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Do you like strawberries?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia.commons

Do you like strawberries, and do you buy them often?

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Top Answers
Yes I really like strawberries.
However, they do not generally taste like they used to.
They used to have such flavour, and nowadays, being grown all year round, they have less flavour, and sometimes very little flavour at all.
They also go rotten very quickly and I heard they inject them with something though cannot imagine injecting each strawberry when you are a grower!!
I still buy them all the time and every now and then I get a nice packet....they are currently the cheapest I have ever seen them.
Love them with cream!
by Finy
Even though they ARTE available all through the year, I only ever tend to buy them at THIS time of year while they are in season here in Queensland! I am so fortunate to have access to the loveliest small-to-medium locally grown ones which are sweet and tasty as well as juicy. The farms up here are fairly small and the fruit always juicy and delicious! The fruit barn sells these in half-kilo punnets for 2 to 3 dollars at most, and they are simply wonderful!! Very old-fashioned style berries in shape, size, and taste!
by Jules
lovely lovely pic :)
by jonaja
Yes, my family loves strawberries. My 4 and 1 year old can go through an entire punnet each in one sitting so we go through a lot.
About 4 weeks ago my next door neighbour gifted about 100 small plants he'd separated from his garden and I've planted them. Fingers crossed for lots of strawberry success at my house!
How are your strawberry going coming along, Belinda? I don't know when you wrote in your answer of cause, so you may have had hundreds of strawberries from them by now, & eaten them straight from the garden, made juice from them, eice-cream, cheesecake, strawberry cake, put them into salads...etc...etc!
by Miro
I have never liked them.. yes I am considered odd in my family of strawberry lovers.
WOW!!! Finy.

I have not seen strawberries look like that for 50 years in your picture~~

They look so different now, and no taste what-so-ever.
When we had them back in the 60's and even 70's, they were so soft, and sweet.

I only buy them now to put in a hot-summers-day salad. Or to make something look pretty.

