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Do you like Sports Day?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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egg and spoon race, sports day
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A compulsory annual event at most schools. For some it is a day of fun, others it is the most dreaded day on the school calendar. Did you like sports day at school? Which was your favourite event? Which was your most hated?

If you are a parent, and attend you kids' sports day, do you participate in the parents' race?

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Top Answers
At my school we called it picnic day and I loved it. My favourite was the three-legged race.
I hated sports day, as a child at school.
I hated sports day as a parent,watching.
Not into 'any' competitive sports, what-so-ever.
Can not stand them.
I loved sports day at school but I was a fast runner and entered anything involving running. My kids aren't at school yet but I'm looking forward to cheering them on when it's their turn.
As a child I hated it. I found sports day too competitive and I have never been a sporty person. Though I've always encouraged my kids to attend sports day. I'd try and make it a special day by spraying their hair with the faction color, making signs and going to the school to cheer them on. Id also pack a picnic lunch to enjoy with them.
I never looked forward to sports day when I was at primary school because it took place at the weekend, and I didn't want to ave to waste my day off. Once I was there, however, I tended to enjoy myself. My favourite was the wheel barrow race (I was always the wheel barrow), and my least favourite the sack race. After the races everyone would have a picnic.

In secondary school I hated sports day. It was on so that was okay, but it meant finishing late, my parents couldn't attend, and there was no picnic afterwards. There was no egg and spoon, no wheel barrow, but lots of the events that I hated, like the circuit, the sack race, and the costume race.

We were allowed to pick which races we wanted to do, and I did enjoy the tug of war, but that was about it.
No. As a kid I hated it. My Mum used to write me a note to get out of it. I don't see why sports events should be compulsory when things like debating, the school play, maths competition, LOTE olympics and art exhibitions aren't. If it's supposed to be about instilling school spirit then students who exel in other areas should be cheered on too. And if it's supposed to be fun why do they have to force kids to enter the events? Also, the jingoism of marching around in circles (which we were made to practice weeks in advance) chanting that your team is better than the others always seemed a bit mad to me.

If my kids actually want to go to sports days rather than being forced to I will cheer them on and be loud and embarrassing.
It's about getting kids doing exercise, isn't it?
Is it? Exercise doesn't need to be competative, or involve getting shouted at and being publicly humiliated if you can't keep up. They could always try actually teaching some skills.
That's what P.E. lessons are for. I suppose you could see Sports Day as the end of year exam. Anyway, some people do enjoy Sports Day, just like some people enjoy particular lessons, and others hate them. Just because some hate it (like I did), doesn't mean there shouldn't be a Sports Day, and it seems unfair to allow some to be exempt from doing it.

Some people thrive on competition, as it gives them motivation to do their best. Those who don't like competition have to be prepared for the fact that it is a competitive world out there.
In the real world you get to pick your battles. So do you think competition itself is the point, not exercise? Again, I wonder why sports day is the one thing that's pushed, and not the many other kinds of competition a school aged child could take part in, like debating. Why is it so important that everybody go dress up and play tunnel ball but not that they learn skills that they could actually use in their daily lives?
I missed the first part of your comment. In my experience, unfortunately, we really didn't get taught much in the way of skills in PE lessons. That's one of the reasons I disliked sports day. We would get made to compete in, say, high jump, without anyone actually showing you, with patience and care, how to do it first. They would assess kids on their flexibility, but never show them how to become more flexible, see who could run the fastest but not teach running techniques or suggest a training schedule to improve (all the attention being given to kids who could already do this stuff, not to those who needed the most help). It was assumed that kids would somehow pick up the skills on their own or elsewhere. It seemed to be largely an opportunity for physically talented people to show off rather than to help everyone learn to use their bodies. And then they wonder why some kids give up and become inactive adults who hate to exercise.

I'm sure some people do enjoy sports day. Why does that mean that everyone has to go though? I didn't say there shouldn't be a sports day, just that I didn't think it should be compulsory. It could be left to those who actually want to compete.
Yes I love sports day and would love to participate in parents race.
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