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Do you like donuts?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like donuts?

Do you eat them often?

#Sweet tooth
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Top Answers
I love donuts of any type but particularly the ones with jam in them.
I also love the long thin ones with jam and cream.
However, and it is a big however, I no longer eat them due to a high sugar reading.
I used to have one of the jam and cream ones every few weeks but now since that blood test, havent had any for about 5 months.
I still always stop and look at them!
by Finy
Boohoo, sob, cry . . .*waaaah* . . . no more doughnuts for us. Ohhh, those long thin jam and cream ones . . . .mmmmmmmmm
by Rice
and today is diet day - had to have yet another blood test, some weird one this time where I had to go to main lab, and now i am drooling about long thin donuts piled with cream and jam and coated in sugar......yet no breakfast for me and little lunch -500 calories all day long
by Finy
Thank you Finy. I be hope to be back in Melbourne, after the middle of February '17, so if I'm passing the Flinders St Station doughnut shop I'll check them out, but usually when we get there, we're either 'running' for a train or a tram! (Luckily, for my hips!)
by Miro
Hi Finy, Just an update. I still haven't made myself call into the donut shop! The donuts were the warm small sugar coated ones with the jam inside them, cooked in front of you. (Well, not you personally, but in front of the person buying them!) Sorry, the business was at Fitzroy station but the Greek guy who owned the business for about 25 years, but it's now GONE! Boo Hoo. It was very popular, but he was getting on. I never saw him cooking or serving them though, just 3 women from other nationalities. There is still an ordinary donut shop at Flinders St station, which I'll pay a visit too, the next time we take our eldest grand-daughter to the NGV, which I hope, will now be in Sept, '17
by Miro
Yes, I love them, but I don't buy them, but if I found 1 that was salted caramel, I would buy it! (perhaps K.K. sell that flavour.) Next time I'm passing a KK stand at an airport I'll ask, then the time after that I'll buy 1, (if there's no queue,& share it 3 ways when I get to my daughter's partners house!!! There is a non KK doughnut stand on Flinders St station, so I might also check that 1 out....some time.
by Miro
miro -we can buy salted caramel cronuts - mixture of donut and croissant - HEAVENLY -had quite forgotten about them! If you can get them in Perth, you can usually get them anywhere as have now seen them in several places here.
by Finy
No. I don't dislike them, but I don't really eat them. My husband can go through a container of them from the Woolies bakery, and I won't even have one. I remember one year when the family were eating donuts and I asked for one, just out of the blue !! Everyone looked at me strange, as if I was possessed by some donut eating person !!! That was probably the last one I ever had, all those years ago.
I do like donuts. I loke pairing it with some protein item for a sweet/savory combo. Due to the sugar and fat content I try not to have it on a regular basis.

But, can't eat them.....no good for my figure at all.
Haven't had one in a long long time :( after thinking about them....I have such a craving, wow! the power of thought.
sorry jonaj - i know just how you feel!
by Finy
wow it's hard isn't some foods just make ya crazy!!!....lol...lol
by jonaja
Read Finy's answer. LOL
by Rice
No I find them too greasy for my taste.
I am NOT a huge fan ofdonuts and nevr really have been, apart from the the Jam Balls as I have always known them to be. A big round ball of the softest, lightest donut dough cooked golden brown and then injected with luscious Raspberry Jam! I first had these athigh school, and even now I indulge in one every few months.!
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i love those too. why are we whispering . . .? i think my diabetes can hear you. lol lol.
by Rice
Ooooooh! Let's hope that Finy cannot hear us!!! Jam Balls.... Mmmmmmmm! Now I want one, but obviously shall go without!
by Jules
I am not a fan of donuts. I don't mind the freshly cooked ones dipped in sugar but I never buy them. I actually don't like the ones covered in icing. I have many many other weaknesses though.
I don't like donuts
by AJ
As long as they're not too sweet (sweet to the point that they make you want to barf or sick), then I'm totally cool with donuts. I love the classic types of donut, though (like the ones Dunkin Donuts produce). Krispy Kreme donuts are generally so sweet so I don't often go there to eat donuts. I can only handle the glazed ones and they're my favourite.
Two freshly-made 'Cinnamon Donuts', & a Cappucino, works very well for me, as a 'treatie'!

Yep, warm and hot off the press, nice big coffee and on all on my own. But I have six……yes 6. Of course that is morning tea and lunch combined. Only once every couple of months. Mea Culpa
by fran.
can't say I'm crazy about donuts, although I remember when Balfours used to make pineapple glazed ones and lamington style ones those two were my favs.
I'm not a big lover of donuts, although I remember balfours used to make coconut coated donuts, and a pineapple glazed donuts and I used to enjoy them .
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