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Do you like doing the Supermarket shopping?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like Supermarket shopping, or do you do it because you have to?

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Top Answers
I really DO like it as I just like spending money however have a problem doing it due to an injury so do it online.

When I do it in store, I spend about double what I do on line as I am an impulse buyer and cannot help myself.

by Finy
My very kind neighbour who retired some years back,but still does masses of voluntary work,takes me to do my grocery shopping,and it really is enjoyable doing my shopping with another person who is very good at budgeting, but still enjoys buying some yummy treats!!! He often asks which supermarket I would like to shop at,and will even do the rounds of them to get the best deals! He is overweight and very aware of the ingredients in just about every single product on the shelves!!! But it does not stop him buying hos favourite snacks/chips when they are on special!! He jokingly blames ME for anything he finds if the supermarket has been MY choice that trip,and we have a lot of laughs!! I have often stored his ice creams in MY freezer if they are half price,as this means he truly has to think about how much he really wants one before he phones me to let me know!!! Yes!!! I do enjoy going to the supermarket,but not if I am alone!
No I loathe doing it. Quite apart from it feeling like the most enormous waste of time that I will never get back, the walking makes my back and legs hurt and there is something about the lighting in many stores that gives me a headache. I am very relieved to be living in a country where I can do all my supermarket shopping online once more....
I have grown to loathe it and I also despise that waste of time . . . as you say. Also, they quite often have very loud music and even louder announcements . . . my ninja bat hearing gets very rattled :((
by Rice
yes I do. I like to get all the necessaries over and done with like toilet rolls, cleaning stuff, veg,fruit - all the basics and then I like to TAKE MY TIME and look at all the Gold Products in Safeway and the Specialty ones in Coles. Got some beautiful 3 citrus marmalade in Gold brand recently - absolutely gorgeous. Some fruit topping also, just lovely. get some good ideas for meals shopping this way. Some coles Select salad dressing in a tiny bottle lately that was really first class. Would never know about these products if I didn't have time. it's not a case of slow shopping costing more, some times it saves money. Got to get out there and know what is on offer.
I used to enjoy doing supermarket shopping. However over the past couple of years I have started to see it as a chore. I don't know what changed my attitude towards it
by AJ
If I had more money, then yes I would like it.

But...we have to watch all the money carefully, so one has to work out what's going to go a long way, and what to buy.

I'm just one of thousands I know who feel it a hard task, each week.
Not much fun in that I'm afraid.
Actually yes, I love shopping for pretty much anything. I like clothes and shoe shopping least of all, but I still don't find the task unpleasant. I don't know why but I love shopping for groceries, groceries and electronics...now that's a weird mix.
My answer is part yes and part no. I don't really like any kind of shopping, but since I have no choice with grocery shopping, I use it as a challenge (which is something I do enjoy.) I set myself a budget to work within and see how much value I can get for the money. I get a buzz out of finding bargains, which makes the task somewhat bearable.
No not really, it becomes boring I reckon
by fran


Shopping with 4 kids is a fate worse than death! So I do it online. It's great and it's all delivered.
I enjoy it.
I don't mind. In our household it's a shared chore. Sometimes I do it, and sometimes my husband, so I really don't mind doing it now. My kids are also grown up enough that they can stay home if I have to do grocery shopping.
I have always done it and have been married for 27 years. That's a lot of shopping. Done it with kids, without kids, very rarely with the husband. Quite often I would feel like the lioness in the nature documentary, finding the food and taking it home for the lazy male and babies to eat !!!
I don't mind. Just the two of us so it doesn't take too long, but for major shopping I would rather do it online and get it delivered.
Yes I do, but my wife wont let me go with her as she says I sneak things into the trolley
Just a necessary evil really. When I do it I can't get through it fast enough. I'm lucky I don't have to bother these days as my husband retired a couple of years ago and has taken over the task.
I am quite happy to go grocery shopping. I am pleased when I track down a bargain. I try to avoid the busiest times.
do like like supermarket shopping anymore, times have changed it is hard to find the brands and items one wants, in most supermarkets it is a long hike down each aisle to find what you want. after waiting in line to pay and getting into the car one heaves a sigh of relief, to finally being able to sit down, if it is only in the car. after spending more than an hour or more in the supermarket.

the latest in the supermarket is you check out the goods yourself. I wonder how many like this idea , I certainly do not.
I dont like the self check out either, taken a real person job! If we self checkout, and self bag etc, what are we paying them for? Grocery item are not cheaper!
by brigi
Yes,I use my son's old room now that he is living so far away!!! And I have a garage as well.
Please tell me you don't fill them both with your supermarket shopping . . . . .
by Rice
Hee Hee Hee!! This was a reply to a different question!! If you look up near the top of the replies you shall see my proper answer!!! How strange that this has happened!!! Aaaah!! Gotta laugh!!!
by Jules
I do like grocery shopping too and try to go when not lots of people, I read the labels and check out the bargains etc... like to be in control of what I eat and what goes in my stomach...
I enjoy grocery shopping. Am a great peruser of the shelves! Find it interesting to really 'look' & sometimes spot an item or two I've not seen before!
Am budget limited, but still like to get some 'treaties'.

My only gripe is getting them from car boot to upstairs! That's the problem! Oh! For a servant, at that time!
That's it! it's the dragging it out at home and putting it all away that is the icing on the mouldy cake! You genius ;-))
by Rice
. . . . *whispers* . . . "no". . . . other half does most of it now so I get to enjoy not doing it. . . muwahahahaha.
by Rice
I like the convenience but much prefer patronising smaller privately-owned businesses.

Yes, I enjoy it, as we only shop at Aldi, but we're always looking for something to buy the 2 young grand-daughters who live in another state. Last night we went shopping for 6 items, & came home with about 26 items. We don't have a budget, so that was ok!
by Miro
I do, very much so. I like it more than I like to shop for clothes. I like to go with my list and thinking what meals to do next. I am passionate about cooking.
Yes, Silvi, I love cooking also, BUT only for 2 people! I have all my meats in the freezer, Chicken on Mondays, etc, then I look up recipes on line, for whatever meat or vegetarian meal (once a week) I'm cooking that evening.
by Miro
I cook for two people as well, me and my husband.
by silvi
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