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Do you like going to parties, and when did you last go to one?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like parties?

When did you last go to one?

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Top Answers
I actually went to one last Saturday night -it was not like a PARTY PARTY - like with kids and drinking. It was a 70 year old friend's sit down dinner birthday party.

It was fun meeting new people however, I used to hate going to parties where you just stand around and talk small talk and drink. They used to bore me incredibly as I dont like small talk, nor standing around HAVING to talk.

Nowadays I would probably be even worse, having lived alone for years.
by Finy
Oh! Finy I totally feel just like you do :)
by jonaja
We had a big family party for my daughter in June. She wanted to go out for that. There were about 20 people there. I spent my birthday in Port Douglas with my husband. My husbands birthday is coming up, so there will be a big family party for that. We usually combine his birthday with Fathers Day and have a double celebration, as his birthday falls mid week. We have a lot more parties coming up, and then December, there are about two so far, that I will host.
No, I don't like parties. The last one I went to was my dad's 60th and I left as soon as was polite.
No I hate Parties in general.
Not sure 'why' people like them?...after all nothing worse to me than 'small talk''.

I did have to go to one of my dear friends about 10 months ago, and yes it was made up of people who were all professionals.The bragging that went on!!! was so bad, I couldn't believe it.

Then at the end of an hour of banter, someone asked me what I did?
If I could have walked away, and gone into a hole, I would have.
Hate that with a total passion.Why have people got to ask such personal questions.

I am never going to a party ever again, one could hear a pin drop after that,I have no idea what they wanted me to say. :(
How rude of them, jonaj, treating you like an afterthought and then making you feel highly uncomfortable. You could have said that your work is "delicate & sensitive" and you are not allowed to dicuss your clients for security reasons . . . . . THAT would have made them wonder! I imagine your work is highly sensitive and you would not go around discussing it with nitwits at parties anyway. They wouldn't have a clue how to do what you do, nor how to empathise with the people you deal with. ^_^
by Rice
Awww Rice your soooooo sweet :) xxx

I guess I was so totally caught off guard by the huge amount of Bragging they all seem to do.One fellow esp.They were our age too?, so yep not nice to see but it happens....lol...lol...lol.
by jonaja
I don't mind attending some types of parties. I don't recall
the last time I attended one though.
I am not one to attend parties. I really don't feel comfortable around crowds.
Janet would you feel more comfortable if you knew the people.
by nat_c
I've never been a party-goer, per se!
Hate them with a passion!

Last one attended was a friend's 60th, six years' ago, which was a Brunch at a leading city Hotel.

It was very enjoyable, as I knew most of the others' there

The food was just incredibly good, but I only had one Champagne glass for the Toast, the rest of the time, I enjoyed ice-cold water, Diet Coca-Cola, or Coffee, as I don't 'drink & drive'.

Doubt very much at this stage of my life, I'll be attending anymore, except my Grandchild's!
I have never been one much for parties.Even when I was young!! I cannot even recall the last time I went to one! I'll attend if absolutely necessary,be polite,as in doing my duty to host and other attendees,and then I'll usually go and find any dogs or or other adorable pets living where the party is being held,and just sit quietly enjoying THEIR delightful company!!! As I have become less mobile and find it difficult to attend any functions,or even go to a theatre event any more,I truly prefer not to go at all,no matter what the event is these days.It is not out of rudeness, simply out of practicality in my situation!! I have never been one for small talk or gossip,though it can be pleasant to catch up with friends I have not seen for a long time. Once I have done this,I tend to become a bit bored.I am more of a people WATCHER!!!
Ooooooooh, this feels like the best conga line ever! I loathe parties too. "Oh, it's on the 5th? Damn. I am in Dubai shaving the Sultan's cat that weekend. Kisses, sweetie dahling."
by Rice
LOL Rice!!!
by Finy
You shouldn't enourage me, Finy. Hahahahahahahahaha!! LMAO!
by Rice
Oh! Rice, last Monday, I was talking to a young woman, who worked as a flight attendant/PR person for the Sultan of Dubai for a few years'. The exeriences she had in doing that were fantastic. She was cabin crew not only on his own private fleet of aircraft, but also on his own Airline!
I thought I did much 'privileged' flying in my life, but it doesn't come anywhere near her's! Wow, just wow!
by donjo
Wowsers!!!!! I bet she saw and experienced such things as we could but dream of . . .!! Oh, the flies and mozzies of this world must witness some wonders. bzzz bzzz
by Rice
I went to party last Sunday at my Uncle's house.
I don't like parties either, & the last 1 I went to was 5 years ago for 1 of my sisters 60th's with a 'G' theme, as her name starts with a 'G', & about a month before that, it was a friends 60th & she had a 60's theme. I must admit, they were fun parties. I don't mind attending art gallery openings though, which are sort of like a party, but without the food! I only like to have 1 sparkling wine to drink. If they don't do sparkling wine (or real champagne,) I'll just have a glass of sparkling water, instead of a glass of red or white wine.
by Miro
PS: 2 weeks ago we went to a party for a nephew's 40th/his wife birthday/their house renovations & the new swimming pool! It started at 3 until late. All the kids had a lovely time in the pool. We didn't arrive until 6 & left at 1030pm.
by Miro
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