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Do you like mint?

by Vee (follow)
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Mint. Image by mariamas, sourced from morguefile.com

There are several kinds of mint which are used as herbs.

Do you like mint? Is so, what do you use it for?

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Top Answers

So nice in a summer salad, and cool drinks.

I think if I was really honest it is my most favorite herb.
Sadly it is not one that likes me!
I have tried for a long time to grow it, and well it gets bugs or just dies.

I have a theory about that, as it has also happened to me a few years ago, with Ivy.
Which...I also LOVE.

It never grew, for years just stayed the same 30 cm's....Then when I sold the house, it took off and grew madly.

I say they have a brain, and they play games....(no I'm not joking).
You just can't trust mint. (I've heard things.)
by Rice
What! have you heard?
by jonaja
Mint. it's creepy . . and it gets fresh too.
by Rice
Lol Rice
Rice you're so sweet :) having you on AA has given me and I am sure so many a great smile, and at times a good laugh!
We need you so much on here.

by jonaja
You are very kind, dear lady :-))
by Rice
Well Rice I do know people.
It's my job, so I may be (kind) but I'm honest too.
You have a gift, and I just want to say you bring it too us...and I feel grateful, as we do get a tad boring here.You! will never make it that.
by jonaja
Well, I have to say I really like it here, you are all intelligent, kind and gifted ladies. I think I'll stay. LOL
by Rice
by jonaja
All right, Ladies', we've got to get to the truth!
I'VE heard mint hangs around unsavoury characters, you know, Qcumba, Sliced-up Orange, & his tarty sheila, Miss Lemon.
AND if mint doesn't get his way with her, he floats off!
by donjo
sErIoUsLy!!! OMG I had no idea.

by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, don't tell me you haven't read the fastest selling book of 2017, 'The Secret Life of Mint', by Iva Carat????
Dear, dear, dear!
by donjo
donjo....would you believe me if I told you I found out today, he has also married
into the ICE FAMILY!!!!
Like Mint has been given his own ''flavour'' (Just Mint).
Where? will he go next...OMG it is inevitable, more of his wandering are to come.
Brace yourself my girl.!!
by jonaja
I heard a rumour he might get a fat julep for his wandering ways! ≧☉_☉≦
by Rice
Yeah, Rice, & it was caused by the 'Black Eyed Peas'........scoundrels' to the max!
by donjo
ha ha ha ha ha Oops just fell off chair, from laughing tooo hard!!!
You girls crack me up, love ya both.
by jonaja
Breaking news . . . that rascal mint has slipped in a buttercup and ended up in a daisy chain. The cops are in clover.
by Rice
ha ha ha lol lol lol
by jonaja
Well, Rice, whilst the cops are getting bloated on clover, mint's made a getaway up the creek, with the help of paddling ants on big leaves!
He's headed for a (water)fall! Yikes!
by donjo
Oh no!! I hope he's not going to take any of that Niagara! ◉_◉
by Rice
you two are just the best, I can not stop laughing :) love it.
by jonaja
Won't do him any good, as he's in for a VERY cold shower!
by donjo
by jonaja
Ah, it's as I suspected then . . . . he's frigid. ~(˘▾˘~)
by Rice
by jonaja
Don't be fooled.....it's just a ploy to get him lead role in next 'Frozen' movie.....hah!
by donjo
Oh, so that's the angle of the dangle. *knowing wink*
by Rice
Well, THAT will depend greatly on which way the wind blows! And as we all know, as our Mother's told us, if we not looking our best, we may stay like that FOREVER!
by donjo
Let it go....Let it go.....
by jonaja
It's too late, jonaj, I just looked in my freezer and found minted peas. The corruption knows no bounds.
by Rice
Oh! Rice......I could add some nice meat pies' to those peas. Mrs Loveridge, of Fleet Street, bakes such wonderful meat pies! Eeeeewwwww!
by donjo
(Pssst . . are we talking Mrs Lovett? I just LOVE Sweeney Todd. Heehee)
by Rice
Oh! Rice, thank you, as 'safari' on my ITablet ' disappeared' last night, & I couldn't check! I was thinking since your last reply, & info. only hit brain this am, but I still got part of name right! Lol!
BTW, haven't seen it, but have heard some of the music, which was beautiful!
Cheers to you!
by donjo
OK Girls now is time to throw a spanner into the works with a ''Mint'' that tastes like Chocolate...oh! yeah there are no bounds to this little monster!
by jonaja
Oh mint, oh mint, how I love you so. Oh mint, oh mint, so easy to grow. I put you in my smoothies, I add you to my eggs. I smell you outside my window as morning breaks outside. Oh mint, oh mint, this lousy poem just went to the dogs but I love you anyway!!
by Rice
''as morning begs'' maybe.
by jonaja
. . or maybe I should just steal one . . . Hail to thee, blithe mint, Plant thou never wert that from heaven or above it . . . nah, I'll quit while I'm ahead. LOL
by Rice
EVERY TIME I read your answers you make me laugh.
Wow! your family are lucky pep's. to have you dear lady :)
by jonaja
Well, jonaj, we are all pretty much the same and my other half is too. Occasionally one has to behave like an adult, but it is difficult. (ᵔᴥᵔ)
by Rice
That is so encouraging to hear, and great for the rest of us... :)
by jonaja
Oh! Rice, Noel Coward's rolling in his grave!
by donjo
yesssssss he is lol
by jonaja
Mmmmmm. Is it a chocolate roll . . ? *hopes*
by Rice
Well, that's too 'personal' a question, but one never knows with the 'likes' of Coward!
by donjo
Oh! Rice, wanna come to Dessert tonite? I've just bought some FRESH LYCHEES! Yay! AND Vanilla Ice Cream!..........
by donjo
Way to taunt a new lychee addict there girlfriend. Hahahahahahaha!
by Rice
.........AND I've also bought some FRESH FIGS!
Am now trying to decide what cheese to have with them........Ricotta, Feta, Buffalo or Goat's?
Could always have a dollop of Sour Cream, I suppose.
Which do you prefer, Rice?
by donjo
I'm not a fan at all. I like to smell it. Always have. Even have fond memories of smelling mint as a child in my grandparents' garden. I just can't stomach the stuff.
by Vee
Never mind, Vee, at least you can enjoy the wonderful aroma with attached memories and that's half the fun :-))
by Rice
I like to think so, Rice. :-)
by Vee
Yes. I sometimes put it ice tea or in punch.
Oh, yes! Brilliant. I love that too. Mint . . it just about goes with anything. What a clever little green thing it is.
by Rice
No. I don't like it at all. No mint jelly with my roast lamb please !!!
Gross. People eat that?
by Vee
Sorry. That probably wasn't polite. Was once told that shouldn't call any food gross. But that, to me, does not sound appetising.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, IMHO, the BEST Mint Sauce is made by Fountain brand! Comes in a bottle. They also make great Steak, Tomato, & BBQ Sauces. Cheers!
by donjo
Just L O V E mint! At family home, had Mint & Parsley growing next to each other, & they were prolific! AND this was in very poor soil, in front of Lantana!

