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Do you listen to the radio in the car?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Some people find having the radio on in the car distracting, while others find it helps them concentrate. Do you listen to the radio in the car?

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Top Answers
I always have the radio on in the car and I listen to the local ABC station.

I also carry CD's and occasionally, if it is a long trip, I will put on a CD -I cannot imagine driving without the radio as I often travel alone.
by Finy
It takes me at least an hour each way in my drive to and from work each day. I usually listen to BBC Radio 2 for a mixture of chat and music. However, if the traffic gets really heavy I tend to switch it off to concentrate better in what's happening around me.
Always - it helps us keep ourselves alert and puts us in a great mood! :)
I have been driving for nearly 50 years and I have the radio on in the car whenever I can. It does help me concentrate and keeps me alert too.
My car is my disco - RTRFM and CDs make any trip worth taking.
I used to but the radio in our car has been broken for years.
Why not fix it?
by roblp
Never cared enough to do it. I can't listen to JJJ, the station I used to love, with the kids in the car anyway (too much swearing) and haven't found a music station I prefer. I got to like just chatting with my husband and kids while driving better.
I don't drive, but when Im in the car with my dad, he always has it on Heart. If my mum is with us, she always makes him turn it off.
I love listening to music in the car. As soon as a commercial comes on I change the channel so I can have continuous music. If I can't get songs I like, I switch to CDs. Never found radio in the car distracting, I think mostly it just becomes background noise.
Absolutely. Even on the train, I can't stop watching YouTube videos on my phone despite the short commute into the city. And at the office 3 days a week - I even need music to keep me challenged atm...
Very rarely is my radio turned off. I can't drive in silence unless I'm in a terrible, terrible mood.
by Vee
The way people drive today, I like to have my wits about me.

Always - if I am alone in the car. When kids travel with me its their choice, so we end up connecting a ipod!
I always made my children listen to my music although they did introduce me originally to U2 and Queen. Now they are well and truly adults my grandchildren listen to my music in my car. My music includes many songs from my parents generation and before to moat modern music but especially Beatles, U2, Peter Garrett and Queen. My children have very wide ranging taste which I put down to their experience listening in my car.
by roblp
Love radio in the car I mainly listen to talk back.But find music is great as you
are not moving about from room to room and you can enjoy the music more
especially on long trips
I do. I change stations constantly. It stops you getting in a rut and it is amazing what you come across. I've heard a song about Brahman Bulls on Country Radio, lots of interesting interviews with people I'd never heard of on ABC or on 98.9 Indigenous radio, really great Christian songs on 96.5 and golden oldies on on 4KQ. Sometimes I listen to 4EB and try to guess the language or Classical music if I'm stressed. If I'm miserable I need Pink ( I keep an emergency CD in the car). The only thing I can't stand is Sports and Triple J. My favourites are Triple M, 96.5, 97.3
I also borrow random CDs from the Library if I'm travelling.
No, the music and the discussions can be very distracting for me. I find it difficult to focus on two channels at the same time.
I do. And I miss listening to Matt and Jo from Fox FM.
yep - how else do you discover new music?
Sometimes music, sometimes silence and sometimes I sing!
Is the singing done when the radio is on or off? :P
Either or depending on what mood I am in.
My daughter and I used to have singing competitions in the car to see who could sing the loudest. The winner was the one who could get the driver in the next car to notice.
Important rule: winding the windows is cheating! :)
I don't listen to the radio in the car but have music on a USB which I listen to.
I don't drive, but as a passenger, I like the radio on as long as it is not on too loud, and it is something pleasant to listen too.

It 'broke down' about 25 years' ago!
It was only a 'push button' AM-band one......
My car will have his 38th 'Birthday', on 17/3/2017

I've an 8D battery-operated, large Radio/CD/Audio Cassette player on the passenger seat of my car!

THAT way, I can choose the 'music-type' I feel like at anytime!

I 'tape' my CD's, & play them, mostly orchestral, or instrumental, no voices'!

I sometimes do have a 'singer tape', but I've REALLY got to 'in the mood', for a particular one.

I find 'voices' annoying, & distracting, whilst driving!

I have the radio first thing in the kitchen when I get up in the mornings, but in the car I listen to my cd's.
no I do not have the radio on, like to hear what is happening around me , when driving, in fact have not listened to the radio in years., at home and certainly do not miss it.at all.

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