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Do you like your stretch marks?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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stretch marks, pregnant belly
Stretch marks on a pregnant belly. Photo by Patrick Fitzgerald.

It might seem like an odd question but some women are proud of their stretch marks, especially those from pregnancy. If you have stretch marks, do you like them?

#Body image
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Top Answers
I read an interesting 'quote' about stretch marks:
"Your body is not ruined, you're a tiger who earned her stripes'.

I neither hate nor love the stretchmarks that were left behind after pregnancy and 2 children. I certainly don't like the way they look on my body, and it would be lovely to have gorgeous pert skin in place of them, but they are a reminder of how incredible pregnancy is, and that your body was capable of creating and carrying a little miraculous life. I guess I went into pregnancy knowing I'd likely get stretchmarks, and so it was no surprise that I did get them, despite all the creams, lotions and potions I covered myself in. I don't pay much attention to them in the grand scheme of things.
WOW! that's some picture.

No I don't like the few I have.

I am yet to meet a woman who would say
'yes she likes hers'!
Hello, nice to meet you.
LOL.... hi Jennifer :)
by jonaja
I think stretch marks are reminder of my 2 kids. I love having them as symbol of my motherhood. Though I have a few lighter stretch marks i cherish them .
I actually do not have any at all after 2 children!
I didn't think everyone got them as I was quite huge and didn't get any.
by Finy
You're right Jennifer, this does seem like an odd question to ask. Honestly, I don't particularly like the way my stretch marks make my tummy and breasts look - I got an awful lot during my pregnancy. But I have since accepted that they not only form a part of my body, but my identity as a mother as well. After all, they are a mark of the wondrous ability of the human body, so I can see how women may be proud of them.
by Vee
I don't think I have any (unless they're all on my butt) which is weird as I gained 25 kilos each time...but I do have a wrinkly tummy if I lose too much weight, and I HATE that!
I only have two of them, one from each pregnancy, and I quite like them. They're a little reminder of my children that I carry with me always.
I don't have stretch marks, but if I did, I probably wouldn't like them.
No I dont like it atall.
Good question! I don't give them much thought because mine are almost the same colour as my skin so I don't notice them much, but they're ok I guess. I'm not too worried about how my body looks now that I've had 3 kids, I mean, I can't expect it to look the way it used to because it has had to stretch so much, and it is a nice reminder of having my kids.
No I actually loathe mine, almost as much as I loathe the great big, dark areola and nipple that now make up three quarters of my actual breasts.
I don't know how anyone, actually anyone, could like those two left overs from a pregnancy.
Future mothers should be warned that once you breast feed, you can forget about those cute little shell pink nipples. They have gone forever.
Not everybody's nipples change permanently.
No, not everyone's do change. But, if I had been informed of the possibility before I had my baby, I would not have breastfed him. I thought all the education/videos I had seen before the birth was one of the "someones" that did change but it would not be applying to me. I was in for a shock and, I am not on my own with the regrets that I have. The stretch mark problem is not as big a problem for me because they are feint and only at the top of my hips, not on the front of my abdomen. So, easily kept out of view in a swim suit. However for some reason, known only to myself, I thought after the feeding, things would reduce back to normal. I hadn't asked at pre baby classes and wasn't told. I wish I had bee more intelligent or opened my eyes instead of walking around in a pre baby dream. Plain ugly.
by fran.
Wouldn't the change be caused by pregnancy and hormones from the birth rather than from breastfeeding? I'm all for informed choice if it is from breastfeeding, though I wouldn't be telling women that what happened to you WILL happen to them because it didn't happened to me and I would venture to say doesn't to most women. Women here enough negativity about this stuff as it is.
Well Jennifer, I don't think it was hormonal change because each of us in BF classes etc. had the same "big" changes. I didn't say anything to anyone other than to ask a friend whose baby was already 12 months old. She did have the same changes, but wasn't worried about it as she has 3 children already. I don't blame anyone but myself as BEFORE my baby was born I was attending classes, info nights etc. and didn't take any notice of what I was seeing. Like I said I thought things went back again once you had finished the function. Like as if that could happen ! Anyhow, my only beef is that I wasn't told and I was too stupid to ask. Better to be educated as to outcomes than resent things later on.
That's interesting. I'm still breastfeeding and have been for several years but mine went back to normal right after I had my babies. They only looked different during pregnacy and right afterwards.It's not something I remember hearing from anyone before at ABA meetings or from other mums (which doesn't mean someone didn't mention it, I just don't remember it) so I wonder if it's a widespread problem. Personally I don't think it would have swayed my decision whether to breastfeed or not even if I had known it was a possibility but that's just me.I'm sorry you were unhappy with how it turned. out.
I don't like mine, but they're kind of invisible now, and don't mean anything. I barely notice them.

Note, EVERY girl has them. Even skinny minnies. It is completely natural.
I didn't get any stretch marks. However, every woman's experience of pregnancy, birth and breast-feeding is very special and unique. About stretch marks and other body changes...I think we all just have to get used to them or we'll all become very unhappy bitter old women. It's life. As much as we may like them to, our bodies simply aren't going to stay like they were when we were teenagers or before we had kids. We need to accept and embrace this...and get on with our lives.
Two pregnancies and no stretch marks. I moisturised like crazy during my pregnancies and didn't get any marks at all.
It's mostly genetics. No matter how much you moisturise, if you're going to get them, you'll get them. Some of us are lucky.
I say I like mine, but maybe I would feel differently if I had lots of them. I don't know. I only have two little ones.
I neither like nor dislike them. They are there, and I can't do anything to change it. Bodies change as we age. If it were not the stretch marks, it would be the other sagging bits that have emerged over the years! :)
I found this awesome picture and had to share.
by Vee
I dont particularly like them but I had a very good reason for getting them.
by Gia
No I don't like them
Luckily I don't have any and I would dislike them if I had them.I slathered on cream multiple times a day while pregnant so maybe that's why I have none.
It's mostly genetics. You can use all the preventive stuff you want but if you're going to get them you get them.
my mother had them but i did not so don't know about that genetics theory.
Have none. Couldn't care less whether have them or not. Not on my scale of things important!
I don't have any stretch marks. My daughter has quite a few but they are probably due to her recently put on weight. She uses Bio Oil. I remember the ladies in our Mothers Group, and they used Bio Oil if they had stretch marks.
Heehee. Must not be high on my list as I have no idea if I have any. Couldn't care less either way. I have never been interested in, fixated on, or bothered by scars and marks.
by Rice
No, I hate the way my tummy looks. I had two cesarians and would get a tummy tuck if I could afford it.
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