able to contact friends or family (or be contacted by them) when I need to.
I hate both mobile and landline phones. I don't own a mobile, and don't want too.
I wish I could afford that luxury Bryony.
by Vee
It's more expensive not to have a mobile phone than not have one.
Sorry Bryony, I have read and reread your comment but can't make sense of it. LOL. Perhaps my brain has had enough for the night.
by Vee
Your question was do I love or hate my mobile phone. I don't own a mobile because I hate them. You then said that you wised you could afford the luxury of hating/not owning a mobile. But it is more expensive to have to buy a phone and pay to use it, than it would be not to own a phone.
I didn't mean financially, LOL. Perhaps I should've said that form the get go.
by Vee
How did you mean then?
I would love to be able to go without a mobile phone but because my family and friends only ever call my mobile, I need it. I think that in today's day and age, to be without a mobile is a luxury because it allows a sense of freedom from some of the demands and expectations of everyday life. Does that make sense? I know what I mean, but can't articulate it. LOL.
by Vee
I know what you're saying, but it doesn't make sense to me. If you didn't have a mobile, your friends and family would phone you by landline. I don't think a phone is freedom at all. It means you can be contacted anywhere, anytime, for anything. Your at the mercy of a phone call. When I'm out, I don't want to be contacted. I want to be doing what I'm doing without interruption. Same for at home actually.
Agreed LOL, that's why I wrote 'to be without a mobile is a luxury because it allows a sense of freedom'.
by Vee
Oh sorry, Vee, I had misread your 'without' for 'with'.
All good Bryony, lol, we are now on the same page. ;)
by Vee
For me I LOVE mine.
It gives me a great deal of comfort, when out in the car...if something go's wrong.
I love mine also because it is 10 years old, and has never let me down once.
Sure it has needed new batteries.
Such a small little device, can allow me freedom.
Being stuck broken down at 10 pm at night, is not one of my favourite things.
In fact, that will do my head in, if I couldn't phone for help.
It's a love and hate relationship for me as well with my mobile. It's handy, I can do all the things everyone has said already on it in the palm of my hand. But the bad thing is that it is always so distracting because it's always THERE!!!!!! I need to learn how to have some "off" time.
I neither hate nor love my mobile phone. It is oftentimes a necessity for work and contacting people.
mmm don't tend to develop those kind of relationships with inanimate objects!
Hate it can't do without it for work but it's such a pain when you try an work an your phone want stop ringing. Great for an emergency and pretty necessary in this day an age
I love my mobile phone.
I ADORE my phone. I think I have an unnatural relationship with it. It actually rarely gets used as a phone. But I run my online business from my phone. I use my phone for so many things, banking, social media, entertainment, work, camera... I just love it. It's also my wallet. I have it in this super cool leather cover that looks like an ancient book and one side is the phone and the other side carries my cards, and since I never use physical cash anymore, it's all I ever need to carry.
That is pretty cool.
by Vee
I love it and love that it is a smart phone and helps make life more simple and coordinated just be simply having a number of pieces of information I use linked together. Love that I can take good quality photos at ease. I am however not attached to it at the hip and enjoy at times putting it on silent in the drawer and sitting with my family, playing with the kids, having a conversation with someone, reading or taking a stroll. Check my messages and missed calls later - just like the old days!!!
I think both -I do not like mobile phones, but then again I don't particularly like phones at all and find myself avoiding making phone calls.

However I realise I NEED a mobile particularly being alone and I do use it a bit mainly for SMS -so the answer is both yes, and no!
by Finy
Love it for its ability to take great photos.
I would never wish I could do without my mobile.. I wish I would never have to live without my mobile!
I bought my 'full brick' mobile phone in Jan'96, for emergencies. My now 'half brick' still does the same job. I NEVER leave home without it, bit like that Amex tv advert years' ago. It's useful & handy.
And yes, I've had to use it for car emergencies' over the years! Thank goodness for it!
I can do without it, only have it for emergency use. no one has the number except family.

. . . . *unprintable*
by Rice
I hate the bloody thing. Having retired last Wednesday I get to fulfil a long held dream, chucking the bloody thing of a very long jetty.
Ohhh, that's wonderful! Congratulations! I should provide you with a link to my husband's video in which he smashes his phone. I'm certain you would enjoy it. ;-)
by Vee
neutral answer
I have a mobile phone in case of an emergency only family have the number. that way telemarkers cannot call me.

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