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Do you like eating with your hands or do you prefer to use cutlery?

by Vee (follow)
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Do you like eating with your hands or do you prefer to use cutlery?

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Top Answers
Use cutlery whenever possible.

But I do use hands to get all of prawn-meat out of tail, pizza, & chomping on the bones' of chook wings', & long-boned, untrimmed French Lamb cutlets!

There was dialogue in film 'Becket', when King Henry II (Peter O'Toole), asked Becket (Richard Burton), what use was cutlery?
To which he replied, 'it's for pronging food & carrying it to the mouth'!
The King replied, 'I've got fingers that do the same thing'!
by Vee
Yes donjo, manual handling for chook wings, prawns, definitely for lamb cutlets and for lamb loin chop bones and I also apply this method once have eaten a T bone steak (to get all around the bone). But aaaah those chicken wings.
by fran.
Oh! fran, yes, forgot about LL chop, & T-Bone Steak bones'!
Gotta get one's money's worth! Lol!
by donjo
I do not like touching my food especially if it is moist.
Ninety nine times out of a hundred I prefer cutlery but there are some things that just won't behave unless you grab 'em! I have a theory that cutlery use is devolving. I see children everywhere using their hands. Himself's grandchildren eat like savages and their motor skills with cutlery are non existent. The parents don't seem to care how they eat and they let them eat all over the house and in front of the tv. I hate having them here - it just means extra unnecessary cleaning. I would be ashamed to leave a restaurant in the state that they do . . .food thrown and mashed EVERYWHERE! I don't go with them anymore.
by Rice
What a cute prairie dog, Vee. Have you seen the videos of some playing on a Roomba? So funny.
by Rice
LOL, Rice that sounds funny. But I can't say I have seen that.
by Vee
90% of the time I know I use cutlery.
Very rare I would eat without.
I think also it is the type of food I eat, that warrants the use of cutlery....But then again we only use 'Splades' most of the time and spoons.
I love splades. We got a set as a wedding present and use them all the time.
They are amazzzzing, and last a lifetime.Had ours for such a long time, and they still look great ...used everyday : )
by jonaja
Oh! yes, jonaj, the 'Splayds' were just one of the best inventions!
Drew-up 'Cocktail Parties' to a much higher, & less messy level!
I use mine constantly for the eating of cake, with a 'cuppa'!
by donjo
I always prefer to use cutlery, as any civilised person does. However, there are certain foods such as pizza, chicken wings and ribs that simply must be eaten with your fingers.
Totally agree lluxy. Add prawn cutlets to the finger eating list.
by helga
What about burgers?
by Vee
Cutlery!!!!! They were invented for a reason.
I like eating with my hands with foods like pizza, Mexican meals etc. It's hygienic as long as you wash your hands before you eat, which you're supposed to do anyway.
Wow...I didn't think people would have such strong opinions about this...I like to use my hands. It's like instinct. Sometimes I find that I begin eating a meal with cutlery but finish it using my hands. My husband hates it. Although, this one time we were out eating pizza, and he was eating with his hands while I was eating with cutlery. He asked me, "Why did God give you hands?". "So I could use cutlery" was my reply.
by Vee
by Rice
They are cute! LOL.
by Vee
I don't fancy their chances of a warranty claim though. Hahahaha.
by Rice
by jonaja
Being alone in the house with my dogs, I can please myself.
While I would NOT eat with fingers if someone is about, occasionally I will pick up a fried egg on toast and eat with fingers, and also pizza.
Oh, and of course bones,- had duck on Xmas day and of course that was eaten with fingers after eating the initial meat cut off from the duck.

But mostly even though alone, I eat with knife and fork but your question has given me ideas!!!!!!
by Finy
Ideas are good. ;-)
by Vee
Of course use cutlery for many dishes but what about finger food, sandwiches, cakes etc. hot chips, burgers etc....
Obviously it depends on the food, but I do find that I use my hands a lot when I'm home or somewhere I don't have to worry about who might be watching. And there are some foods that are just easier to eat with your hands. I wonder if it's my Italian heritage - you know what wogs are like when it comes to using their hands! (and please, no haters about the 'W' word - it is perfectly acceptable where I come from. More a term of endearment than anything else; same as saying Aussie, Pom or Yank etc.).
LOL. To be honest, my family (all European or descendants) seem to prefer cutlery. Hmmm...
by Vee
Cutlery. I have my grandma's sterling set and use it every day. It reminds me of her and makes me feel fancy.
I once saw a girl attempt to use knife and fork to eat a seafood cocktail. Imagine cutting up the prawn(unshelled)….I thought that was pretty funny and pretty determined on her part.
Cutlery unless it is meat to be eaten off the bone. Pizza unless it has that much topping on it it will slip off if you don't use cutlery. I have Indian friends who eat with their fingers and was invited to dinner one night. I was wondering why there was no cutlery on the table and as the wife started eating with her fingers, her husband explained that in the part of India where they came from, this was how they ate. He asked his wife to set cutlery for all of us to make me feel more comfortable. I really appreciated that because I knew I'd end up with food down my front and on the floor otherwise.
I do prefer cutlery, but there are occassions when I just use my hands, like eating pizza, fish and chips, I even prefer to eat them straight out the paper especially when we are on hollidays.
I use cutlery especially when dining out, except for Indian food. I am trying to learn to eat Indian food cleanly with one hand , as is traditional. I usually resort to using cutlery before very long.
At home there are some foods I love to eat with my fingers- fresh salad, raw vegetables and fruit cut the right way just feels more natural than using cutlery.
As an artist I sometimes abandon my brushes and use my hands- maybe this says something about me.
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