I just eat both, once washed, as they SO good for you!
If I have a Pimm's when at Dinner, I ask for extra Mint, & chomp it down!
It's a versatile herb, with gorgeous aroma, & taste!
Figs . . . for me, I think Ricotta. That would make me feel more "desserty". (with a tiny drizzle of honey, mayhap . .?)
by Rice
Pies with peas! Pies with peas! Mmmmm. Must try hers. Just one, of course, with minted peas. Purely an academic exercise, you understand. Research only. Plus a Hail Mary or two.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, think you might need something a tad stronger than a 'Hail Mary', after indulging in HER pies!

Well, what a fun time we've all had with both the 'Lychee' & 'Mint' questions!
Shame the rest of the world can't get along with such enjoyment! Cheers!
by donjo
When i bought my block of land many years ago I had to hire an industrial thresher to clear it so it looked respectable whike waiting to build. Right at the back was an enormous growth of mint. Couldn't figure out how it came there as the land used to be part chook farm. Anyway the mint was obliterated (so I thought ) but grew back so ended up keeping it. The original plant is now over 30+ years old and its going strong although I've reduced the size of it. Nothing better than home made mint sauce to accompany roast leg of lamb
mInt :
Well I love it in greek meatballs. In sauce for lamb.
That's it.
Yes, but find it difficult to grow, any tips would be welcome.
The best mint seems to grow around the old tank stands . . I know it loves water and shade . . . it wilts in too much sun. Everybody I knew as a kid had a tank stand and without fail, everyone had wonderful mint growing.
by Rice
I love mint. I love the fresh smell of any type, spearmint, apple mint, peppermint etc. I use spearmint in various recipes including tabbouleh and potato salad. I like it in ice cubes added to fruit punch.
Maybe we were cats in a previous life. LOL. I always have the urge to . . . never mind . . ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
by Rice
Oh! Rice, how about Si & Am, from Disney's film, 'Lady & the Tramp'?
by donjo
. . . *sob* missing my siamese boy again. so many years. never forgotten. at least I had him for 17.
by Rice
Oh! Dear Rice, I join you in your sadness, as my beautiful Gray British Blue cat, gone 30 years now! I miss him every day, so too, my gorgeous Corgi, gone 15 years'........but I await the 'Rainbow Bridge' when I'll see them again..........
by donjo
Mint chocolates, thats about it.
And mint biscuits?
by Vee
by Gia
not really however I use it in some recipes
by Finy
yes i like mint.. mint is good for health. u can use fresh mint leaves powder drop half teaspoon in to hot tea and enjoy the tea..you can use for biryani, specilly use for dry cough fresh leaves in to the hot lemon water..
by asha
Thanks for the tip, asha. It may come in handy when flu season hits.
by Vee
I don't mind mint, but not too much of it, otherwise the flavour can take over.
watermelon salad with fresh mint and angostura bitters.

by Kate
Yes. :)
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