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Do you like toffee apples, and do you still buy them?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like toffee apples, and can you still buy them somewhere?

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Top Answers
I LOVE toffee apples and saw one in a shop for the first time in years.

I did of course buy one and remembered how bad they are for teeth, but devoured it with glee!

The mixture of toffee and apple is such a good one -I also sometimes eat an apple with dark chocolate -also a nice combination.

I wonder why they are no longer sold in most places?
by Finy
Nice to see that you DID publish a recipe for these delicious treats!!!!
by Jules
Perhaps Finy, they are ont sold most places these days, because of their sugar content?
by Miro
I adore the nostalgia as well as the actuality of Toffee Apples! These were always the Must-Buy item at all the school fetes for about 20 cents each in those days (Way Back When!!!) as opposed to almost $2 now in the supermarkets where I see them on a regular basis.Of course with the laws of Use By and Best Before,it is possible to sometimes pick them up for about 80 cents if I very lucky! The tart crunchy juiciness of the apple combines so perfectly with the sticky sweet toffee,but oh!! What a tooth-rotter they are if you do not go and clean them ,even just with water,after the massively guilty pleasure that these are for an adult!!!
Jules -u lucky thing -i have not found anywhere that sells them apart from that one shop weeks ago...
by Finy
Now that Winter ,which is apple season is well and truly under way,I always see them in the Fresh Fruit and Veg section in Woolies supermarkets,and I have sometimes seen them in IGA too!! A friend of mine argued with me that we could not buy them up here so I decided to surprise him (and prove myself correct as well,of course!!!) by getting him a couple and giving them to him when he came round one day. He told me how thrilled he was to see them,but not so glad that I had proved him wrong!! Hee Hee!!!!
With all the wonderful recipes you do for RecipeYum,I think you should spoil yourself and all the others who are currently deprived,by making some and tempting a whole lot of cooks out there to have a delicious trip down memory lane!! By the way,have you ever had Caramel(instead of the more well known),Apples? An american friend who visited once a long while ago,made some and they were so delicious with the coating of luscious buttery caramel made the old-fashioned way!!!
by Jules
Yes I drool over toffee apples...or used to..haven't seen any for years. However I wouldn't eat them now because of my teeth unfortunately...
by Fran
I have never had toffee apples
by AJ
You have never lived as they say.....
by jonaja
Another of my childhood faves!

If I see them, I'll buy a couple. Sometimes seen in F & V section of Woolies.

Only a short time now to Show, so can indulge then, along with sno-cones & creamy waffles!
I have not had one of these since I was a child. Perhaps I'll share one with my son.
by Vee
My mother made hundreds of them for her cub scout stalls for many years whilst in the movement. She was given a secret recipe for the colouring by a gypsy woman and passed it on to me but I've never had the time to make them. She used to grease the terazo sink top with butter, dip the apples in the tofee and leave to set before starting the next batch.
I am not a fan of toffee apples. I don't recall being keen on them when I was a child either. I had plenty of other food weaknesses, both sweet and savoury back then and still do today.
Haven't eaten once since I was about
8. Loved them then, but don't think I could do it to my teeth to eat one as an adult!
When I was younger I loved Toffee Apples, but like most people our teeth tend to become a tad loose, as we age.
You really need good STRONG teeth to chomp on any T.A.!

It really was divine chomping thru the toffee, then getting to the clean fresh apple.
I LOVE toffee apples but no, I dont buy them anymore. I could probably make them if I wanted to.
I love toffee apples but my crowns dont !

Too sweet for me, & also my teeth are not strong enough to eat them!
by Miro
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