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Do you like salted caramel?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like salted caramel?

Have you ever made it yourself?

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Top Answers
I love any sort caramel.
I recently made a recipe with salted caramel sauce (will publish on recipe yum shortly, and it was divine (though not as nice as my self saucing lemon recipe).

I put about quarter of a tsp of salt in it, or a bit under, but could not really taste it! I worry about using salt as have high bp and cholesterol.

But, yes I DO like salted caramel in anything -ice cream and chocolate are nice
by Finy
Oh Finy,I just saw your comment to Rice regarding your blood tests needing to be done.I love sweet things,like you and have my blood sugar levels tested as a matter of course now when I have my other monthly blood tests done. This is because my dad informed me that his sister has Diabetes Type 2,so it would not hurt to get checked. So far,so good,and hopefully YOURS shall be the same as,like you,with ADORING my sweet treats,to the point of being extremely naughty with them,I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW I COULD LIVE WITHOUT THEM!! Woolworths Select Gold at Christmas,released a box of various caramel filled chocolates.There were several different types of Salted Caramel ones included,and I was in Caramel Heaven! I'd never heard of or tasted many of the ones in these boxes,but having bought them at a heavily reduced price(down from $11 to $2 per box!!!),after tasting them,I raced back down and bought half a dozen more boxes of them!!! They still had 6 months on the use-by,but they did not last anywhere near THAT long!!!
Oh my heavens! I hope they get them in again next Christmas!!!
Anyway,I really do hope that your results are just perfect when they come back.
by Jules
you deserve to be able to eat what you like as you seem to have so many other health problems. NO, the result was not good -bordering on diabetic......i could scream as I do not go out much, do not drink but love my food particuarly sweet things! have to have another blood test eventually but will try to cut down before it -not sure if that works! meanwhile this week I am making a yummy semolina dessert and bought a big thing of thickened cream to put on it -dont know if to throw it all out or make it as my last treat -LOL
by Finy
Exercise is the biggest thing, even ahead of diet. Sadly, you, me and Jules all have issues with movement so we are behind the eight ball to start with. Oh, for those glory days of dashing about at full speed and riding horses etc. You are right finy . . .aging stinks.
by Rice
NO, I walk up to half an hour every day! And I work in a volunteer shop 3 times a week so I am not sedentary these times!
by Finy
Oh what sad news Finy, Though I do know of people who have, through their diet, gotten totally rid of their Diabetes,and now can afford little treats when they want them.I do so hope that you get the levels down before the next test, Just do not have anything sweet at all for the few days prior! This is what my neighbour across the road does! Not that he eats much sugar anymore anyway, but every little bit less,is a help. As for your recipe,I definitely would not throw it out! I was raised NOT to waste food,so make it a last hurrah!!! And be sure to really enjoy every mouthful!
by Jules
LOVE it. I have to avoid it because of the diabetes. *dreaming of all kinds of caramel*
by Rice
oh, sorry Rice - it is my fear...how do you cope if it is type 2 and sudden, AND if you are a sweet tooth!
by Finy
It is really and truly difficult. I love sweets and chocolate and I jsut can't stop at one piece. I found it easier in the end to go cold turkey rather than even using sweeteners as they make you still want the taste of sweetness. New research is saying that even the artificial sweeteners - of all kinds - are not helpful to diabetics as the body shoots the levels up in response to the taste of sweetness. I was hiding chocolate in my filing cabinet for a while . . . who was I cheating??!! LOL. Now I find that I feel quite sick and get head spins so my body is obviously practising "aversion therapy" for itself.
by Rice
Aaaaah!!! you inspire me!!! 'to dream the impossible dream' that this must be for you,is such a sign of your strong will,even though I know it is also life saving for you!!! May 'Caramel Dreams' fill your sleeping hours each night!!!
Oh dear.... now I have this tune going round and round in my head,and all I see is Caramel!!!!! Hee hee hee!!!!
by Jules
"to reeeeeeaaaccchhhhh the unreachable s-u-g-a-rrrrrrrrrrrrr" . . . LOL
by Rice
SOMEONE JINXED ME! Had to go to dr yesterday for a referral and he wants another blood test as my sugar level was too high on the last one!!!!!!! rice? Finy???
by Finy
Start eating WAY more greens, finy!! Kale, cabbage, sprouts, beans, cos lettuce. Green is the way to control diabetes. I now have a little bike trainer under my desk and I pedal away quite happily as I browse the net or play my games. It is very gentle but very good. Aldi. $39.
by Rice
Also, for some reason, rolled oats seems to be the thing that keeps my levels down. When I don't eat as much my doctor can always tell.
by Rice
I dont want greens, Rice - I want sweets - sugar -salted caramel, lemon self saucing pudding -that was one of my better recipes...dont even look at it!! Dont want Kale -rabbit food....Finy is sulking
by Finy
MEEEEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOO!!! We could just eat it all and die happy. LOL
by Rice
Oh Rice and Finy...You are so wonderful, the way you banter back and forth in such a DELIGHTFUL and friendly way!!! I smile at your answers each day and really look forward to reading them. Now...I DID see that lemon pudding recipe,which the simple thought of had my mouth watering!!! But.... is there a way this can be made without eggs? Please may I join in your 'Woe is Me' group? Then we can commiserate together,even if for different reasons!!!!
by Jules
Oooh. You wicked woman, get on your camel and let's hear no more of of ooey gooey scrummy melty lemon puddings. *falls to the floor, throws rattle from pram and has a tanty*
by Rice
To think that from such a seriously terrible description of how Diabetes affects your life,we have now turned it around and are having SO much ridiculous FUN!!!! I have done my personal daily chore and helped to bring a smile or two to others,but the great thing is that I have RECEIVED them as well!!!
Thank you!
by Jules
. . but . . can I buy your camel . . ?
by Rice
oh dear,,,....who started this then? go back and drool at the lemon recipe...that will be all we three can do soon, but hey, I think Jules is younger than us, Rice!!
by Finy
and now I am off to have lunch out - PEKING DUCK with NO fried ice cream
by Finy
Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!! NO fried Ice Cream?!!! How can you manage this Finy?!!!!! Make the most of that Delicious Duck though!!! Yummmmm!!!!!

