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Do you like mulberries, and have you ever grown them?

by Finy (follow)
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Mulberries (2)      Mulberry (1)      White mulberries (1)      Mulberry tree (1)     

Photo: Pixabay.com

Do you like mulberries, and have you ever grown them?

Have you tasted the white variety?

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Top Answers
I LOVE mulberries and was thinking about putting a mulberry tree in recently.
However, I know what would happen - my not blind dog would jump and eat them as she does with my tomatoes and anything else that is edible.
And what a mess that would be as she drips on her light grey coat!
Also they DO make an awful mess - would love one of the white mulberry trees but I do not know where you can buy these - a friend has them and they are sweeter and no mess...
One of my favourite summer fruits, but not even easy to buy nowadays.
by Finy
This place sells the while ones, though it looks like they don't have any seedlings available at the moment. I recommend Daley's. I've bought a few fruit trees from there and the survival rate has been better than for seedlings I bought elsewhere.
Oops forgot the link lol
thanks, Jennifer - But they are your side of the world, not mine - I am in Perth!
by Finy
The above photo is of cause, of blackberries, the mulberry photo is with Jonaj's reply, but I love all berries. At the moment we have blueberries & raspberries in the fridge, for our breakfast cereal.
by Miro
I was at a market in Tasmania recently and someone gave me one to try......MMM !! Delicious. I like all berries, so I was in berry heaven when I tried this. I don't have any mulberries growing at home, having only just tried them. I don't really like growing fruit of any kind. There is no way that I could ever eat all the fruit on a fully laden tree, meaning it would often rot on the tree, encouraging all sorts of ants and other insects into my garden, which my other beautiful flowers do not need.
These look like something I've had before but not quite sure.
Are you referring to the ones in the above photo, or the ones below your reply, Dwalk? The ones above, are actually blackberries, & the ones below your reply are indeed mulberries. I only eat mulberries when I see ripe ones on 1 of 2 remaining trees, on my morning walks. A 3rd tree I used to raid, (it saved them from dying on the ground!) has recently been cut down, to make room for a car space! Not happy!
by Miro
Yes as a child in England we were able to eat them all over the parks and places we as kids went too.
I LOVE them :) and yes have tried all of the different kinds.
VERY messy.... but well they are worth it.

When my son was younger we lived next to a park that had a big Mul - Tree, he would go out and play, come back purple and it made me just laugh.
The absolute fun of youth!!! My neighbour has an utterly HUGE tree and when my son was young, he and the lad over the fence would have the best time ever with the fruit from this tree!!I never got mad at him, as it is all just good fun, and he always wore his old tree-climbing clothes!!!
by Jules
I know LOL :)

I use to tell my son also don't you come home clean?
Or I know you have Not be out Playing ! but up to no good, and I can tell real play dirt from pretend. LOL

by jonaja
I love them. I have two mulberry trees in my backyard, though both are currently too small to get more than a dozen berries on them at a time. Give it a couple of years and I should have more than enough to make mullberry pies, jam, maybe even mulberry wine.
very jealous Jennifer!
by Finy
Yum, yum, yum!!! LOVE them. Have never had a tree :(
by Rice
I've never seen fresh mulberries available. I have tried dried mulberries before though, but I didn't like them.
but.....but...your in England? lol go for a country walk you should find them :)
by jonaja
I don't live in the country lol. Fresh mulberries aren't sold in stores either; we just get raspberries. Where I live we get tons of blackberries growing about though, so it's all good.
exactly :)
I do miss it at times.......
by jonaja
We have a tree in the backyard and the fruit is delicious. Our two dogs and the crows think so as well!!
I have never had mulberries.
by AJ
I love mulberries, a caravan park in Robe that we go to has a big mulberry tree and in the summer it gets a good flogging, they can be messy so I wouldn't wear white while your'e eating them, as a matter of fact I would wear any thing you don't care about getting stained, a bit like beetroot juice.
I absolutely ADORE mulberries,and I have a WHITE mulberrie tree which a friend who owns a nurserie gave to me!! I was so surprised to find that the berries taste IDENTICAL to the deeply coloured ones whicjh stain so badly, and they make no mess at all!!! Oh yes indeed!!! Mulberries are simply scrumptious!!
I think the photograph is of blackberries....mulberries are longer and probably nicer to eat.
Yes, I like mulberries, but I've never grown them. I just pick them from 2 trees on my walking walk. I think this is in Dec/Jan. No I haven't tasted nor seen the white variety, not seen them in the shops.
by Miro
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