Absolutely no taste now in them.
How sad Jonaj! These are EXACTLY what the strawberries which I have been buying for weeks now, look like.And they are so luscious and sweet, juicy and perfect!! I am up in North Qld and we do tend to get really delicious winter strawberries every single year! The other bonus is that they are so cheap I could afford to just make jam with them at present!! $6 kg from the Fruit Barn!!
by Jules
Oh, how sad that you do not share the delicious bounty which I get here so readily! Do try to find the 'brand' names of the two farms I mentioned in my answer. The Taste'n'See from Coles are utterly divine and specially grown for that wonderful aroma which is so important when enjoying a truly good strawberry! The 2 families who own the 50 acres on which these amazingly superior strawberries are grown at Bellmere in Qld have been friends for 40 years and they really put their passion for these berries first and foremost! I have told everyone I know about them and have done so since I first tasted them quite some years back.I don't mind spending a little more if the quality is so good.In fact, I would not mind paying a LOT more for such treasures!! Not that I have had to do so, so far!!! I was so impressed at my very first bite into one of these, that I instantly Googled the brand to find out all I could about it! So NO!!! I do not have shares in the farms, I just LOVE the product so much!
by Jules
by jonaja
I just love strawberries!!!!! I have been enjoying the European berries every morning for breakfast. The markets are awash with berries too. Bought some plump red raspberries the other day and ate the lot.
I love strawberries. I try to buy strawberries that haven't travelled far and in season.I also like to sniff them before I buy. If they don't smell good, they won't taste good. Size is no indicator either, I have had some blissfully delicious gigantic strwberries grown at Redland Bay. For several years I grew some in pots and they were delicious. Warm from the sun and so delicious. The lizards and my chooks also discovered them and would get to them before me so I didn't put any runners in this year. Now I share my bought strawberries with the lizards.
Oh, HOW TRUE!!!! I am also one who must sniff the punnets before buying my strawberries! Recently, as I have entered the supermarkets, the aroma of the strawberries has almost been overwhelming! It's a good thing that they are so cheap because I cannot just buy one punnet of them!! I love that you share yours with the lizards, as I love all the critters in my own garden too, and will sit mesmerised as I watch them enjoy whatever is on offer! And though in my reply I commented that I usually choose the smaller berries, I definitely have also had the most exquisitely flavoured LARGE ones as well!!
by Jules
I just read your response about my Panama Passionfruit which I could eat all the time as well as the in-season strawberries!! My last vine gave me fruit all year through for 7 full years!! I shared with all my friends and neighbours, with still more than enough to eat myself! I had the Yellow Panama ones which are the same in all but skin colour to the purple ones we but in the shops and at markets! The Purple Panama planted on the other neighbour's side did well right up until the rottenly non-existent Wet Seasons for the past two years. Cyclone Debbie, which gave us not a single drop of rain, signalled the end of that vine sadly a few months back. I now have a regular Purple passion fruit vine back where the Yellow Panama was, and it is laden with fruit at present, but they have not ripened as yet. Passion fruits are so cheap for much of the year in Nth Qld, and I do not really need to grow my own.I just enjoy doing so! Wish I could share some with you, seeing that you enjoy them as much as I do! Like the strawberries, they seem to really invigorate the system and I always feel so refreshed after enjoying some!
by Jules
Yes I do and they are very cheap at the moment.
Yes we love our strawberries! We only use ours on our cereal every morning.
by Miro
As any of the angels would know from my comments in previous years, I just ADORE strawberries and can sit and eat a punnet while watching TV !! I love to dip them in Nutella which is not too nutritious, but when I eat them au naturel, I know I am simply ingesting pure goodness!! I also love them chopped and smothered with gorgeous fresh Panama Passionfruit which also are in season here at the moment! SOOOO scrumptious!! The strawberries which I am so lucky to get here all through the current months here in North Queensland are so very sweet and juicy, that I am reminded of my childhood when we grew them in Melbourne only through summer! Oh!!! The flavour!! I have not had a tasteless or dry-textured strawberry in more years than I can recall. I usually buy smaller, rather than larger berries as I do find them to have a better flavour. The Pinata (Woolies)and the Taste'n'See(Coles) ones do seem to be superior in all aspects among the supermaket ones, while the ones I get from local growers which the Fruit Barns here sell, are just exceptional, They are always so very cheap for a good couple of months that I just about live on these very nutritious and delicious morsels at this time of the year! In fact, they are SO very cheap that I could easily afford to make my own strawberry jam, if I could be bothered! I would grow my own if they were not so cheap!! I can recall when eating strawberries used to be a treat, now they are just part of my diet at this time of year!! And they are extremely good for us, so why not indulge!
Oh! Jules your so lucky :).....down here in Sydney, they are huge, hard, and tasteless.
by jonaja
Jules I too feel that they are doing me good when I eat them. They taste so clean , I imagine them fighting any baddies in my body , making me strong. Yum. Panama passion fruit and strawberries , makes my mouth water to think of it.
by annfi
Love strawberries. I agree they don't taste like they did years ago. My grandparents had beds of them when we were growing up. My job was to pick them and put them in the galvanised dipper. It was one for the dipper, two for my mouth, unwashed and straight from the garden. I grow them now in a tub but find that at $1 per punnet, it's cheaper to buy them so I can afford to put a whole punnet in my fresh fruit salads.
I like strawberries and I buy them when they are in season here. Years ago I grew some and they were lovely. Perhaps I should grow my own again.
I don't mind them as most of you say, watch what you buy, They are very inexpensive right now and I buy them for my mother, She doesn't seem to mind if they are not so sweet and juicy like they used to be. Here in melbourne, we are getting them from qld and I would rather pay a bit more for quality - I prefer blueberries mostly...
Yes and yes
by AJ
Yes, I love strawberries, obviously when they are sweet, and I love going to Hahndorf strawberry farm to pick strawberries as well.
Yes! Strawberries are great and versatile!
by Vee
I do, very much. I buy them a lot.
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