by Jules
I love the Camel request Rice!! After all,It IS Caramel without the RA added!!!!
by Jules
Ooooh. Eagle Eye strikes again. Hahahahahahaha!
by Rice
Rice, unfortunately, I'm now been taken off dairy foods, but I have found a dairy free dark chocolate tasting ice-cream from Coles, but I still haven't found the dairy free coconut 1 I was told I could eat (from Coles also.) And I just LOVED the salted caramel FUDGE!!! As it happens, I'm now allowed to eat 1 small piece of fudge a night. How lucky am I?!
by Miro
Yes. I love caramel. My favourite slice is a caramel slice.I sometimes have one if out, with a drink. Apart from that, I rarely have desserts or lollies so don't have much caramel. I do like it though.
I have made it before. I have made all kinds of desserts with caramel and cakes, but unless I am entertaining, I don't cook it much anymore
by Lluxi
caramel slice is one I do not like -it is even too sweet for me, who is a real sweet tooth!
by Finy
Not a huge fan of Caramel, it is a tad toooo sweat.
I have had salted, and I do like it, it is different.
Have not made it at home, but would try it
if out.
That's a big resounding "YES" from me. I love it...and while I have not tried making it, this one dos it for me:
by Vee
Ohhhhhhhhhhh. That looks soooo disgustingly goooood. *chews on a leaf of Kale*
by Rice
Oh! Vee.....I've a 'supply' of those bottles from when it first came on Woolies' shelves!
Grab a spoonful, for a 'caramel hit'!

by donjo
Coles have one of these premium grade Salted Caramel sauces as well,which is JUST as good.I buy which ever comes on special,being on a rather tight budget these days!
by Jules
:-D :-D :-D
by Vee
I don't enjoy the taste of caramel?
That's okay. We've got a soup for that. :-))
by Rice

No, not when one can buy quality-made products.

One of my fave caramel desserts is simplicity itself.....a slice of fresh plain sponge-cake, a spoonful of Vanilla Ice Cream, & drizzle any type of Caramel Sauce over it! Yummo!
Yes I Do................

I do love salted Caramel!! I have not made it though my mother used to always add salt to her caramel when she made it,and everyone who ever tasted it wanted the recipe!!That was over 40 years ago!! It was just the way she always had done it.She also used butter and real cream when making these confections.I now am keen to go and look for her treasured recipes! Mum died at just 42 when I was in my teens,but she certainly left both wonderful Legacies and Memories,her caramel being in both of these categories!!!

I do love salted Caramel!! I have not made it though my mother used to always add salt to her caramel when she made it,and everyone who ever tasted it wanted the recipe!!That was over 40 years ago!! It was just the way she always had done it.She also used butter and real cream when making these confections.I now am keen to go and look for her treasured recipes! Mum died at just 42 when I was in my teens,but she certainly left both wonderful Legacies and Memories,her caramel being in both of these categories!!!

