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Do you like the coffee from coffee pods?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like the latest craze of coffee from coffee pods?

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Top Answers
I only like PROPER, REAL coffee i.e. beans and it is all I drink.
The pods have come a long way, admittedly, in the last few years but I still prefer my cappuccino large machine and my coffee that I have been getting sent over from Sydney for the last 40 years! And my parents before that for another 30 years! Same company.

Some pods are far better than Nescafe or instant coffee which I just cannot drink, however they are not something I would chose to have in my home.
by Finy
I'm all for real coffee, & have written a comment after all these other ones!
Thank you for your question, Finy!
by Miro
I have never had them, never been interested, think they are nothing but a money making venture and I only drink proper coffee like Finy, so it's either the Bodum or a big teaspoon of grounds straight into the mug like my dad taught me they used to do in the war. I have been drinking my coffee black and sweet for my whole life. Damn the diabetes, I will not put anything but real sugar in my coffee. Luckily I drink far more tea than coffee.
by Rice
I used to have sugar and gradually cut down - a tiny bit at a time till i was down to almost nothing and by then I was used to it! Much nicer without that sweet taste......at least we will be out and about drinking coffee when you visit.
by Finy
Ooooh yes!!
by Rice
I don't like coffee at all !!!
I dont drink coffee so I'll probaly never use these.
I've never used the pods.
by AJ
Yes i do
Yes, I have a Nespresso machine, and it is the second one I have owned, and yes obviously I do like the coffee pods
My reply is under your answer now, Diana!
by Miro
We used to have percolated coffee all the time, & I'd grind the beans my self.My parents had a wooden coffee grinder, as they ALWAYS only made real coffee as well, & NEVER drank instant coffee. I noticed our daughter's b/f had a nice small Nespresso 1, then she bought matching 1, & while we were going out to dinner 1 night, we bought the same 1 when we saw it on sale. That was about 6 years ago. Then we bought a machine from Aldi to keep at my in-laws house for when we visited & stayed 4/5 days at a time. Then they moved to a much smaller house a few streets away, & we couldn't stay anymore when we visited! So we had to bring it home & use it here. We still have the Nespresso machine somewhere, & I find there pods are a nicer, stronger flavour than the Aldi ones! I bet that George has sold a LOT of coffee pods! These machines certainly make a (VERY) quick cup of coffee! I still have my large peculator, & we recently bought a smaller 1, just in case we ever go back to yummy REAL coffee!
by Miro
Only have had 'pod coffee' at my daughter's. It was ok, but I prefer ground beans in my 'Bodum'.

The only 'instant' brand I buy is 'Moccona Classic'. Have enjoyed it since 1975!
Though I adore tha fabulous aroma of coffee, I HATE the taste, so I never drink it at all! Funnily enough,I discovered that a tree which has always been in my yard is a coffee tree, and I get such amazing crops of bans from it! I do roast them after the intense job of cleaning them, and the smell goes right through the house,bringing absolute delight to the senses! I have always ended up giving the roasted beans away to friends here who have helped me with various things. I have been told that they are a lovely mild bean when ground and used.
P.S. Please excuse my typing errors as the hands just are not working at all well today!!! Bans indeed!!! I meant BEANS!!! And there are other mistakes in there too!! Hee Hee Hee!!!
by Jules
I am more of a tea drinker , but we have a coffee machine that grinds beans and makes a very decent coffee. So it should, it was expensive! (It's a Meile.)
I have had coffee from pods when visiting people and the coffee has been nice enough, but not as good as ours. I don't like the environmental impact of pods so would not own a machine that needed them.
I've all types of coffee machines at home but I prefer the Aldi pod machine best of all. What I also like about their pods is that you can get from very mild to very strong coffee pods so I've an assortment for anyone who visits as well as the frothing milk machine for capuchino consumers. Sure beats grinding any day.
The Aldi ones are still bad for the environment, Helga, but I still use them as they can be cut open & sprinkled over the garden, or tipped into the compost. I also have a Nespresso machine. Their pods are also graded in strength, & have a far better taste. You can also take the used ones back to the shop to be recycled! (I think that means the actual pods, not the coffee!)
by Miro
The Aldi ones are still bad for the environment, Helga, but I still use them as they can be cut open & sprinkled over the garden, or tipped into the compost. I also have a Nespresso machine. Their pods are also graded in strength, & have a far better taste. You can also take the used ones back to the shop to be recycled! (I think that means the actual pods, not the coffee!)
by Miro
Hi Miro. You probably don't know that Aldi have a free recycle program you can join for free and ship the used capsules also for free at www.terracycle.com.au/expressi so there is no reason not to use them if you like their coffee.
by helga
Thank you Helga. I've just found your reply, 21/1/18. I did not know that. I'll start saving them now. I always thought tit was a waste, just throwing them out, as well as a great danger to the environment. I like Nespresso pods better, & have always returned those ones to the store, but I'd ended up with 2 different brands of pod coffee makers. (Long story) I've recently found out you can use both Woolies & Coles pods in the Nespresso machines. (It's 54 years to-day, since my husband & I 1st met)
by Miro
Congratulations Miro on your 54 years together. My eldest daughter bought a portable compact Nespresso machine recently which she carries with her to various venues she's working at. She swears by it and looking at my pods commented that they were larger than the ones her machine used. I did see her machine advertised in a magazine and wondered what it was like to use. She says she can't get good coffee at most places she's at and enjoys the convenience of being able to make a cup of coffee when she needs it. I probably won't see her again until the Easter break so will ask her to bring it along with her so I can try the taste of the pods.
by helga
Yes, but I would never buy a coffee pot that takes these. Way too expensive. It is live $.50 per cup. I use an old percolator from the 50's so I don't have to ever buy filters.
Can't say. I've never had coffee from a pod before.
by Vee
No, it is not coffee, it may as well be instant. The pods are made of metal, paper and plastic and are an environmental nightmare for landfill. It is expensive and you pay for the "convenience", There are many other ways to make real coffee,
I don't think I've had a coffee from such a machine. I make plunger coffee at home. I like real coffee from real coffee beans. I don't like the terrible waste issues from the pods, but having said that, I am very proud of the brooch I purchased at a sustainable living fair - the brooch was made from coffee pods and it was beautiful!

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