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Do you like to stay in bed after you wake in the mornings?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you enjoy staying in bed after you have woken up?

Or are you the sort who has to get up once awake?

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Top Answers
In winter I can stay in bed for hours and I usually do stay about an hour as go to bed early and wake early.

However I have noticed now that it is a bit warmer that I do not seem to stay in bed as long, so the answer is, for me it is a seasonal thing.

Love my warm bed and do not want to get out of it in winter.

However in hot weather, it is not so comfortable and am happy to get up after I finish putting all my eyedrops in which is about 30 minutes.
by Finy
I love to stay in bed. Now, Finy, if you and I could just teach the dogs to make a cuppa . . . .
by Rice
When I wake in the mornings,I get up straight away.When I was a child,I would be happy to stay in bed and play with my dolls or read my favourite books,but once I hit teenage years,I was out of bed as soon as my eyes opened to greet the day!! I now enjoy going out into my garden for an hour before the tropical sun gets any severe heat in it.I adore the peace of the early hours with the waking birds starting to sing and chatter before any traffic noise,distant though it might be,interferes with the harmony of the day!
I would love to lay in bed all morning. With two small children that's not been an option for me for quite some time.
During the week I get up once I wake but at the weekends I'm happy to stay for a bit after waking up
by AJ
I have to stay in bed after I have woken, it takes me time to focus.

All part of time taking it's toll....LOL

I get up after 5-10 mins later on waking, I never go back to bed after 7 am.
I like to stay in bed but I can't, because I am the sort of person who has to get out of the bed as soon as I am awake, otherwise I will feel very uncomfortable.
In the winter I spend a lot of time in bed with the kettle and coffee pot and a good book and keep warm without spending too much on heating..
I also have a major problem with back and leg pain on waking and standing. So have to gage the day slowly. If getting my coffee the day seems ok then am up reasonably quickly. If however its bad, I need to spend some hours negotiating the day and it may be midday before I can move. The various tests being carried out will eventually diagnose the problem. I have learnt not to stress about it but take each day as it comes. I have also learnt not to feel guilty about staying in bed.

good on you for learning not to stress....that is awful having to stay in bed so long due to pain....several of us seem to have this type of problem. I am the opposite -i am great in the mornings after bed, but have to go to bed early!
by Finy
I don't usually have the option since my children need me, but if I can I like to lie in bed for a little while and maybe read.
I usually get up straight away. Once I go to the toilet, I am up so I might as well stay that way. Occasionally I go back to bed, but as my husband said this morning, if he stays in bed too long his back starts hurting. That sometimes happens to me too. We sometimes have a cuddle before getting up, but have lots of meetings and appointments most days so dont have time to laze around
No. I feel a bit lethargic if I stay too long
by Gia
I used to stay for 10 min.after wake up in the morning&do meditation which makes me happy throughout day.
If I don't have to be anywhere, will stay in bed, reading ITablet, to catch up with emails, & news. Once this done, get up, as can't stay there any longer!
To be honest, I never get the time to remain in bed after I've woken up. Having said that though, on Saturday mornings, I sometimes cook a nicer breakfast and take it upstairs for my husband and myself to enjoy in bed....then I get up.
Only when I have pain in my back or hip and the extra lie in helps relax and ease the pain (sometimes).

Used to be always up and sometimes, just sometimes, wondering what to do once up - that's in winter.
Can't stay in bed in summer as need to be up the minute my eyes open.
However, now that I am retired, I wake at 6 am on the dot. In winter (or just very cool weather) I go to loo, have a coffee, go back to bed snuggle down go back to sleep (easily) because the longer I am in there - the less I pay in heating. It is a no brainer - stay in bed catch up on the news send emails receive emails or over sleep. I rest easy knowing how much I am saving on fuel bills.
I wake up, & stay in bed, looking at e-mails until it's time to go walking with my friend, at 8am. Then I'll come home, have a shower, make my breakfast & take it back to bed & eat it while watching iview. I'll also sort out my newspaper cuttings, & put them into various folders, while watching more iview., & waste time playing Solitaire!
by Miro
My Solitaire 'vanashed' from my laptop which my husband was very happy about, & then I discovered AA, so I spend hours a day reading & replying to those!
by Miro
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