P.S. I have sampled the higher-end quality salted caramel sauces made for both Coles and Woolies by whichever company has created them,and I find them quite delicious! I would be more than pleased to use either of them in my desserts at home. And recently I was lucky enough to try some exquisitely scrumptious Salted Caramel Fudge made by The Fabulous Food Company,who supply their hand made AUSTRALIAN treats to Target stores! I was in the right place at the right time,as it had been reduced from $7 to just $3, with the use by date still over a full month away. Truly a gorgeous concoction,and I would not be bothered making it when I can get it so cheaply! Caramel in its many forms is like a genuine COMFORT FOOD for the sweet tooth in a lot of us. The flavour,the texture, the memories it brings to mind of childhood(for ME,anyway!!!) all make it a particularly wonderful treat to enjoy!!
. . ." you can even eat the dish-es" . . .
by Rice
And now Rice,I have THIS tune rolling around inside my skull!!! Hee Hee!!! I think I do prefer your 'reeeeeeaching the unreachable Sugar!!!' though! Hee hee hee hee!!!! nything is better than The Good Ship LollyPop!!!! OH NO!! WHAT HAVE I GONE AND DONE NOW?!!!! PLEASE,send me another LOVELY tune to replace this horror? I think I need some cheese and olives to calm my inner balance...... hee hee hee!!!!!
by Jules
. . .*clears throat* . . . . HOW MUCH IS THAT DOGGY IN THE WINDOW . . . !
by Rice
The one with the WAGGELLY ta-il!! I DO hope he's not covered in caramel, or I won't be around for the SA-LE!!
by Jules
Yes, I LOVE all Salted Caramel foods, ( as long as they aren't mixed with milk chocolate,) so yes to salted caramel fudge, jonaj, which I only buy 1 or 2 times a year, from a cafe near where I live.1 day I'll see if the supermarket sells salted caramel ice-cream! OR I'll buy vanilla ice-cream & spoon the sauce over that. YUM. I'll now look to see if your sauce recipe is in Recipe Yum yet Finy, as you may have written this question a while ago, & I'm only seeing it for 1st the time now, at the end of July 16.
I'm pretty sure I've bought the Lindt salted caramel chocolate at some stage, because I try all the new flavours once, as they come out as long as they're not the milk chocolate ones. I think Woolies still make a dark chocolate salted caramel, & that was pretty nice when I bought a block of it last year.
by Miro
Connoisseur make an exquisite Murray River Salted Caramel ice cream,Miro, which is simply to die for! I am not allowed to have much dairy at all,due to allergies,but very occasionally I will have just a tiny little taste of this particular ice cream. Sara Lee also make one and Woolies Select have one with their own label which is definitely made by one of the afore-mentioned companies. I presume that Coles have one as well. Go and enjoy ,and have some for me while you are at it,please?!
by Jules
She's right miro . . . . it is to die for. I sneak one occasionally. *naughty me*
by Rice
Like Vee I also love the Woolworths brand poured over my bananas and icecream. I don't make it myself because I'd eat the whole lot in one sitting. At least out of the jar I limit the amount I use (begrudgingly).
I haven't tasted it yet but ive always had salted rhubarb and apple pie for as long as I can remember. Mum was a good cook and taught me to add salt to sickly sweet things to counter balance the taste so she was ahead of her time then. Bless her soul
I absolutely LOVE salted caramel !!!
by BK
Yes. A friend and I often have lunch at Fundies, a little health food store/cafe in Corinda a suburb of Brisbane. They sell the most amazing salted caramel slice. Every time we visit I buy a slice to take home. The slice is so big I usually halve it and have it for morning tea on consecutive mornings. - a real treat!
I actually like them on desserts.
Art, Do you mean you like, salt & caramel on your desserts, OR the salted caramel sauce on the dessert?
by Miro
I've just found this question again! Sorry Sasha, I don't know why I 'called' you 'Art'!
by Miro
Growing up in Sydney I can remember the Cahill's chain of Cafes in the city. Used to go for lunch after shopping on Saturdays and always take a little cardboard cup of their own Caramel Sauce home with me. Didn't go very far as I never shared it with anyone, snuck it into my bedroom with just a teaspoon and demolished in about 2 minutes. Yum
I don;t mind a little bit, but I generally find caramel too sweet.
No! No, no, no! If I ever find the idiot that came up with this idea, I will be giving them a piece of my mind! I am a caramel freak, but these days I cannot find ANYTHING that is just plain ol' caramel. Everything is now salted and I HATE IT! Might have to start a petition to bring back the original and best...
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