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Do you like raspberries and blackberries?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like raspberries and blackberries, and do you buy them often?

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Top Answers
Yes, I love raspberries and blackberries,
However I have rarely seen blackberries in the shop, and now buy blueberries which are not as nice.

Raspberries are nice when they are fresh but I have sometimes bought them and they were soggy and not fresh.

I like almost ALL fruits - and particularly stone fruits or summer fruits though we now have some beautiful seedless grapes from the US.
by Finy
Hallelujah! I thought I was the only person who dislikes blueberries. I find them tough and leathery and I feel like they are gritty into the bargain.
by Rice
Finy, Aldi sometimes sell blackberries, in the right season, I suppose!
by Miro
Oh yes ! YUM ! I just love them. I don't buy them very often. I mainly buy them around December when we use them for pavlovas and other desserts. I am very lucky in that the area where we live produces some of the best berries, so we can go to the farm gate and buy them directly from the farmer. In fact, Woolworths probably get their fruit from here and jack up the price for consumers. The peak time for berries is December and January, so that's when I buy them.
Love the little buggers....
Healthy and tasty. :)
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ !!!!!! LOVE THEM. I don't buy them often as it is very hard to find ones that aren't mouldy :((
by Rice
Raspberries I say and only because I have never had blackberries.
Yes I love them but I tend to buy them frozen so I dont have to worry about them going bad in few days.
I absolutely love both! I buy them as often as I can find them fresh. Not only are they incredibly delicious but are packed with health benefits. From being rich in Vitamin C to fighting diseases such as cancer and heart problems.

I adore them either fresh with yogurt or pancakes in the morning, or in some of my favourite desserts including muffins, cheesecakes, pies, and various others.
I really like them on cereal or in a smoothie.
sure do!
Yes I like them. I buy them if I see them fresh and often have some in the freezer in case I want to use them.
Yes I absolutely LOVE these and all berries.I can NOT however,tolerate the exorbitant prices of fresh ones though! We grew raspberries each year when I was living in Victoria and the plants are so easy to to get a great crop from!As for the blackberries,we would just go up the road a little way and there were so many growing wild,that we could fill buckets with them to take home for making into Pies,Jams, and Crumbles! Looking back on those wonderful times,I know how very spoilt I was,though at the time,it was just a 'given' that summer meant berries!! And we never paid for ANY of them! Here in Nth Qld,I find that Mulberries grow extremely well. The trees are huge if we allow then to grow freely! I have now been given a WHITE Mulberry tree which is amazing! The fruits are exactly the same in flavour as the coloured ones,but of course they do not stain at all. I must admit that I love fresh berries more than frozen ones,but I just hate the price!!
Not in the slightest, so no, buy Strawberries' instead!
I have had rasberries, but I found them too tart, but I've also had blackberries and mulberries and found them delicous.
I'm so over blackberries. When younger and up until my 40's we used to pick them wild. We made jams and used to eat them direct from the bushes so I've more than had my fill of them. As for raspberries, I too find them tart so rarely buy them. Having said that, I've been growing a raspberry bush for over a year now waiting for it to eventually fruit so I can use them for cooking.
Yes plus strawberries, blueberries and Mulberries.
I love to mix raspberries with strawberries and slice the strawberries to make the fruits all the approx. size.
If I have a dry mouth will open the fridge and take a few berries to eat and quench my thirst.
As soon as I run out of them will check to see if they are still a good price and buy more.
I like both kinds. I also like mulberries. I don't buy any of these often though, but can get mulberries in exchange for prayers from our church - LOL!
by Vee
I love this fruit but usually they are to expensive to buy on a regular basis. Great in fruit salad or pies or mixed with porridge/ cereal.
Adore them. I treat myself to the defrosted frozen berries served over a good Greek yoghurt and topped with banana..
Thanks for the idea. Next time I do the food shopping, I'll buy a packet of mixed berries! I already eat Greek yogurt every morning on my cereal, so I wouldn't mind having its for dinner as well.
by Miro
I now have the frozen mixed berries in my freezer! So 1 day when I'm not having cereal for breakfast, I'll have the frozen fruits, yogurt & banana after my dinner.
I'll also sprinkle over chai seeds, almond, hazelnut & almond meal as well! And how about caramel sauce over the top of all that??? Sorry, just an idea I had hmmai.
by Miro
Sorry, hmmcl, I spelt your name wrongly. I've just found this question, after putting it into my AA folder, months ago!
by Miro
Hmmcl, I now also have waffles with mixed (unfrozen) berries, vanilla ice-cream & maple syrup! Most of the time at a local cafe with a friend, while she's eating eggs & white toast, but I now make it at home, on special occasions as well for 1/2 the price!
by Miro
Yes I do - I buy them, other berries, grapes and melon at least twice a week to make a big bowl of fruit salad which I dip into every day. I particularly love raspberries. I'm not too keen on blueberries for the same reason as Rice.
Yes, I love them . Super healthy and tasty. Gives beautiful natural colours to the cakes etc.
by sns
Yes, I love them both, but I only buy raspberries when they're NOT $7/8 a packet!!! I will only pay $3/4 & I check them out very carefully, (without opening the plastic container of cause.) The blackberries I pick, when in season, close to were I live.
by Miro
YES!! I love all berries.
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